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Don Tramp

The bigger issue is overly large class sizes and a Victorian curriculum.





You thought it right to accuse honest and professional people of not being able to do their job going forward. You thought it right to put words in their mouths they never said. You thought it right to insult them publicly with no proof or reason whatsoever. And of course, you thought it right to do this without consulting the people who voted for you, despite your promises on your manifesto. But all is well because you thought it right.


Spot on. What folly it was to elect this 50's style unreconstructed socialist. Read her manifesto and see if it hints at what we are seeing, now she has some power. I'm sure she will not get re-elected but she is trouble, just look what Burford did to us one term.



Spot on. This woman is an absolute menace. She's even more dangerous than Burford albeit seemingly cut from the same cloth. The public will turn against her very quickly if she continues to act as an alter ego for Roffey and Burford, who are both pulling her strings.


I think the public are fed up already of this whole sorry situation, brought on by the eloquent naive Deputy Yerby. I believe she said initially she only wanted to do one term & it appears that will be the case even if she were to change her mind.

Election Issues

Well said Borissa

Apparently, Deputy Yerby is all about uniting the Assembly and to move on from a 'them and us' mentality.

She is not doing a very good job though....and not only in the Assembly.

Any Deputy that actually states - "You will hear some people now saying that the States voted to close the Grammar School. This is not true" is totally deluded.

That's exactly what 21 members of the States did vote for. Selection has ended so the Grammar School will be closed.

Perhaps many parents will take a leaf out of President St Pier's book and decide to educate their children in England...if they can afford such a thing.


I think Deputy Yerby would like to see a Committee with more that 21 members supporting it actually.

Donkey Boiler

Comrade Yerby should do the decent thing, and resign.

Young Local

I think many of today's politicians are in it for the career and themselves, not doing what's in the best interests of the island.

I don't understand how Emilie Yerby believes that the states will be debating which schools to close in June, when we could have a whole new board, no chance can they do enough work to get to that point in 4 and half months.


Unfortunately she is being used by other more senior politicians who don't want to be seen to be stirring the pot. Her weekly page in the Press is quite frankly appalling, before long we will know what she eats for breakfast and which toilet paper she favours. I suggest she winds her neck in and remember that God gave us two ears and one mouth so we would spend more time listening rather than speaking. Sadly, she seems to be listening to the wrong people.


At home with Deputy Yerby... who cares!!! All we want is for our deputies to work for their money, we do not want to know about their private life, the fact that they write wrapped up in a blanket or whatever they do with their life, we do not want to know. She is so patronising, it is beyond belief! To say she is young... she acts like a 80 year old without the life experience nor wisdom. She may be clever but far too full of her own importance, judging others and sentencing them. Wonder if she has even ever spoken to Deputy Le Pelley and why she hates him so much? Apart from Tim langlois, never heard anything said bad about him.


Oh ... and from the editor of the Press of course who is SO obviously anti Le Pelley . Wonder what he has done to upset him.

Donkey Boiler


I agree. I don't know what the GP are doing giving column inches to this socialist claptrap. It is only equalled in nauseating drivvle by Midweek Murphy, another waste of a page of the press.


Donkey Boiler,

If you analyse the content of the GEP on a daily basis you will find that the local news is in a minority. It seems to comprise more than a few pages of what is probably syndicated U.K. "News" , pages of adverts, articles of limited audience appeal (Thoughts of Chairman Yerby etc) pages devoted to the self engrandisement of various sections of our finance industry (Winners of the 2016 Best Legal Practice etc) and hidden amongst this dross are probably no more than a couple of pages of local news input concerning lost budgies, reports on minor traffic accidents, workings of the magistrates court etc etc. We are but a tiny island where not much happens that is newsworthy, news from elsewhere is now available at the touch of a button. The only reason I take the bloney thing is to enable me to light my fire.....


