Sark might cut conseiller seats that it cannot fill

SARK may have to consider reducing the number of conseillers because it has so far failed to find enough candidates to fill the seats available.


Just 12 people stepped forward to fill the 14 seats available in the election, while three by-election vacancies also need to be filled.

Those 12 were declared as elected on a four-year term.

There are 28 seats in total.

In a report to go before Chief Pleas to set a date for another attempt, Policy and Performance Committee chairman Charles Maitland said it has been a disappointment that there has been a shortfall in candidates willing to put themselves forward for election.

‘This has meant that the people of Sark have been unable to exercise their democratic right to choose representatives to serve in the government.

‘Also, there is now a pressure on conseillers to populate the present committee structure.

‘As a result the committee shall be taking soundings inside and outside government to understand fully the seriousness of the situation the government is facing. It may mean reducing the number of conseillers required under the Reform Law 2008.’

Comments for: "Sark might cut conseiller seats that it cannot fill"


Maybe some would-be conseillers are currently off-island looking after their various global directorship duties?



Don Tramp

I say bring in Albus Dumbledore.


With the Barclays leaving Sark will shut soon anyway


Really? That is good news.


Who will tend to the vines?


Trevor Hockey


Well, if they leave Brecqhou the Long Port Group will certainly not be buying it. Most people seem very uncomplimentary about Mr. Billson, I cannot comment as I have never met him, but to be fair they did bring that sailing ship in and sold tickets on it for charity.


what happened to the group that had a lot to say about how sark was run? i take it that they put themselves up for election.

Margaret Le Page

Do hope CMB is correct. Barclays departing Sark? Pity they didn't do it whilst Seigneur Michael Beaumont was alive, instead of causing so much mayhem to the Island and residents via Mr. K. Delaney weekly rants.