Education expects to survive confidence vote

MEMBERS of Education, Sport & Culture are expected to survive today’s motion of no confidence.


They were hopeful yesterday they would win the majority support of the Assembly so that they could ‘just get on with the job on hand’.

One of the deputies who signed the motion, former Education member Marc Leadbeater, agreed that they would survive.

Deputy Leadbeater, who resigned last month, said that if the committee did stay in place, he would look to be re-elected as a member.

Deputy Leadbeater said his decision to resign was in the interest of consistency. However, he said he had really enjoyed his time working on the committee and hoped to regain his place ‘if the other members will have me back’.

The motion was laid last month following concerns about whether the committee could deliver on an all-ability education system

President Deputy Paul Le Pelley said he was concerned about the motives behind those who laid the motion and questioned whether some were using it as an opportunity to ‘re-jig’ the results of the election. ‘I hope reason will prevail and the majority will let us get on with the work. We are a strong group of people who are determined to deliver what we have been asked to deliver.’

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yep, defeat this VoNC and then launch a counter VoNC in Yerby and Brehaut, citing their ability to function as adults.


And don't forget Brehaut's horrendous overspend at the Salary


Whose Salary?


if they do survive, can we have a vote of no confidence for Comrade Yerby??

Trevor Hockey


One VONC from me.!

Cher Eugene

The thought of "Red" Roffee as President of ESC should be sufficient to ensure the defeat of the MONC.

Splendid response from Le Pelly.

Trevor Hockey

Cher Eugene

Agreed, Paul Le Pelley was very good and Mary Lowe also spoke well.


Andrea Dudley-Owen's speech was superb.


Must be someone in moderation protecting Yerba and Barry I suspect!!!


By all means kick out that useless lot in the grange, but Le Pelley has only just started give him a chance.


Very disappointing VONC has failed. All Mr Le Pelley has achieved so far is to bring back a debate on selection and to fail in doing so. Why on earth do the States believe he is the right person to take forward a non-selective system when he clearly does not support it. This is a very bad decision, ESC will be lead into the future by a man who is clearly stuck in the past!


So who would you like in the job? There didn't seem to be Many volunteers?


Thank God!


Common sense prevailed:)


Just watched Yerby on CTV. Embarrassing. Please do the right thing and now resign your position. And the other deputies which supported this, hang your heads in shame. The Deputies collectively voted to appoint this Education Committee. They are the only people who come out of this with any respect following their dignified response to this ridiculous motion.

Trevor Hockey


I think Neil Inder would be a good candidate for the vacant position. I agree with your comment regarding Deputy Yerby and have sent a letter to the Press which supports such an idea, if they are bold enough to print it.

Cher Eugene

Next. Who to replace Leadbeater?

My vote would be for Graham.

Any other suggestions?


Neil Inder is one name being mentioned

Island Wide Voting

I missed Le Pelley but heard the oldest swinger in Town, Castel Deputy Richard Graham

He speaks good sense at a moderate pace,unlike 100mph Yerby and Ferbrache, and not at 1mph like Lester Q

Deputy Graham gave a few examples of other Committees who were not altogether on the same page but who were not facing a VoNC. One group he mentioned was Fallaize's SACC in which he claimed to KNOW (rather than Yerby's favourite word 'feel') that NONE of that Committee were 100% in favour of island wide voting despite being in charge of bringing it forward

That might explain their apparent intention of coming back with proposals for four or five different methods for the public to choose from.That sounds very much like a 'divide and conquer' strategy

with the hope than none of the many suggestions will gain enough support to allow them to take it forward to an Assembly vote ... and thus it can be safely put away for another ten years

Banned again!

Lester Q needs a rocket up his backside. Heart is in the right place though.


yes but they are planning on banning rockets and fireworks

Trevor Hockey


Perhaps we can follow the italian town that banned noisy fireworks, no objection to seeing the display but see no need whatsoever for the bangs which upset many animals.


So, apparently Deputy Yerby takes regular and extensive advice from Yvonne Burford.....that worked well didn't it!

Banned again!

Both will share the same fate with the electorate IMO. Huge egos & ambitions whilst using instead of serving those who supported their election..


Advice from Burford?? Ha Ha Ha Ha!! That's best joke I've heard for ages.

Le Goubert

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Deputy Yerby had her chat with Gavin and Jon and the rest of the big boys.

"Emilie you're one for the future, a bright girl initiating a VoNC is an opportunity for you to demonstrate political nous......we will reward you in the future".