Donkey Boiler

The main problem is there simply isn't enough news to fill a daily newspaper. That's not to say the GP couldn't do a much better job of course but no matter how hard they try they will always struggle to fill column inches.

I reckon the only reason the GP has survived in its current form for so long is a mixture of people buying it out of habit and their monopoly. I don't understand why anyone with access to the Internet buys it - unless you're interested in who got convicted for petty crimes, the vast majority of the time the only things of relevence are posted on this website for free!


This whole MONC stinks. It is causing such a rift between all members of the States. So glad the Current committee are strong, honest and calm about it all. They have so much work to do and they are being blocked by about 10 people who do not want the children of Guernsey to benefit but are only interested in themselves. So sad.

Election Issues

Saturday Gsy Press Opinion

'Sadly, the strength of the opposition voiced by the president and two members of Education leaves them incapable of taking that role and rebuilding trust with the electorate'


'If, as seems likely, the motion fails and the committee survives, the chances of a successful transformation of education will be diminished'



Funnily enough, The electorate seems very happy with current board... however the Press isn't ... let me think, who writes for the Press....


Election Issues

It is very clear which way Shaun Geeen and Nick Mann lean politically, which is at odds with an island which for many years has been, and I am sure still is, conservative with a small "c" - just right of centre overall.

If those political views of the GP are to continue, then maybe it is time that we had a new newspaper to set up in competition which is more representative of the overall population. If it took a share of the GP's advertising revenue it would be fatal for the GP....

Trevor Hockey

Hear Hear


Very noticeable how those who would pull her strings have all but disappeared from view. Very soon we will be 25% of the way through a States term and what has been achieved? We will have a chamber completely at war with itself unable to move forward on any but the most dumb downed projects. Chief antagonist Barry Brehaut has completely withdrawn hoping that the Salarie fiasco will go away and won't answer why he has stated that all projects are legally obliged to run trials before go ahead and why this was not done with the Salarie. Meanwhile, very disappointingly, Gavin St Pier shows no real leadership allowing this infighting to continue........poor old Guernsey ,what have we done to deserve this?

Trevor Hockey


I totally agree, we have an Assembly which in my opinion is clearly not fit for purpose, led by too many left wing, feminists and greenies.I really wish we could have a referendum on whether we are happy with the current lot, my thoughts are that half the house should go.

It all went wrong when we started paying the little beggars, previously the more work they did, the more they earn, now they get the cash even if they do very little and we cannot get rid of them. I think it was a sad day when Peter Ferbrache failed to get in as the top man, I have no faith in Gavin doing anything for the working lower and middle classes.

Virtually everyone I speak to says that Guernsey is knackered and getting expensive to visit, yet all these politicians are doing is wasting time back stabbing.

Election Issues

'I think it was a sad day when Peter Ferbrache failed to get in as the top man'

Agree with this statement as do many others! Can't stand the back stabbing mentality that we are all witnessing over the Education debate. It is a total turn off. All the deputies involved in this nonsense should be thinking of all islanders/parents/children instead of their own self interest. It is so much more important to bring everyone together instead of perpetuating the divisiveness.

Extremely disappointing so far!

Cher Eugene

Having missed many of his pearls of wisdom this morning because he speaks far too quickly I can in no way support any move to put him in the top job.


The only logical obvious way to clear the education fiasco was to have a public referendum but this was not even mooted, why was that? With a referendum result showing what the majority of the public wanted the states would have had a real mandate to go forward, all we have now is a completely divided States moving with the lowest common denominator, which in this case is Ms Yerby and her vision of what we should want. Last week it was Barry Brehaut's incompetence. I still believe the majority of deputies have the skills needed but for some reason they are not acting cohesively....why is that?


Deputy Yerby’s draft letter showed that her knowledge of the infrastructure of the schooling system in Guernsey is limited.

