Network widely used, says Flybe

ISLANDERS have taken advantage of the greater connectivity offered under the Flybe/Blue Islands franchise and over two months have flown on nearly a third of Flybe’s network, the airline has said, as it defends the arrangement.


The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities challenged both airlines to justify how islanders were benefitting from the reduced competition, particularly on the inter-island service.

Blue Islands became a franchise partner of regional airline Flybe in June.

In an open letter to both airlines, Cicra chairman Michael O’Higgins challenged the companies’ assertions that customers were getting a better service under the new deal.

Flybe’s chief revenue officer Vincent Hodder has replied in an open letter of his own, defending their service.

One benefit he highlighted was the fact Blue Islands customers now had access to Flybe’s network of 166 destinations.

Mr Hodder said passengers were already taking advantage of this.

‘During July and August, 3,688 passengers flew on itineraries that included both Flybe and Blue Islands sectors,’ he said.

‘They covered 51 different routes across the UK and Europe.’

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And doubling the fares between Southampton and Guernsey justifies this?

Earl Granville

You could always use the whole of the Flybe network by flying via Southampton or Birmingham. The only difference now is that if you want to fly to say Amsterdam with Flybe their site doesn't offer you a flight routed via Birmingham or Southampton. You are obliged to fly via Southampton on their partner's planes at a higher fair with most of the benefits of flying with a single airline removed because it's actually two airlines.

A definite undeniable detriment to the situation that previously existed.


Rob Veron's open letter reply is in today's printed edition of the Press.

It is a lengthy but well written and informative letter, unlike the poorly written, flawed and unfair CICRA open letter.

Vincent Hodder's reply will appear in tomorrow's Press and should also be worth reading.

I think CICRA are barking up the wrong tree - they after all allowed Flybe to increase their sales capacity on the Jersey-Guernsey route, then allowed the Aurigny-BI code-share to go ahead, ignored the fact that Flybe and BI can not be blamed for the withdrawal from Jersey of Aurigny and have also ignored the exclusivity that Aurigny has on the Guernsey-Gatwick route !


I was going to comment about the flights to Southampton, I am looking at going across to see family in the 2nd week of December and it is going to cost £157 to get off the island! I am sure last year for my flights to Southampton in December only cost about £100 or less (with free baggage!) when it was solely with Blue islands! Why is it so expensive for us to get off the island???


The problem is not getting off the island - there are many flights in December and through 2017 that are under 18 quid. The problem is that the cheapest flight back is 2.5 times that amount !

I know that flight back includes 13 quid as APD - but what about the rest of the difference ?


Guernsey airport charge appx £6 to each departing and arriving passenger

Southampton Airport charges appx £14 per departing passenger

So leaving Southampton the airport charges are £14 higher than the other direction, then you add £13 for APD and the difference becomes £27.


Mr Hodder's reply is in today's Press. It's even better than Robe Veron's !

Can also be read in full here...