Alderney requete ‘red card’ to Aurigny management

A ‘RED CARD’ requete calling for a vote of no confidence in Aurigny’s management is being brought to the States of Alderney this month by Steve Roberts.


The requete also calls for a vote of no confidence in the articles that govern Aurigny.

Mr Roberts said they should be widened to include controlled fares for Alderney and protection of its lifeline routes.

The requete has been signed by Robert McDowall, Francis Simonet and Ian Tugby.

The move follows the rejection of a requete brought by Mr Roberts to the States in February, which called for Aurigny’s management to step down. It narrowly failed because members believed the service was poised to improve, but was described as a ‘yellow card’ to the airline.

‘Since my last attempt to bring a requete to the States of Alderney, little has changed,’ wrote Mr Roberts. ‘After a recent meeting with Aurigny, no change is planned for the good of Alderney and its lifeline service. Three Trislanders are to be scrapped, two before May, and only one replacement Dornier.’

It would leave Alderney, he claims, ‘with a shortfall that at times will perhaps provide no cover at all, with absolute inability to catch up after technical or prolonged weather problems.’

A motivating factor for the requete was a recent petition expressing widespread dissatisfaction with the Alderney service.

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Go for it Alderney, fat cats all of them.

Five and Dry

Red card, send them off !!


Red card, eh? So Aurigny's management have finally been sent off?

Rupert Walthumstow

Sorry what on earth are they smoking up there?

There are at least four return flights a day for pretty reasonable rates (£60 each way if I fly tomorrow, Gatwick tomorrow has one flight at £75 the rest at £141+).

The route is loss making, so effectively I, along with every other Guernsey taxpayer, am subsidising their flights.

What more do you want exactly? Free flights? Ten return flights a day?

How about they operate the airline as a business that has to break even on every route. Ok Guernsey will lose a couple of routes. Alderney's costs will go up dramatically though.

The gift from Guernsey (that's what it is) would be better spent on a small ferry that can operate much more cheaply.

Get over yourselves Alderney, you chose to live on a small disconnected island, accept the fact that you will have to pay a bit more to get places.


So in your ignorant narrow minded view Rupert, the next time a Guern dares to question the ridiculous airfares between there & the UK mainland it would be justifiable to say "get over yourselves Guernsey, you chose to live on a small disconnected island, accept the fact that you will have to pay a bit more to get places"?

Young Local

1. Alderney has a population 3% the size of Guernseys.

2. The price of Alderney to Guernsey is around the same as Guernsey to Jersey, I think we all need to realise inter-island short flights will never be cheap.

3. Alderney Airport is not in the best place/the runway isn't great, so landing in strong crosswinds are a no no.


Cheapest return to Jersey is 80 quid. The cheapest return to Alderney is 92 quid.

But if one wants to stem the drastic decline in inter-island passenger traffic, one needs to find ways to lower those fares.

No one expects cheap fares - but no one expects too expensive fares !

Often Confused

There should be ways of bringing down Guernsey-UK fares but there's always likely to be a premium for living on a small island. One of the cons outweighed by the numerous pros to living on Guernsey.

Often Confused

There should be ways of bringing down Guernsey-UK fares but there's always likely to be a premium for living on a small island. One of the cons outweighed by the numerous pros of living on Guernsey.


Clearly Aurigny are never going to be able to satisfy ALL it is being asked to do who ever is in charge. It was purchased to protect Guernseys main income source via the Gatwick slots, now it is being asked to do so much more while draining many millions from other services. Alderney needs to accept, as an island of less than 2000 it will never get the air links it wants . Perhaps now is the time for it to get an agreed level of affordable subsidy and source another airline? This continued complaining while not offering affordable solutions is not helping anyone.


What despicable, callous and uncalled for comments from both Rupert and Paul !

On most of the coming days the return fare is not less than 122 quid return. That is an absurd fare for such short flights !

On many days, some, or most, of the flights are already sold out !

On Sundays there are only 3 return flights.

On most other days there are 4 flights to Alderney and 5 coming back !! How come ?? Expecting a large exodus from the island ??

Do not tell me that with such high occupancy flights - which must be case as there are so many sold out in the coming days - Aurigny can not make a profit with fares as high as 122 quid return !!

Unless.... the maintenance costs of the Trislanders were causing considerable losses, as we were always being told. But now, what about the costs of buying two second hand Dorniers that hardly ever fly and, when they do fly, can not carry a full compliment of passengers and their luggage ?? Before, one was told that the annual losses on the Alderney route was 900 k per year... and now 1,4 million ?? Codswallop !