And what was Emilie's reward?

A comedy custard pie planted firmly in her face!

Hopefully she has learnt the perils of being sucked in by the middle-management BS spouted by Gavin and Jon Le Tocq and get on with representing her Parishioners.


Trevor Hockey

Le Goubert

Just proves how naive and un-streetwise this deluded lady actually is. Watch for my letter in the Press, if they are bold enough to print it..!

Runs with Scissors

I was surprised to see Caroline Bowker on the news yesterday evening expressing her 'disappointment' and that of the entire teaching population of Guernsey at this outcome.

She was advising that Teachers on the Island have no confidence in Mr Le Pelley and his committee because they were against the scrapping of selection.

Have I missed something? Since when did any Teachers on the Island listen to anything the Education Committee do or say? All teachers, almost without exception, meet everything that comes out of 'the office' (that's Grange House to you and me) with complete disdain and derision.

I think this whole move has been to ensure that SOG, Teachers and all parties involved will have someone to point the finger at when their social experiment comes off the rails. Part of me suspects deep down that Yerby and Co knew the MONC would fail, and that in turn the population would turn against them. They have manouvered PLP and his team into a position where they have retained their seats on ESC but are going to be lambasted continually if the move to non-selection fails. If I had been PLP and the committee I would have happilly all stepped down so we could see what a real dogs dinner Yerby, Roffey and co would have made of it.

Time will tell how this will all play out. But I don't think anybody thinks Yerby has finished having her say about it...


Runs with Scissors

Bang on the money!!


I'm pleased that ESC have retained the confidence of their peers in the assembly and that they now have a clear mandate to progress the flawed ideology of comprehensive education.

I have been vocal in my support for PLP and the ESC Committee and I view the MoNC defeat as a moral victory for decency and good government.

That said, I also believe that it would be timely for them to resign 'en masse'.

ESC are now in the unenviable position of having to progress the ideology of Guernsey's left wing with the assistance of the Education Officers in Grange House.

The sniping will continue by those who are committed to comprehensive education and who are convinced that ESC are incapable.

Let 'those who know better' have their head. Let them show that they can produce better. They've collectively wrecked our Education Model and have been allowed to do it without showing a model that we can have confidence is better. Nothing mooted to date inspires confidence that they have a better direction or vision than that which has been recklessly abandoned.

Give LeTocq, Yerby, in fact any of the 13, the opportunity to prove they can produce, and then scrutinise them effectively.

Establish measurable international standards based on English not Scottish Education and monitor their results. Don't leave scope for fudging or 'we're different' argument.

I don't believe that under the current 'Grange House' regime any real progress can be made that will be demonstrably better than our current system.

Let those who believe differently stand up and prove it.

To the current ESC I would urge you to seriously consider resignation.

Remain true to your conviction that our Grammar School system is better than the mooted alternatives and fight on to retain it.

Agreeing to progress the left wing model is the worst possible action now.

Finally for our long term benefit.....CHANGE THE GRANGE.

Trevor Hockey



Totally agree with you Rick, what we need is yet more time wasted with pointless debate in the Chamber and not let people get on with the jobs they have been elected to do. It's not as if we have had two full debates on whether to keep the 11+ in less than a year, then a motion of no confidence and then an election for the one that resigned.

Starting to show your true colours, the Vale and the island had a lucky escape last year it would seem.



If you are left leaning you certainly did have a lucky escape. I neither sought nor expected votes from the Left.

That said, you clearly can't have read my manifesto.

I made it quite clear that I was ideologically conservative and also quite clear that I supported the Grammar School and found the argument for comprehensive education fundamentally flawed. Nothing's changed.

Pay better attention next time.


Well you are wrong, I read your manifesto and attended the husting.

My point is that we need to let Education get on with the job in hand and not start demanding they resign so we can start the whole debate all again. Constantly debating the same subjects and changing their decisions is one of the main irritants of many of the local population.



I haven't demanded anything. I have suggested an alternative path for them to consider. I made it clear that they have had and still have my support.

They are currently challenged/tasked to produce an extant resolution education model that was endorsed by the previous assembly.

I believe that that model, as it exists, is ill conceived, fundamentally flawed and undeliverable.

Is it therefor a bad idea to suggest that those who believe in it should have responsibility for its delivery?

Those who oppose could then scrutinise.

Responsibility for failure would then be with those who suggested it in the first place not the current ESC.