Just two examples: if the new arrangement of schools and colleges is to be both educationally and financially viable, each will need to have sufficient pupil numbers to justify the appointment of enough specialised staff to be able to offer a broad and differentiated curriculum. This will be impossible to achieve with her preferred model of retaining four secondary schools. It will prove to be an educationally restrictive and financially profligate solution.

Secondly, her statement that it “was not true” that the States had voted to close the Grammar School. Of course it has: the buildings and a caucus of current staff may (and should) remain to become the third of the three secondary schools alongside St Sampson’s and les Beaucamps, but the character and ethos of the Guernsey Grammar School will irrevocably change as it has done in every school in England that lost its Grammar function: it will no longer be a Grammar School focused on addressing the needs of only the most academic children.

But, nevertheless, it was very pleasing to see the revelation that Deputy Yerby had originally suggested that the way forward was to “work with the Committee for Education, Sport and Culture, and with our fellow States members to try and make that as open and constructive as possible… and that the ESC committee “will no doubt be putting together its plan of action now”. As far as I remember, that was exactly the intention expressed by Deputy Le Pelley immediately after the vote.

It was an honourable and consensus-building suggestion from Deputy Yerby which would have helped re-establish some confidence in a States which has not started its term well.

I suspect it was the usual gang of Parkinson, St Pier, Fallaize, Roffey and Tooley (no doubt with the malign influence of a certain vituperative former St Andrews deputy) who quickly moved to settle scores with Deputy Le Pelley for his resilience in standing up to them and persuaded her to bring the ultimatum of “resign or face a vote of no confidence”.

Shame on them for their cynical, self-serving vilification of a honourable man.

Cher Eugene

Gregor stated "....the character and ethos of the Guernsey Grammar School will irrevocably change as it has done in every school in England that lost its Grammar function: it will no longer be a Grammar School focused on addressing the needs of only the most academic children."

This should read

the character and ethos of the Guernsey Grammar School will irrevocably change as it has done in every school in England that lost its Grammar function: it will no longer be a Grammar School focused on addressing the needs of those who can pass it's entrance exam

The new set-up will be a compromise as we cannot afford the cost of two large enough schools to make setting work for all subjects which is the only way that comprehensive education has a hope of working to all children's advantage.

A side issue - what about the special needs schools? The grammar school deniers should also, for the same reasons, disband the special schools so all children receive the same education. Shouldn't they?

Le Goubert

And what great ideas for transforming the local economy has PF initiated?

Did PF give Condor a bashing for their p.poor service? DJ Kev was slated for his projects, but at least he had some ideas.

PF is akin to Mary Lowe i.e. he's only good at chucking stones from a very safe distance at those with enough balls to make a decision.

Interested Observer


Cher Eugene

Tend to agree


What a sad shame that we are to loose a school in the top 3% in the British Isles to a political ideology.

Deputy Yerby and her ilk should be protecting this school and its achievements and supporting the secondary and special support schools in their marvelous efforts to improve since their dismal failures were made public. La Mare De Carteret has been spectacular in its turn around.

I understand 30% of island students attend the colleges - and with a further 20+% at grammar that is hardly elitist. The remaining 50% are being given superb facilities and equipment and huge help to push up standards - they are doing really well. They have amazing teachers and opportunities.

Of those 50% how many are in the special support schools - these schools are so well designed and funded any other community would give their eye teeth for - should the children there also be made equal?

Why are we paying more for special support schools - one rule for one and not the other? It doesn't make sense to equal "down" on the one hand but not equal "up" on the other so all have equal education - in fact, it's not fair on the majority for the tiny minority group to continue to be treated differently.

Yes - a bit over the top, but only to show not all children are the same - or in Yerby's vocabulary "equal". Yet she and others are willing to have exceptions to the rule which doesn't equate with equality and to destroy opportunity for some children who are different but not from others.

However well intentioned Yerby is, she and her group are actually going to create a far greater social divide between the haves and have-nots than they seem capable of understanding or anticipating - that's the real tragedy of this doing away with the grammar school and supporting the colleges (supporting the colleges with the taxes also paid by the fee paying families for education etc, by the way).

