TV exposure puts Alderney on the map

ALDERNEY’S starring role in a TV documentary series has sparked a flurry of interest from would-be visitors to the lesser- known Channel Island.

Actress Alison Steadman visited the bird observatory during her trip to the island for Channel 4 programme Little British Isles. She is pictured with John Horton.

Actress Alison Steadman visited Alderney for Channel 4’s Little British Isles series and spent time learning about the island’s unique history and culture. Viewers were treated to some breathtaking views and some of the highlights of Alderney Week. In the wake of its screening, the Tourism Office received half a dozen enquiries from potential visitors and  accommodation providers fielded more. The Visit Alderney website saw a 212% increase in visits over the five days that followed the show and its Facebook page activity trebled. Tourism officer Helene Turner said: ‘We had a fantastic immediate response through Twitter and Facebook. ‘It was a brilliant piece of publicity and thank you to all who appeared on the programme and helped make it happen. ‘If you have any suggestions of other programmes you think Alderney would be a perfect feature for, please let me know,’ she added.