People living on proposed hill climb course will be contacted

PEOPLE immediately affected by plans for a new hill climb in Torteval will be contacted by the Guernsey Kart & Motor Club as it looks to minimise the impact of the event on residents.

Peter Perrio

The Torteval douzaine, by a majority, has decided not to oppose the proposal for a new course that would run up the hill by the Imperial Hotel, subject to the various necessary permissions being obtained by the club.

Senior constable Peter Perrio, pictured, wanted to make clear that the douzaine did not approach the GKMC with the idea for a hill climb in the parish, instead the club contacted parish representatives first.

He said it was also agreed that an essential part of the development process would be for the GKMC to meet those parishioners most immediately affected by the event to explain what was being proposed and how the club would manage the event to minimise the overall impact.

‘As the organisation of such an event requires considerable preparation, including the approval of the course by the appropriate authorities, it was envisaged that the detailed communication with parishioners would not take place until early 2017, when as much information as possible would be available,’ Mr Perrio said.

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Stand by for the 'nothing can change' moaners to come rushing out of the woodwork


Sounds like a good idea, and a good excuse to go to the Imp for a few!!


That'll be a good course, I would definitely watch that. Good luck to them, I hope it goes ahead.


No sure where you would watch that from?


The only thing I'll be watching is my beer and the football on the TV



Watch your beer and football at the Imp and you can pop outside and watch the racing too


Wowzers. News of people not objecting to something new and fun.

I had to double-check out the window to make sure there was no biblical plague of locusts and "Lo", there was none.


I live nearby and would definitely support this, but then I don't live on the road that the climb would be on. Would be interested to know those residents' views.


Good luck to them. I really hope they can get everyone behind this as it would be an excellent event for the SW of the island.


Always thought that hill would make a great course, let's hope the residents get behind it.


Could be the start of our own TT Racing like the Isle of Man

Trevor Hockey


Imagine the scenario, every hotel, guest house and campsite full for a week. Lots of money spent in the pubs, restaurants and shops. A great boost for sea travel, but Condor would need to be more bike friendly.

Oh, but hang on a minute, we had all that and more for Powerboat Week.!

- And we let it slip away.!


Well said Trevor but the states would muck it up as usual.


No use objecting - its Money that Counts - to hell with noise and Pollution!


It's not all about the money. The Rocquaine Regatta can be pretty noisy and so can the West Show - both of which are good fun.

I say let the SW parishes put on a new event!


Donald - The good people out west give their time and energies for nothing, such as setting up the West Show, The Regatta, The Scarecrow walk etc. they all take a lot of enthusiasm and organisation.

You should try getting involved one day, you may even get a sense of community spirit.


Donald - a tourist event might bring in a few quid in visiting drivers using Condor and some hotel/bar meal revenue, but it will cost more in volunteers time and effort to welcome visitors and give them an enjoyable experience. I think the parishioners and organisers should be congratulated on doing all that they can to build tourism up a little.

When I was in Jersey a few years ago, they had a car rally and that needed parishioners support and lots of helpers, however, the amount of families and friends that went to Jersey to support, was bigger than anything than I have seen in Guernsey since we gave away powerboating.

Do you not think that such events are a crucial part of Guernseys future?


The douzaine in Torteval are very good at backing events. They might be a small parish, but they know how to entertain both locals and visitors. The West Show is always a hit, the scrambles racing brings racers over for the weekend, they even have a few lawn mower races during the year, rock music event brings visitors over, scarecrow competition has grown in popularity and now they hold a hill climb. Well done Torteval, you have done your bit for tourism.

Does St Martins put on events like this? I think they have one day of motor racing in a private field, but I don't know of any other events.

St Peter Port holds lots of events, Forest have a Petit Bot hill climb, Vale has a beach race and a castle race, St Sampsons has karting and timed motorcycle races, St Saviours has trials and a Reservoir race, Castel has a motor show and a Beach race.

Quite possibly St Martins does hold events, but I can't remember, I think they have a show in the summer and they hold the flower show, but we do not hear much about them.

Any suggestions?

Roger Irrelevant

Surely there's a dressage event?


There might be Roger, but I am told that even the racing in the field once a year has been stopped.

They had a candle factory near The Captains, but I don't see that advertised any more.


Sorry Donald but I think what you posted was rather sill as the posts below show.


I stand by my guns!