They don't seem to understand that instead of raising the game to the level of the grammar school they are saying let's make everyone more equal by reducing opportunity unless your very rich and instead are risking reducing achievement to a lower average.

It's like ISIS blowing up Palmyra- or any other cultural iconoclastic act.


Rokayne, you talk about the school's achievement and seemingly ignore the individuals that go there. The individual achievements as a whole will not change drastically, undoubtedly there will be a poorer results at the Grammar school, just as the other schools will see an increase in results graded A-C, this will be a result of moving students not a drop in standards. As a whole, the island will still have very similar results to previous years.

At the end of the day children develop at different times, the development of their mental maturity is no different to that of their physical maturity. To my mind selecting someone's school at the age of 11 based on ability is a ridiculous idea, they may have matured early and aced the 11 plus and in a few years time when everyone else catches up they begin to struggle or they could mature late and find they need to be pushed more at a later stage in their school life.

The other point is that everyone going to the same schools allows students to move freely between sets, if they struggle in English but excel in Maths they can get the extra attention they need in English and are able to be pushed with the high achievers in Maths. This student could have ended up at a secondary school or the Grammar school, I feel like I've said this a million times but this is not just for the borderline students at the Secondary Schools, it goes both ways!

Social divide is caused by separating people of social classes, enforcing this misconception that 'they' are any different to 'us'. I fail to see how a proposal that will bring together some of the 'haves and have nots' will cause a further divide.

Interested Observer

Well said!

Le Goubert

Great letter from Jenny Tasker in today's Press that encapsulated why the 11+ had to go.

If two battle-axes like Jenny Tasker and Margaret Thatcher believe the 11+ should be scrapped, it must be a crock.


It's not as simple as that Alex. Even the data presented by researchers who oppose selection has shown that the very top grades (the sort of kids who should eventually be expected to get into a Russell Group university or even Oxbridge) are negatively impacted by the abolition of grammar schools. The improvement in grades tends to come lower down the achievement curve.


Exactly - we'll still, quite rightly, be separating out the educationally challenged at great cost to the "god of equality" but we won't be giving the same equal treatment to the children at the other end of the educational spectrum.

Like I said - one rule for one. ........


McTavish, I am aware of that, the research I've seen does show a slight decrease in attainment for the wealthy but also a significantly greater increase in attainment for the less well off students. Most of the research I've found focused more on the social aspects (e.g family's wealth) though which I feel is less applicable for Guernsey's situation.

I'm not saying that it's not going to come at a cost, I just feel that as a whole it is the best way to go for the majority of students.

Rokayne, I was going to ignore the comment on paying more for special educational needs schools as I was frankly a bit disgusted that you'd think that we can't provide additional support at an additional cost to those children that have to face serious hardships, especially when it is through absolutely no fault of their own, or their parents for that matter.


Like it's through absolutely no fault of their own for the clever few to be gifted.

You completely missed my point so obviously you are not one of the group who could understand it.


And Indidnt say "paying" more.

I was referring to "equality" being selective and the cost of giving ANY group special treatment could not possibly be equality in the belief that EVERYONE should be given the same opportunity and resources in order to make things fair.

As soon as exceptions are made, for whatever reason, it becomes unequal and unfair to the other groups for whom exceptions are not made.


After all - the idea is that they would all be in one school and streamed. All inclusive - but it doesn't seem that it is "all" inclusive.

It's only inclusive if it suits the ideology.


You said it word for word, I'll even quote you to help you out - "Why are we paying more for special support schools".

I can't speak for what other people have said but I’m fairly sure we’re singing from the same hymn sheet, this is my view on it - I am not suggesting and I have never suggested that we build a school system on absolute equality, where we put every single student in the same school and give them exactly the same treatment, that won't work.