And why are we not told about the losses being sustained on the London City route ? Which, over the past two years have probably exceeded those of the Aurigny routes ?? Or the losses sustained on the Barcelona adventure ??

And you have the nerve, Rupert, to tell people, some of whom were born and lived all their lives on Alderney, that they "chose to live on a small disconnected island" !!

Shame on you - you are a disgrace ! Back to where you came from !!

Aurigny is in a mess and its getting worse ! And that is not the fault of the people on Alderney.


I'm genuinely interested Alvin why you spend so much time commenting on here ,what's wrong with getting more involved in your own community. Your voyeurism of Guernsey is a bit creepy. Apart from the odd fare what financial contribution to you make that you feel entitles you to tell Guernsey hard working taxpayers what their money should be spent on.

Yep....really creepy!


Not creepy at all - Guernsey born and bred and with pride and passion for the island until I die. Always keep in touch with the island and visit frequently. Mother lives on the island and she still pays her share of taxes and so we ( brothers and sister ) do come over and visit - thus contributing to the island's economy.

But what irks you is the fact that you do not like my opinions - so you want to find any excuse for me not to offer them !


Your opinions don't annoy me as they have no more relevance than the other 7 billion or so of the world population that don't pay taxes or vote or contribute to Guernsey. As far as your ability to use google to conjour up facts and figures for a small island hundreds of miles away well......mummy must be proud.

Young Local

The problem is, you seem to make assumptions all the time, where is the proof that London City and Barcelona are making/made a loss? They are carrying above the expectations of Aurigny so could be performing just fine.

The main places Aurigny seems to make their losses is by running the Alderney route (which cannot be helped) and having too many services run in house. Engineering, cleaning and all ground staff are employed by Aurigny, something 90% of airlines don't do, as they outsource it, which saves a lot of money.


Young Local

The London City route on many occasions is flying far less than half full. On two flights recently from London City a colleague told me that there were only 6 and 5 passengers on the flight. It is BOUND to be losing a huge amount of money.

Barcelona apparently carried around 630 passengers on the 8 legs. That's less than 80 seats per flight, i.e. one third empty. Quite a few of those passengers were infants flying without charge. With the overtime costs at Guernsey airport, plus the opportunity cost of having to fly the ATR rather than the jet on the last flight back from

Gatwick on a Saturday night, there is not a cat in hell's chance that the Barcelona route broke even.

I agree with Alvin. It's very hard to see how the Alderney route could possibly be losing £1.4m. The numbers simply don't stack up.

Devil's Advocate

If the ATR flight was full then one would assume some of those seats were sold at mega prices?


Come on Young Local.... you have shown before that you are pretty well informed on airport statistics and that. Do the sums !

London City and Barcelona definitely lost / are losing money.



Why do you feel it necessary to harp on about the Barcelona service? Aurigny said at the time of buying the jet that it would enable them to offer some flights from the island directly to holiday spots. Aurigny operates thousands of flights each year and this year they offered 4, yes just 4 flights, to Barcelona. Even if these did lose money, it would have been a drop in the ocean compared to overall loss, but I doubt if they did. If the flights were not offered then Aurigny would have failed to deliver one of the pledges of the jet purchase. I was not fortunate enough to have flown to Barcelona, but everybody I have spoken to who did, had only praise for it and hope that it operates again. If it does I will be in the queue for tickets next year.

As for flights to Alderney, 7 of 9 are available tomorrow, same on Thursday and 4 of 9 on Friday. The vast majority of them are available for £57 each way, as long as you are not doing a day return. The reason there are more flights leaving Alderney than going there is because one of the flights from Guernsey is not sold to passengers it carries freight and mail only. Another example of something Aurigny does only for Alderney.


Because Chris, Aurigny's management keep mentioning again and again that they are losing so much on the Alderney routes but do not mention the fact that they have, in the past two years or so, started four new routes, two of which, London City and Barcelona, are almost certainly losing money and a third, Norwich, probably as well.

Now, I can understand that Aurigny have bowed to pressure from the finance industry to operate a loss making route to LCY, and that Norwich could help bring in tourists from East Anglia and that, ( although the finance industry could easily use the Gatwick service and tourists from East Anglia could also use Stansted or even East Midlands ), but the Barcelona flights' purpose is solely so that some islanders can get away for a summer vacation. If they make money then fine - but they don't !

