Owners of Cobo Alice land put up signs to keep people out

OWNERS of a small field next to Cobo Coast Road have put a stop to the public using it.


Keep-out signs have been placed on the site, which for many years has been used as a short-cut for those walking in the area.

The field belongs to the the adjacent property, La Roseliere, which, along with the field, is for sale.

It was also subject to political debate earlier this year as Castel deputies Richard Graham and Chris Green successfully fought for it to be protected from development.

Deputy Graham said he had not spoken to the owner but he presumed the ‘keep out’ signs were part of the aftermath of the States’ decision to exclude it from the Cobo local centre under the Island Development Plan.

‘I expect that would have upset the owner and as a result, I know he asked Castel douzaine to remove the boat that was there,’ he said.

‘I understand the boat [called Cobo Alice] needed to be replaced anyway.

‘But I would suspect that this is part of the aftermath.’

He still believed getting the field protected was the right thing to do.

It had been protected under the draft IDP but the planning inspector recommended changing it.

Deputy Graham placed an amendment, seconded by Deputy Green, to return the boundary to what it was under the draft.

Comments for: "Owners of Cobo Alice land put up signs to keep people out"


I predict those signs will have as much effect as a chocolate fireguard.

Donkey Boiler

Do those signs have planning permission?

Salerie Corner Sign

Typical miserable Guernsey folk protecting their holy patch of slighty dead, trampled, grass...


It's not legal - it would have to be "Terre a L'Amende" to have legal standing - use it all you like.

I am really sad also to see so many big gates and hedge screens to go up outside big houses - presumably purchased by outsiders who may have something to be afraid of. This hiding behind barricades is not the Guernsey way and I'm really sad the IDC or whatever they're called these days allow it - but then from what I understand, most of them on the committee are outsiders too


Hey, let's really annoy them and all go down and have a picnic on Sunday - just remember to bring warm clothes, and hot drinks!


- meant in sarcastic jest, just in case anyone was really thinking of going down there on Sunday!

Don Tramp

If it was part of my garden why would I want people trampling through it ?

Captain Chaos

I quite agree Don, its great when it’s happening to somebody else eh! Let’s all have a good giggle at their small mindedness shall we Rokayne.

Better idea, let’s have your address so we can all come down to your place and walk across your garden for a few weeks I wonder if your attitude might change?