I accept that this view will have limited appeal to both sides of the debate but nonetheless it is my view and I feel that your comment regarding 'lucky escape' was hasty, crass, and wrong.

Bloke A

Decision made. Twice. Move on.


Coud Caroline Bowker please back off and get back to the farmers market where she belongs with Mrs Burford! On your bike the lot of you...


Quite annoyed that Ms Bowker should state that all teachers are upset by the vote - I am sure some are but she should not presume that all are, or even the majority . How dare she.


Both Bowker and Burford have had a go in the latest elections, both are the weakest links, goodbye, you are not wanted. Emily Yerby, however, did get in but sadly, you managed to make her the most hated person in the West, nice one girls, so her chance to ever be elected again are not looking good at the moment. PLease, DO NOT try to live your dreams through someone else, your great ideas are not wanted, for the good of the island, move on, you had your chance, you missed it, game over.


Didnt a survey say that that is precisely what the majority of Teachers think?



No it didn't. Less than half of teachers responded and of those 71% agreed.

That hardly constitutes a majority.. doesn't it?

Interested Observer

It does to the survey, yes!

Also, please back up your numbers with actual facts.

Bloke A

Funny how those in favour of selection hark on about how more than half of the respondents to education's original consultation being in favour of selection but then question the validity of 71% of teachers. Did more than half he island taken part in that earlier consultation.


The original consultation had too few respondents for its results to mean anything.

But it is incorrect to state the majority of teachers were/are against selection, when less than half of them responded, and the College teachers weren't even asked what they thought. I am not even sure if Grammar teachers were invited to participate?

Interested Observer

Of course they were asked, the majority, as expected, backed selection but not all of them!

As for the Colleges, they have never been involved as they are private. The consultation went out to all states employed teachers, most took part and 71% wanted rid of selection.

If they didn't take part, it wasn't important enough for them so it is clearly a majority!


So 71% is still a big majority.. If others cant be bothered to engage then probably not bothered either way..

Trevor Hockey


I attended the first Western hustings and I thought Rick gave an excellent speech and let us be quite clear, he almost got in. By the same token, other candidates definitely did not impress be and Ms Yerby was one of them. Rick also gave an excellent showing at the Vale by-election and he got my vote even though I get on well with Neil. The main thing that let Rick down was being an out of parish candidate when we down here are a bit tribal but I have spoken to many who also supported him.

Trust me, Rick is a stubborn sod and he will get in one day somewhere and even though he can be abrasive he is no-one to roll over and have their tummy tickled. We need Deputies of either gender with some balls and we have too many left wing, socialist tree huggers in the Assembly who have never done a days hard work in their lives.

Interested Observer

Backing from TH, we know how that ends!

Bloke A

Bit like a football manager who gets the backing of their chairman! One vote of confidence you really don't want!



Thank you.

I'm happy to be a stubborn sod. I'm happy not to be a socialist.

I'll challenge the left at every opportunity.

I'm also happy to share many of your right wing views.

Your support is appreciated.

Fig Tree

Insider re. Rick Lowe : many of us in the West rue the day we got one, well two actually, deputies instead of Rick. I don't think we shall make that mistake again.

He makes a valid point re. the committee , for whom, incidentally, I have enormous respect and will support them in their task as will he. The point being that they may now be set up to be the skittles that the anti-selection brigade can now aim their many balls at rather than the concept of huge educational change itself. I'm not optimistic about the future but that has nothing to do with the current committee but a lot to do with the unhelpful civil servants at the Grange and the enormity of the task itself.

It was indeed contradictory that we supporters of the committee fought against the VONC when we are, by doing so, reinforcing the whole concept voted in by the States. But we, well I, did it because we perceived game plans behind the politicking erroneously dressed up as concern for the island. We saw bullying and an absolute determination by the signatories and their political advisors ( IE other deputies ) to move PLP out in case he diluted their ideological purity. We don't want blinkered vision, we want someone who can embrace all sides and compromise. Rick knows that the VONC supporters now have a scapegoat and rightly is concerned.

Interested Observer

Lets be honest here, the main reason for supporting PLP and the current board is that the pro selection supporters want any change run by a majority whom are pro selection.

I'm not sure what they are hoping for but as long as it involves a level of separation, segregation, or whatever you want to call it. Perhaps, worst situation of all, they deep down know that this board will struggle and then it can be drawn out for a further 3 years until they can use it as an election issue and the whole sorry thing continues on and on..........