What I am saying is that we should do our best to provide every student with the best start to their lives, by providing the best possible education and opportunities to as many as we possibly can. Now in my opinion, the Grammar school system reduces the opportunities to a significantly larger portion of students than it benefits and to be clear, as I've explained above, the reduced opportunities are not exclusive to those that would have been secondary school students.

To provide a good standard of education and future opportunities to some people they need significantly more support than others and it would not be beneficial to them or the students in the secondary schools to share a classroom and this is why we require the support schools.


Well, why are we paying more for one group over another if it's all meant to be equal under the newly voted for system?

Suddenly it's permitted to be more equal for some chosen groups than it is for other groups - that doesn't seem equal to me.


I've answered that in my previous comment..


Alex, it depends on what you term "wealthy" - I have not seen any credible studies that have granular data about individual achievement vs family wealth, most of them (UK studies obviously) have to use broad-brush proxies like average earnings within the catchment area, or the number of pupils in the school that qualify for free school meals. Therefore if you define "wealthy" as anyone who doesn't qualify for free school meals then you are probably right, but I think there are a lot of ordinary families that would dispute that definition.

Regardless of the wealth of the respective children's families, if the trade-off for one pupil getting 4 C's at GCSE rather than 3 is that a pupil at the top end of the scale does less well than they should, and eventually misses out on a place to read something like law or medicine, I would say that is not a trade-off that is in the long term best interests of the island, regardless of it being a more "equal" result. We can only hope that whoever ends up designing our post-selection system can avoid such things happening but I wouldn't bet on it.

Jack Toff

Surprised at the lack of input from Spartacus on this thread. Has she morphed into a new name or is this all beneath her now that she's a deputy....?


The day has come and I wish the Education committee all the best for tomorrow. If you win, you will be heroes, if you fall, you will be heroes.


I join you in sending best wishes to the Education Committee for tomorrow, they have conducted themselves honorably, throughout.


Very well said Rokayne - if we are to be inclusive it should apply to everyone, all in together, no special concessions whatever your ability. If extra help IS given to those with special educational needs this should mean to the brightest as well as those who struggle educationaly.

I had a conversation today with a recently retired Deputy Head Teacher who said that after 25 years of teaching in UK comprehensive schools the notion that the top students brought up the achievment of the less academic was false. In fact the opposite was true - the gifted students were disadvantadged whilst those at the lower end did not benefit. I can hear the proponants of all ability saying"never mind at least the system will be less elitist". But it won't, because our doctors, lawyers, accountants etc will be much more likely to come from the colleges in future.

To those who say setting will solve this, the size of schools will be crucial in order to allow for setting in more than a few subjects, probably only Maths, English and Science would be viable. Proper setting could only be acheived with two schools. To those who say large schools are not desirable, please remember the size of The Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre - students from the 11-16 school mix with 6th Form on a daily basis (they are not separate units) and all seems to go quite well....

Island Wide Voting

It was my grandson's birthday yesterday and because he is only five and recovering from a dose of the current lurgy going around the island he was told he could have TWO wishes

His first wish was that the six scheming backstabbers would fail miserably and that those prodding them on from the shadows would be exposed for all to see

His second wish was that no matter what happens there will have to be an election to replace Marc Leadbeater who couldn't stand the heat, and he hoped that the replacement would be anybody other than Shane and Tim Langlois

Trevor Hockey

Island Wide Voting

A mate on the inside reckons Emily will be leaving the Assembly in tears as the schemers putting her up to this, Brehaut, Roffey and Fallaize amongst others will suddenly disappear leaving her exposed.



Spot on. I think Comrade Roffey has discovered that the rest of the House don't share his high opinion of himself, and Comrade Yerby may now have realised that aligning herself with Roffey was a very unwise political career move.

Le Tocq's and Fallaize's grand plan to play musical chairs on committees has been thwarted, while Brehaut has gained invaluable experience of the MoNC process ahead of the one which he will surely face quite soon.

