Pensioner has lucky escape after armchair catches fire

EDDY DODD was sitting in his chair yesterday lunchtime when his wife Ann told him he was on fire.


He then watched as the flames crawled up the side of his seat.

‘It was such a shock – and the first thing I saw was my wallet on the arm fall into the flames full of money,’ the 74-year-old said.

‘I quickly grabbed the chair cover, which caught first, and took it out into the back garden, and told Ann forget the carpet and get some water – she threw it on and it slowed it down. I suppose I am in the market for a new recliner now.’

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Can't remember the last time my wife said "I was on fire" anyway it just goes to show how quick these things can happen.

None local,local



*cough* I hope he remembers to include in his insurance claim the wallet *cough* that was "full of money"....... *cough*


The 'winds of change' are all very well, but perhaps not when lighting a ciggy.


I once went to a charity event with Eddy Dodd. He was very funny & extremely down to earth!


" I quickly grabbed the chair cover". Not the wallet?

Good luck with the insurance claim!