Deputy ‘cautiously optimistic’ derelict houses will go soon

VALE deputy Matt Fallaize is ‘cautiously optimistic’ that the derelict houses owned by Guernsey Electrcity in Vale Avenue will be demolished ‘sooner rather than later’.


His comments followed ‘very open and constructive discussions’ with representatives of GE and the Development & Planning Authority.

‘I think Guernsey Electricity now acknowledges that its reputation in the local community is damaged by the appalling state of those properties,’ he said.

While sensing a renewed commitment from GE to demolish the buildings, he said that Development & Planning ‘needs to apply planning regulations pragmatically and in a way which maximises the likelihood of this site being improved’.

Guernsey Electricity has applied three times in the past for permission to demolish the buildings. Each application was rejected.

Deputy Fallaize now expects the utility to apply again soon, and while accepting that the authority will want to impose conditions to make sure the site is left in a condition which contributes positively to the area, he said he was ‘optimistic that the authority will not be so inflexible as to impose conditions which would be so onerous as to discourage the company from pulling down the derelict buildings in the first place’.

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Why are they not on the market for a fair price?

Devil's Advocate

Because GE want to keep the land for future use, or because they cannot risk a 'pistol shooting club / Roger Dadd' scenario happening where someone moves in next to a known noisy place then complains about the noise and gets it shut down.


"Cautiously optimistic" now there's a classic political phrase if ever there was one.

What about "certain" "hopeful" or confident?


Sounds like another 5 years of caution.

Since we the taxpayer owns GE is it not time we told them in no uncertain terms. "Sell them'.

While you are there Matt get the auction started.


I don't understand why planners are being so rigid about knocking this lot down. Nothing can be much worse. I suppose it is loss of housing but it will be made up somewhere else in a new development. Surely it's better if politicians say 'I want to see' rather saying cautiously optimistic sounds very weak, it's like saying it might happen, it might not....

Donkey Boiler

The old Quayside site was declared by those wise sages in the planning department to be too close to the power station for housing. Yet this site, much closer, is still inscribed as housing in the big book of rules. Knock them down, increase the size of the adjacent GE employees car park and throw it open to everyone. There is no justification in keeping all of this states owned land for only a priveleged few to park. All of this part of Vale Avenue could be marginally widened in the process to take account of the road side parking on this busy road. Once the mad scheme for housing starts in Leale's Yard (which is where the light industry should go), parking on the Bridge will be impossible, and this site will be needed.


"Development & Planning ‘needs to apply planning regulations pragmatically"

Based on past experience the chances of that are about 0 out of 10

Roger Irrelevant

Make it a car park and get rid of the on street parking in that stretch of road.

Island Wide Voting

Despite the fact that there is a good two inches clearance between parked vehicles and oncoming vehicles when heading towards the Bridge I agree. Clear the ugly boarded up site and make it a temporary park in place of the on street parking

Be seen to actually DO SOMETHING USEFUL for once