Motorist wins his parking ticket battle

VICTORY has been declared by an islander who has had a parking ticket overturned.


Alan Price, 31, parked his car on the Albert Pier – on the ‘wing’ at the top left – to head off for a day in Sark in September.

On getting out of his car, he looked around for a sign to see how long the parking spaces were for.

He spotted one which said ‘10 hours’ so assumed there was no risk.

But on returning, the psychiatric nurse had a ticket stating he had parked too long.

Further inspection found a sign saying the space was in fact a two-hour, but Mr Price believes that because he was closer to the 10-hour sign, it was misleading.

And following a prolonged campaign with the authorities, he says the ticket has been now refunded.

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I guess technically anybody that has been fined in that area is entitled to a refund, have the authorities contacted those with defective parking tickets to issue a refund?

Has the sign even been changed or is there a 3 month long consultant stage using top UK parking sign specialists?

Viscount Lover

As you can see from the picture, the sign has been changed to a NO WAITING sign, this was done approx. a month ago I noticed.


Well done, its not often you can get one over on these mini Hitlers


I admire anyone who has the tenacity to carry something like this through.

I must admit I'd probably have given up and paid the ticket long ago.


This is what they rely on, people not bothering, probably because of the cost and the hassle involved in contesting a ticket. I'm sure there would be many more tickets contested if there was a guarantee that anyone who had a ticket overturned would have all their costs reimbursed.

Viscount Lover

What a strange & offensive comment to make. If you are referring to Traffic Wardens I suggest you try taking them away & seeing the ensuing chaos & lack of parking that would be available.

You obviously use that comment as you have had to fork out for a fine.


Nope Never had a ticket.

Island Wide Voting

Yet another mess up in Baz's department :-(

Viscount Lover

Maybe the Environment Department for it is they & not the Police who erect the signs & put them into law could put some signage in the Odeon car park stating that the area is time restricted, currently the only signage is in the Monument Gardens approach road - would a ticket issued here be cancelled because of lack of signage?


We travel to Guernsey sometimes 3 - 4 times a year for holidays and short breaks and always like to visit Sark and Herm and I have to admit long stay parking, especially for those two Islands is an absolute nightmare, to the point where we nearly missed the boat on a number of occasions. Years ago there used to be free allocated parking, now we have to pay £10.00 for a permit and still nowhere to park, my last visit to Sark I had to park outside the Condor offices (of all places). I also drive a large estate car that doesn't always fit in some of the tiny spaces. It would be good to have a dedicated parking area for the islands like it used to be. Sark Shipping and Travel Trident charge enough, perhaps they should contribute more, after all we are their paying customers.

Don Tramp

People 1 Polits 0 that makes a change.

Rupert Walthumstow

What nonsense. A sign being closer does not mean that it is the one that applies.

I can park on North Beach in a "normal" space that happens to be closer to the small car parking sign that a "three hour" sign, so does that mean the small car parking rules apply? Of course not.

What utter tosh. I was always taught ignorance is not an excuse but apparently it is these days.


How is this Environment's fault? It looks like this sign has been there for years and no-one else has been mislead by it. This gentleman seems to have a point and well done to him for getting his fine overturned, but if he's the first to notice then it can't have been that big an issue!