Hopefully we'll now be seeing far less of the highly discredited Comrades Roffey and Yerby in the GP from now on.


Very amusing, GM.


Can't Deputy Yerby get on the with the job of Deputy instead of taking every opportunity to present herself as a 16 year old drama student offering a very average creative writing assignment.

Island Wide Voting

Now that the backstabbing seven of Yerby, Parkinson, Le Tocq, Tindall, de Sausmarez,Tooley and Langlois, and their contemptible puppeteers have been soundly defeated they should scuttle back into their little boxes, digest the lesson administered, re-read their manifestos and get on with the job they were elected by their mini-districts and subsequently by their Assembly colleagues to do

Election Issues

IWV Well, well, well.

The VONC fails! 22 votes to 13. The backstabbers did not win!

Barry Brehaut, Lindsay de Sausmarez, Matt Fallaize, Sarah HR, Shane Langlois, Jonathan Le Tocq, Jennifer Merrett, Charles Parkinson, Peter Roffey, Gavin St Pier, Dawn Tindall, Rhian Tooley and Emilie Yerby made up the 13!

Peter Roffey wanted to be President of ESC even though he was ever so 'reluctant' to take the post if the no confidence vote had been successful.

What a fiasco. What a waste of time and money. One whole day debating this nonsense. If this is the best our States can manage, then all of the 13 should really be concentrating on their own positions.

That includes our senior politicians, Jonathan Le Tocq and Gavin St Pier who voted with Deputy Yerby. Deputy Le Tocq was convinced he could do better as the President of ESC himself on the Sunday phone in.

Big egos. Condescending attitudes. Bully boy t

Agree with GM, now that Deputy Yerby and Deputy Roffey have been discredited, let's not have to read their opinions and views any more in the Guernsey Press.

Election Issues

Should be

Bully boy tactics



This was probably the first real test to see where the left wing stood in the States, and where the newbie lefties stood. The old left wing encouraging what they saw as their chance attempting to put a majority pod together to push their policies through to the detriment of Guernsey PLC.

With modern computer, I.pad, phone technology allowing instant access and communication and crowd voting this has become very possible. Unfortunately the left leaning, unlike the Centre side of Politics seem to use this internet tool to their advantage. Is Guernsey quite ready for these people especially when you have Chief Minister voting a VONC . He should by his position have abstained. But he couldn't, Why? Because we have a Chief minister who is a left leaning Champagne socialist. Tony Blair comes to mind, trying to be friend to all but ending up being a friend of nobody.

Also, after putting vote to a VONC towards the Education Committee and it being voted down surely his Position as leader of the States s unteneble. How can he deal with people he had no confidence in. They have ended up with more decorum than him.

Cher Eugene

Please GP, no more photos of the tooth fairy.


Very poor politics from Gavin St Pier. As he was so vocal about how bad the current Education committee are where does that leave him? After pleading with the assembly to back his vision and then to be so resoundingly ignored what does that say about his ability to lead? He should have at least abstained from involvement. What about E&I president, ever the antagonist he wasted no time sticking the boot in as well, the irony was not lost as he is the one who should have been facing a VoNC after his dreadful performance so far and complete disregard for taxpayers money.


Days are numbered for those who opposed the education committee after all who wants to work with someone who would stab you in the back.