And just because someone from Aurigny said that maybe they can use the new jet for other flights, ( if anyone did actually make that claim ), does not mean it is gospel and has to be done. Afterall... someone from Aurigny claimed that the airline would be turning a profit by the end of 2015 and that has not been achieved. Indeed, things have only got worse.

I should also point out that Aurigny management a few years ago were adamant that a LCY route would lose moeny... but look what happened.

Getting back to the Alderney routes, in the past, losses were blamed on the high maintenance cost of the Trislander... now how much more is being lost on the rash purchase of two very old, second hand Dorniers ??

Devil's Advocate

Is the 'extra' return due to the Southampton triangular route?

Alderney Newbie

Cannot begin to understand what the whole idea was with the Alderney routes. Already apparently losing hundreds of thousands a year so introducing new planes, at 6 million each new, that need two pilots, for a ten minute flight!

As for the people themselves, a large number are still battling for new trislanders and why not...if indeed Britten Norman would produce as they say they will. After all it's a bus service isn't it? Why do you need a swish plane ( and did I say with two pilots)

I agree the Southampton route is improved with the Dornier...except for the limited luggage fiasco. So why not one Dornier and three new Tris for the same price. Then at least we shouldn't be at risk of no cover..a major problem relying on just two planes...oh and the 'composite' one that is apparently being made out of the wings of one of the failed purchases and the body of the other according to the local paper!

And I appreciate that at some point the ?CAA will say single pilots are not allowed on a flight of this duration.

It's been a waste of money all round...and 'Alderney' seem to be getting the blame.

Yes, we want a decent service as do the people of Guernsey. What we appear to be heading for is a more expensive, greater loss making, poor alternative.


Unfortunately, BN will never start production of the Trislander ever again. People have said they would but they themselves have never shown any inclination whatsoever of doing so.

So the only choices really are the Do228, Twin Otter and the Let 410. Aurigny should have ordered three brand new RUAG Do228NG three years ago when they had the chance but they dilly dallied and concentrated on acquiring a new jet for the Gatwick route and then panic bought two old Do228s and are paying the price for that folly.

The Do228s were supposed to replace the Trislanders flying between Guernsey and Alderney, Alderney and Southampton, Guernsey and Jersey and Guernsey and Dinard. It was even planned, when the license application was made, that they would operate between Guernsey and London City.

The Jersey route has gone. The number of Alderney flights seem to have dwindled over the past five years, and the Dornier has never been called upon to serve on the London City route.

So how many Do228s do they need ? They have one brand new one, with another brand new one due to arrive. Surely a third new one would then complete their requirements - in which case all those supposedly loss-making Trislanders and second hand Dorniers could be be disposed with.


We in Alderney are always being told that the losses are immense on the Guernsey-Ald-Guernsey route but we are never allowed to see the accounts! why is that? The planes are always full when I have flown on them from and to Southampton and Ald to Guernsey and back and if they are not at times why are there no standby fares available to fill them?

A previous poster has remarked that a large number of people here are battling to get new Trislanders - that is pure fiction. There is not a hope in hell of getting new Trislanders as Britten Norman will not build new ones and even if they did it would take some years to have them finished and on the route. We want to move forward with more modern aircraft as, if the Dorniers were actually flying and not disappearing

to be repaired we would have.

We do need a small ferry as well as the Dorniers and would like both of those things very soon.


Very true.

I get the distinct impression that Aurigny's management, and quite a few of the deputies, are simply not interested in Alderney ( or Jersey ) as it does not fit into their goal of becoming a major, global airline.

Unless another small but sensible commuter airline is brought in the only solution is to set up a small, reliable ferry company to carry passengers and freight between the islands and to France.

Both Condor and Aurigny are not what they used to be - surely there is the market there for someone to come in and do what they used to do to a point. The problem that creates is that one would no longer be able to buy through tickets to most UK destinations as one can now with Aurigny.


As of today, the Aurigny flights for after the 25th March 2017 are starting to appear on the internet. Seems that they are loading the Gatwick flights first and then the other London airports - with all the rest to follow at a later date.

One thing is noticeable is that they appear to be offering GCI-LGW flights cheaper than the LGW-GCI flights to account, presumably, for the APD from UK airports, as other airlines do.

What is also clear as well though is that the starting prices on many days are already much higher than the lowest fares... even though sales have been open just a matter of hours, ( some LGW-GCI flights are already 131 quid ! ). So islanders can expect overall to be paying more on average next year than this year.

Devil's Advocate

Didn't I read something in the press saying 2/3rds of Gatwick flights have to be £66 next year?