Interested Observer

Wrong Wrong Wrong.

I want you to have the opportunity to prove that you are right.

I don't think that you can.


Fig Tree

Thank you for your support.

You have accurately summarised my views and my concerns for the current ESC.

I will continue to support them but strategically I think that their better option is to allow the wreckers to show their ineptitude and try to progress their flawed vision.

I know that many will disagree, but that's my view.

Fig Tree

IO ; you are partly right BUT as far as I'm concerned I would like some form of education system where more than half the island is happy. That may not fit your utopian ideal but life is about compromise n'est pa ?

Bloke A

Well I'm happy.


I agree Fig Tree, life is about give & take, it is a key ingredient for any happy marriage. The Education Committee have members from each side of the selection argument, others have come and tried to impose thier one sided vision with no give & take, thier tunnelled vision. Compromise, common sense & teamwork has won the day thank goodness, the marriage will grow strong as they have agreed to give & take, to bring the best non-selection system to the table. Common sense prevailed.

Island Wide Voting

......but has the give and take spread to the Civil Service Mafia who still appear to be following their own ( and the disgraced 2012 -2016 Yes Men EdBoard's ) agenda

Is there nobody in the 150K pa CS pay bracket with enough horse sense to realise that the EdBoard Civil Service have been the fly in the ointment for the last decade or more

Is there nothing back stabber St Pier can do to ease the continual conflict other than try to get rid of the EdBoard?



From what I've heard, despite their common agenda over selection, the 2012/16 Ed Board also had major frustrations with the senior civil servants at The Grange.

This is one of the most important issues facing Guernsey now. How do these obstructive and unco-operative senior civil servants get brought into line or removed? Does anyone actually control them? It seems that they are completely untouchable. How can that possibly be the case?

Banned again!

"How can that possibly be the case?"

From memory Deputy Geoff Mahy handed control of the civil service to the civil service GM.

If I'm correct they can do exactly as they want, when they want & pay themselves what they want.

I'd be delighted to be corrected if anyone knows any better.

Trevor Hockey

Banned again!

I know former Deputy Geoff Mahy handed over operational control from the Home Department to Patrick Rice as Chief Officer, so presumably Home are effectively out of the loop when it comes to Policing matters and the spending of their budget.


Banned again

Yes I believe that's accurate.

They are completely unaccountable and seemingly unremovable. Early in this current Assembly ESC looked into how they could remove obstructive senior civil servants and were basically told that they couldn't. The previous Education Board didn't go so far but were heavily obstructed at times, especially in relation to the local management of schools plans. Those at The Grange do not want to cede control back to the schools. Turkeys do not vote for Christmas.

GSP needs to tell 10-year Whitfield to sort it out quickly or else his own job will be on the line.

Interested Observer

Peabody: The current board consists of 1 anti selection 4 pro selection! Hardly an even split.

Happy to be proven wrong but as a board they couldn't agree on selection, how will they agree on something they don't actually believe in?

I hope I am wrong and happy to be proven so.


It's a shame there don't seem to be so many whistleblowers in the CS as there are in our current government!

I wonder why that is.... Maybe the States needs to take a leaf out of the GFSC's book and set up a dedicated (& confidential) CS whistle blower line - they may well find out the truth that way and would give those disruptive civil servants a few sweaty armpits, and the States a mechanism to finally get rid of those who won't play ball.

Sofa Surfer

On a stormy January night, Emilie slept heavily, at the end of the bed her lapdog Rhian also slept. During the night a terrible storm broke, a storm so devastating that it is now called The Storm of Education.

In the morning when the ladies awoke, they had no idea where they were or what was happening. They went outside to investigate.

Walking towards them were 10 strangely dressed individuals.

"Who are you, where are you going and why the strange outfits?" asked Emilie

"We are the citizens of VoNC" came the reply from the man in the lion costume "We are heading to VoNC to see the Great Wizard of S.o.G, who is all powerful and can grant us any wish we desire. We are wearing these costumes as they remind us of things that are missing in our lives, I'm Peter by the way, he then introduced all his companions"

"So why are you dressed as a lion? And what about the others? Asked Rhian

"Well, I'm a lion as I lack the courage to put myself forward for anything, Shane is dressed as a scarecrow as he can't think without his brothers help, Barry is a bank manager as he has no concept of financial matters, and Matt is a school boy as he is too petulant, and we won't allow him to have a proper job with responsibility"

"I'm not petulant!" shrieked Matt

"Oh that's nice" replied Emilie, "Shall we head for VoNC to see the Wizard?"