This VONC was so completely wrong. ECS were targeted right from the start to deter from the inability of others. GSP only just made it to the States after the election in St Sampson's and is now judging the ECS committee ( with the president being a St Sampson's deputy who did very well in the election), having done nothing to help them in their mandate, happily ignored them and with the hope that they would fail. In his speech he clearly implied they were not clever enough to succeed, nice one. Le comment, probably all ok in the name of God...E&I...well, what can we say, better them than me Brehaut. Dep Parkinson spoke well, can't really criticise him, he sounded genuine. EY , clever yes, but far too full of her own importance, didn't think of the effect of her clever move to bring a VONC. Was hoping it would destroy some, she failed and said at the end of the debate that she would not change her mind, great, so the saga goes on. She is like a dog with a bone. Fallaize, as expected. Clever, yes, speaks well, yes, but doesn't do much in the States, actually, does very little. Rufus Roffey... he did so well at HSSD, we fully trust him, well, at least the Press love him (and Yerby). Now the girls...Roffey's fan club, between the lies, the hyper ventilation...what can I say. All in all, No surprise really, now Le Pelley knows who his friends are ( I am sure he knew before anyway). Can you now all let him and his team get on with the huge amount of work they have...or will you blame them again for the lack of progress in a couple of months having made sure they would be too busy trying to defend themselves against you lot. Not nice, proud of yourselves??


Fantastic post Borissa, nail on head every time

Le Goubert

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Deputy Yerby had her chat with Gavin and Jon and the rest of the big boys.

"Emilie you're one for the future, a bright girl initiating a VoNC is an opportunity for you to demonstrate political nous......we will reward you in the future".

And what was Emilie's reward?

A comedy custard pie planted firmly in her face?

Hopefully she has learnt the perils of being sucked in by the middle-management BS spouted by Gavin and Jon Le Tocq and get on with representing her Parishioners.


And so it continues, despite Barry Brehaut claims that he is not antagonistic he today , in communication with the media, insists that it is 18 who do not support ESC and that confidence is a issue and time will tell. Why does he need to continue poking a stick at ESC despite yesterday's vote? Surely any Deputy should accept the result, as they have insisted the much closer vote re 11+ should be, and move on. Ironically his dept is the one with a proven recent record for getting things wrong where is his overwhelming support? It is clear now that some will continue to snipe from the sidelines in an attempt to wear ESC down whilst achieving little themselves, it's going to be a long 3 years!

Fig Tree

Missed a few speeches ( life gets in the way! ), but some observations ; slow start as I suppose the supporters of the

motion were waiting for something else they could attack but Ed. didn't play that game and waited to speak ( despite

criticism from Dep.Ferbrache ) - the supporters instead had to attack by going over old ground and implying that the

committee weren't clever enough for the task. Yes, Borissa, very well put, nice! PLP was clever enough in March but not in


We are where we are as they say. We tried to stop this chaos as we could see the alternative to the old system could be

worse and better the system you know etc.. Now it is up to those who emotionally state how important the future of our

children is, to actually stop undermining the committee. Teachers' unions too. Start supporting them for goodness sake

or, horror of horrors, we may see the whole sorry episode as nothing more than political machinations rather than a

zealous concern for our island.

Election Issues

Since November, we have heard increasingly shrill remarks and insults... a group ESC are unable to provide leadership. Deputy Le Pelley does not have the required courage or leadership. He is not up to the job.

There is considerable concern in their ability to lead. They should show integrity and resign for the good of the island. The teachers don't like them. Think about the children!!!!!

And of course the intimidation continued.....If pushed to the States, then the ESC will find an overwhelming number of 'top' States members cannot support them.

Deputy Yerby still stands by the reasons for laying the MONC and 'she' doesn't believe in the Committee. She has stated that 'she' is not prepared to stand by and let it all fail and risk letting down a generation of islanders in the process.

This hasn't finished yet by a long way!

Barry Brehaut, Lindsay de Sausmarez, Matt Faillaize, Sarah HR, Shane Langlois, Jonathan Le Tocq, Jennifer Merrett, Charles Parkinson, Peter Roffey, Gavin St Pier, Dawn Tindall, Rhian Tooley, Emilie Yerby.

These are the group of people who have accused the President and members of ESC of a lack of courage and a complete lack of leadership.

A few of this 'gang' should be looking much closer to home before hurling nasty accusations at other States members who were elected by the States to do their jobs. They should be considering their own positions. It is high time to question their leadership.

