‘Promises broken’ on Condor service review

‘PROMISES have been broken’ over the release date of Condor’s comprehensive service review, Economic Development has said, as it criticised another delay.

Economic Development president Deputy Peter Ferbrache

The publication of the review into Condor’s operations was pushed back to the end of October after the release was originally planned to be by September.

Economic Development president Peter Ferbrache said the review would be the basis for the ferry company’s long-term plans and last month he anticipated meeting Condor in early November.

Following the announcement that Condor had loosened its release date to ‘before the end of this year’, Deputy Ferbrache said the latest postponement had ‘seriously undermined’ confidence in their working relationship.

‘We were expecting the review by the end of the month and, although I haven’t checked my emails yet today [1 November], we should have had something in before that to let us know,’ he said. ‘Initially it was September and then it was the end of October. How long we can wait?

‘I am very disappointed and I would like to know the reasons why. I thought we had a good line of communication with Condor, but this has seriously undermined that in my view.’

Economic Development vice-president Jan Kuttelwascher said ‘promises had been broken’ over the release date.

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John West

Seems like empty rhetoric to me.

They are late (again), we are quite cross (again), there is absolutely squat we can do about it (again and again and again).


If you deal with the pathetic - what do you expect !!

Mr "dont mess with me" really told them - ‘seriously undermined’ confidence - wow - that told them!


At last someone who has a backbone, maybe tomorrow is not something we should accept.


Are they really that gullible?

Donkey Boiler

What do they expect? Not only is the Liberation restricted by a 3.5m wave height, (whatever happened to that assessment for an increase to 5.0 m?), but it has the ADDITIONAL restriction of cancelling in 30 knot winds even when wave height is only about 2.7m as happened about two weeks ago. This is because they are terrified of manouevring it in these winds that the Express and Vitesse could do with no problems. Indeed, the Rapide managed to berth on that day while Liberation was holed up. Any company that chooses to operate this aberration is bound to be unreliable.


Liberations ability to manouever is it's major flaw and is especially highlighted in the relatively small confines of our (and Jersey) harbour. It's down to the hull configuration with all three propulsion jets situated in the centre hull and the fact that the bow thrusters are mounted in such a thin section bow they have reduced directional thrust, this all means it isn't very good at manouevering in tight spaces, whereas the Incat design, with two propulsion jets in each widely spaced hull gives the Incat style vessel far greater manoueverability.

The design of Liberation in this respect, as far as our harbours and wind is concerned is seriously flawed and is not something that can be fixed (bar getting rid of it for a more popular Incat catermaran).

All of the attention was given to Liberations seakeeping qualities, or lack of depending on point of view, and the harbour issues were downplayed or ignored.


Well said, the problems of the Liberation are inherent in its design and there is nothing anybody can do to make it fit Channel Island requirements. Condor obviously know that it needs to be swapped for two Incats but are currently unable to finance this. Since everyone now knows this, I just wish the company would stop trying to hide the truth with anodyne replies to comments and fake public consultation. They need to talk honestly to the States and consider a public/private arrangement. I do not accept that Aurigny is a failure, on the contrary, it is probably the best that could be done. All our transport links are vital, planes, boats and buses and they will have to be supported. Like it or not.

Devil's Advocate

Condor are just going to have to employ a little tug to berth it.

Donkey Boiler

Or get the States to build one for them....


Just what has Luxon got to say on this subject. ? As the incumbent C.E.O. his silence to my mind 'is absolutely deafening'. !! Condor Liberation, 'alias 'The White Elephant'. ?


I'm missing something?

I thought it was a joint report?

If Condor solely are writing it then it's going to be a whitewash, turkeys don't vote for Xmas,




States run ferry...you're having a laugh aren't you, it would end up like Aurigny and the likelyhood of any co-operation with Jersey on routes would be nigh on nil, it would be a disaster in the making

John West

Yes, because they have done a sterling job with the way Aurigny is run!

Please let's not delude ourselves into thinking things would be better under States care. Just look at Ms. McGreevy, she was appointed director of harbours in 2013 and ran the place terribly, so much so that they had to crib Colin Le Ray (that has done an exemplary job at the airport). Any normal business would have let Ms. McGreevy go but no, this is the States of Guernsey, she has a nice new position with a six figure salary as 'director of communications'.

Anyone else noticed an improvement in Harbour communications? No, me neither.


Don't forget ... the Director of Marketing & Tourism also has a new title...

Interim Chief Secretary & Director of Marketing & Tourism


And a big fat salary to boot! As if we needed anyone to direct holidaymakers where to go!

There are far too many of these highly paid, superfluous posts with fancy titles. We don't need more and more Chiefs at the expense of the real Indians working at the coal face!

Yet another example of "Parkinson's Law" in action.

Banned again!

There needs to be someone in charge of the civil service who is mindful of malpractices & is answerable to both deputies & the taxpayer. Otherwise we will persistently have the likes of Roffey, Gollop at al inventing stealth taxes to pay for the fun & games that apparently are taking place. The electorate need to have some backbone implanted into then come 2020 or god help the taxpayer!!!!!!!!!!


Be nice if we could open the car doors on the ferry.


Hopefully when she is doing 30 knots and there is nobody on board. Oh and preferably approaching the Herd Deep.

Mr Bee

Sounds like the boat times "Late"


oh dear,Condor have pulled the wool over yet another Deputies eyes.


"Promises Broken on Condor Services Review" Surprise, Surprise. !! If you have a Monopoly Service, should anyone really be surprised. ?