"Before we leave though you must remember some things, firstly Paul the Wicked Wizard of the North will try to turn us from our path, by using tactics such as truth and integrity, we must stand strong to defeat him and his minions". "You're new here aren't you?" Replied Jon in his most patronising voice, stick with us and we'll look after you"

So the group set off towards VoNC, Emilie striding purposefully down the middle of the road, all the others skulking in the bushes out of sight

Several days later they arrived at the gates of VoNC

A huge, booming voice greeted the travellers

"I am Gavin, the Wizard of S.o.G, welcome to you all, enter and find riches beyond your wildest dream and power, just sign on the dotted line! Emilie you may not enter, you failed in your quest to destroy the evil Wizard Paul. In fact his power grows, he has recruited a new minion, and the commoners who should believe our lies are falling for his evil truths" The gates opened and all others were allowed entry, then slammed shut again

"What am I to do? Cried a despondent Emilie,

"I have a suitable punishment for you" came the reply, "for your failure you will spend the next 4 years in the most despicable place I can think of, where you will be patronised, ignored and made to feel like a pawn"

"Nooooooooo, anything but that, not Burford land, please no!"

Several hours later Emilie awoke, "oh it was all a bad dream" then she opened the curtains and saw reality, "Hello Emilie" called Yvonne

Trevor Hockey

Sofa Surfer

Brilliant, you should submit this as a letter to the Press.

Sofa Surfer

Thanks Trevor, sadly though as all characters in this story are purely fictitious and bear absolutely no resemblance to anyone alive or dead, then only a story it must remain! Shame really, but writing it brought a smile to my face!


Well I thought it was a wonderful Parable & should be used as a teaching aid every four years ;)

Island Wide Voting


Island Wide Voting

No.It was even better than that ...



Sofa Surfer

I'm still chortling half an hour after reading it.


Brilliant - absolutely brilliant


I have had 5 texts to read this post, excellent, absolutely brilliant!!! Thank you :)

Election Issues

Absolutely brilliant!! Hilarious!

"Shane is dressed as a scarecrow as he cant think without his brothers help"

Love it!!!


I hope someone in Torteval picks this tale with these characters & depicts them on the scarecrow trail this summer! ;)


Very very good - as a sulking Man City fan you brightened up my evening!!

Bloke A

Well you certainly managed to get the pro-selection side standing and applauding. Others might think it more childish than clever. But hey ho, good to see we are all moving on!

Island Wide Voting

The pro-selection side have mostly come to accept that after a very good fight that battle has been lost. The delight shown for Sofa Surfer's excellent post will have come in a large part from anti-backstabbers

I don't know what the parking situation is like at Tim's place in St Peters but I have a strong feeling that there will be a lot of clandestine activity up there in the next few months as Yerby,Le Tocq,Parkinson,Tindall,de Sausmarez,Tooley and brother Shane, as the main conspirators meet up with St Pier, reluctant Roffey,Fallaize,Brehaut,Merrett and Hansmann-Rouxel,as supporting backstabbers to ensure that the loss of face suffered on 11th January is retrieved by fair means or foul by conspiring to throw spanners in the works as the EdBoard's plans are gradually revealed along the way

The role of Le Clerc,Stephens,Green,Soulsby and Leadbeater as snowflake abstainers is up in the air but you can bet your bottom dollar that the Grange House Mafia will have already been scheming to ensure that any signs of deviation from their own tunnel vision are scuppered before they see the light of day

The forecast is VERY blustery times ahead for the EdBoard

Election Issues

'Others might think it more childish than clever'

Childish? Well exactly. It describes very well all those who actually stooped so low to back Deputy Emilie Yerby with 'her' motion of no confidence in ESC and its President and also all those others who listened to the debate and then voted for this motion within the States.

Can't understand our 'top' politician at all. President St Pier did not have confidence in ESC, he supported the motion and encouraged others to do the same.

Now President St Pier is calling for all to put the debate in the past and get behind the ESC.

Not sure this sort of behaviour can be forgotten and put in the past. Bad judgement?

Sofa Surfer

Congratulations, you were the first to decipher the hidden messages in my post relating to loyalty in a team? I have stayed away from directly commenting on this thread but feel that now may be a suitable time to do so. In the interests of openness and transparency here goes!

