Memorial garden overlooking Fermain can stay

A WIDOW’S battle to keep a rose garden in memory of her late husband has finally ended in victory.


Noi Monachan spent six years creating the garden, which includes her husband’s memorial stone, a Buddha statue and fencing, in an area which overlooks Fermain Bay.

But last summer she was left distraught when she was told to remove it because it did not comply with the planning law.

Experienced architect Andrew Ozanne stepped in to defuse the tension between Mrs Monachan and planners with the hope of coming up with a reasonable solution.

As a result, retrospective permission has now been granted for change of use from agricultural land to a domestic garden.

‘I am so happy,’ Mrs Monachan said yesterday as she took in the east-coast views with her Jack Russell, Biscuit.

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Good for her, I'm glad.



So the question is, how many government hours were spent sorting out this nonsense? Bunch of wasters.


Banned again!

I wonder how many of the forty seven £130k+pa mandarins we pay for were involved in this matter?

Perhaps one of the twenty seven pen pushers who are paid in excess of £150k pa told off one of the forty seven paper shufflers who are paid in excess of£130k pa?

Mind you if it a lowly £70k+ paper clip counter involved we could be searching all four hundred & ten of them.

Mind you my figures are a couple of years out of date.

My oh my indeedy!!

Banned again!

Mind you if the eight at £190k+ took an interest in the sixteen at £170k+ who might have been involved it might well be a memorial to a fair amount of families taxes.

Just saying.


... or this issue need not have arisen in the first place if approval had been correctly requested (and the decision arising from the request correctly complied with) in the first place.

Good on the departments for acting correctly and for requiring retrospective permission to be granted. Except for the fact that the change of use in this case is quite emotive, the issue was a relatively simple one of using the land for a purpose outside its designation.

100% Donkey

I totally agree with you MajorMajor.

Whilst all sympathise with her loss, does this mean everyone can use neighbouring fields for their curtilage ??

Bit of a precedent me thinks.......


MajorMajor & 100%Donkey. I agree with both of you.