East Midlands runway work means no flight service for six weeks

AURIGNY is suspending its East Midlands service from 4 November to 19 December while repairs are carried out to the UK airport’s runway.


Work will take place only at weekends, but Aurigny said it would not be cost-effective to run a limited service through the maintenance period.

The airline began the year-round service to the East Midlands in 2009, prior to which it was a summer-only service.

Commercial director Malcolm Coupar said the main reason for its decision was that Sunday flights are key to the operation.

‘This is not a recent decision. We have never had any flights on sale in this period,’ he said.

‘The runway closures have been known about for approximately 18 months and at the time of setting our flying programme and budget for 2016, we determined that it would not be economically viable.’

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Island Wide Voting

I wonder if the GEP investigative journalism department could find out what the East Midlands work is costing so that we might compare it with our own little jobbie?


I do not understand the logic of this.

There are daily flights in October ( is October still the summer ? ) and over the Xmas period with the exception of Sunday 30 October and Xmas Day which falls on a Sunday.

In the winter there are normally three flights a week - Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. So the airline can not operate on a Sunday and that makes Tuesdays and Thursdays unprofitable ?

Can someone please explain ?


Yes. It would suggest Aurigny knows that a significant number of people who use that service either go or come back on a Sunday and that Aurigny feel those people will not book if the Sunday service is not available.

The slightly surprising comment in the article is that East Midlands Airport are only going to do work at weekends. Guernsey had a lot of work done at night in order to keep the airport open 7 days a week as much as possible.


East Midlands has an extensive cargo operation running during the night. I understand that the closure pattern they have come up with minimised the overall disruption at the airport.


But Jonathan... surely that means then Tuesday and Thursday flights in the winter are running at a loss ? If they are unprofitable when there is no Sunday flight they must be unprofitable when there is a Sunday flight.


Half the people flying on Tuesday travel the other way on Sunday, the other half flying on Tuesday travel the other way on Thursday. The other half of the people flying on a Thursday fly the other way on a Sunday. So if you take out the Sunday flight you remove half the people on a Tuesday and a Thursday. This explanation is oversimplified, but it gives you the drift.


Good point Chris... if it was that simple. But there will be some people travelling for one or two weeks, some people travelling just one way, and some people who would have travelled on a Sunday but will travel on the Tuesday or Thursday. Now they all will just have to find some other way to get to or from the island.