Whatever happened to Deputy M Leadbeater? Yesterday morning he wanted to stand for the position he had vacated and PLP and KM were considering such a move but later Deputy Leadbeater had decided not to stand. Did a few of our most 'top' politicians have a quiet word?

'Top' politicians? What a farce!!!

Fig Tree

There were probably four people the VONC supporters didn't want on the committee ; Deputies Smithies, Graham, Ferbrache and Inder.

Well done Deputy Inder.


I'm pleased that ESC have retained the confidence of their peers in the assembly and that they now have a clear mandate to progress the flawed ideology of comprehensive education.

I have been vocal in my support for PLP and the ESC Committee and I view the MoNC defeat as a moral victory for decency and good government.

That said, I also believe that it would be timely for them to resign 'en masse'.

ESC are now in the unenviable position of having to progress the ideology of Guernsey's left wing with the assistance of the Education Officers in Grange House.

The sniping will continue by those who are committed to comprehensive education and who are convinced that ESC are incapable.

Let 'those who know better' have their head. Let them show that they can produce better. They've collectively wrecked our Education Model and have been allowed to do it without showing a model that we can have confidence is better. Nothing mooted to date inspires confidence that they have a better direction or vision than that which has been recklessly abandoned.

Give LeTocq, Yerby, in fact any of the 13, the opportunity to prove they can produce, and then scrutinise them effectively.

Establish measurable international standards based on English not Scottish Education and monitor their results. Don't leave scope for fudging or 'we're different' argument.

I don't believe that under the current 'Grange House' regime any real progress can be made that will be demonstrably better than our current system.

Let those who believe differently stand up and prove it.

To the current ESC I would urge you to seriously consider resignation.

Remain true to your conviction that our Grammar School system is better than the mooted alternatives and fight on to retain it.

Agreeing to progress the left wing model is the worst possible action now.

Finally for our long term benefit.....CHANGE THE GRANGE.



I think deputy yerby is a breath of fresh air ,and to all those who like to make out that any one with forward thinking new ideas are lefties grow up



Ha ha. Forward thinking lefties who have grown up.

Their discredited ideology is being rejected worldwide... and rightly so.

Their breath of fresh air is time warped in the 60s.

Grown up lefties are called righties, get it?

Le Goubert

Have you already forgottenthe people of the Vale rejected you Mr Lowe?

Yet the good people of Guernsey voted in Deputies who they knew to be loonie lefties.

How do you reconcile the rejection of your right wing manifesto policies, with the electorates acceptance of socially responsible policies clearly set out in the manifestos of Yerby, Roffey et al?

Or are you still shouting in the Vale Echo Chamber with the other aging fuddy-duddies?


Did not you mean BO

Banned again!

That's naughty Dave.

I had a FB post removed because I made fun of her.

Island Wide Voting

Back-stabber-in-Chief Miss Yerby's declaration of interests,as amended, can be found at ...

It suggests that she is well practised in the art of how to spend other people's money,which it seems is a must if you want to be a Deputy

Perhaps there is more information on her plans on how to fill the black hole in her manifesto?

PS Her regular full page contributions in the Press are gratis


Le Goubert

I stood in the Vale by-election primarily to enhance my Island Wide profile in preparation for IWV where newbies will be disadvantaged against higher profile existing candidates. I wasn't 'of the Vale' and I suspect that had an influence on the result.

Nonetheless of the 3 candidates 2 were clearly RW and one was LW. Neil won fairly against both a LW candidate and me. I expect that Neil will make a significant contribution to our assembly and he has my full support.

When I stood in the West I was unknown. I ran a successful campaign that was unfortunately disrupted by temporary illness.

I lost 25% of my doorknocking time and was unable to attend the second hustings, and despite that, was only 26 votes from being elected. It's not difficult to imagine substantially different result if I hadn't been hampered.

Comparisons to other left wing candidates in different districts are meaningless and 'fuddy duddy' reference should be beneath anyone trying to make a serious political comment.

You'll have to do better if you want to be taken seriously.