1) Yes I was (and still am) a passionate believer in a selection process

2) Was I disappointed when selection was voted out? Of course as I feel we will all be paying for this decision for generations

3) Have I moved on? Yes, that battle was lost, now it's time to look to the future and ensure the right decisions are made for the benefit of all

4) Do I believe that the current ESC Committee are the best placed to move forward the proposals? Again, of course, Dep PLP and his team have never hidden their views on selection, so why assume that they can't be trusted to carry through on the mandate given to them, based on one issue of what is a massive remit?

5) If not Dep PLP, then who? Excluding the current Committee who would take on this role? Dep Peter "I'll do it if no-one else wants it" Roffey, please, if that response wasn't enough to prove incompatibility then what proof do we need? Dep Fallaize, no experience in education field unless you count his time as a pupil at Eliz College. The rest are as bad if not worse!

6) Will ESC have an easy few months? God no, with all the infighting between Deputies and influencing from Civil Service, teachers and teachers unions, I wish Dep PLP and the team all the best, but I have serious fears that they will not be allowed to progress ideas.

7) The way forward then? Before we go anywhere we need to step back and think about the one group who are not fairly represented in all these debates. My 11 year old will be sitting the 11+ tomorrow and next Tuesday. Does anyone really care except my wife and I? We hear constant comments about parents paying for extra tuition to gain an advantage in the test, these parents are then lambasted for this, however it's deemed socially acceptable to pay College fees for 5 years to avoid the need of worrying about the test. In all this debate the sole focus has been selection, wrong, we are playing with OUR children's futures, so the cost v social acceptability debate will rumble on and this is where I really fear for Dep PLP. Whatever proposals they finally present will in all honesty split the House and the Island, haves v have nots, wealthy v less wealthy.....

8) That's me finished with my rant, I'm off to start working on the sequel to "The Wizard of Sog" current working title is "Gavin in Blunderland"

See you all n June or the next instalment

Election Issues

Nicely said Sofa Surfer

We are playing with OUR children's futures!


sofa surfer

Lovely analogy to the Wizard and unfortunately spot on re 'it will now be down to the haves and have nots/wealthy versus not so wealthy'. Guernsey will in future be far more elitist than it ever was. Shame on you Interested Observor for using the system to your own childrens advantage then denying it to others. As i said previously, I was told only last week, by a 25 years comprehensive teacher, that bright kids do not bring up the lower levels. The bright kids suffer and the others don't do any better. Bring on the top jobs for those who can afford a college education.

Le Goubert

The children, we mustn't forget about the children!!

Such a pity we have consigned to the dustbin a system that only benefited 25% of the Island's children.

Somehow I think everyone will manage.

You can either deal with change or you will turn into a snowflake.

Fig Tree

'I'm not petulant' shrieked Matt ; that had me really giggling !


@ Sofa Surfer.

I salute you!! Brilliant.


Sofa surfer, what a magnificent piece. Hope you publish this. Very clever and well written. Congratulations.

Fig Tree

Actually, just after calling on everyone to back ESC ( bit late there Dep.St Pier ), he was on twitter trying to cause trouble

over Dep. Leadbeater's resignation. Have a look if it's still there and at Deputy Inder's firm refusal to be drawn in.

The public are sick, sick, sick of this you schemers. Start trying to improve our island by doing your jobs and leave ESC



Sadly what many of us have learnt over the past few weeks is that this bunch have tunneled vision, their way is the only way. There is no middle ground, no sense of fair play, anyone who disagrees is an idiot. I would trust none of them as far as i could throw them, they are without honor. I totally agree with you that the public are sick sick sick of this bunch of schemers.


Separation, segregation or whatever you what you want to call it....

So why do we allow certain primary students to kick, bite, headbut the Learning Support Assistants assigned to them? Children who are supported by one on one attention by LSA's ( who earn a pittance) and sometimes two per child as it is the only way to contain them? Children who are SEGREGATED within their school, not allowed to mix with the other children. Why is it OK to give these children special treatment but not those who are gifted academically.... actually, why do they not receive full on special treatment - they should be removed from main stream education, for the benefit of themselves and the children around them, so that they can be taught how to behave because until they understand lifes rules they don't stand a chance.

Either way both ends of the spectrum deserve to be recognised.


Hoping that this sub works - last 3 haven't

Well said Elizabeth 9. All special needs should be catered for - including those poor unfortunate academically capable. They also should be allowed to blossom.

The damage to the education of the capable will only become evident in 10 or more years time when we will notice - as the UK have, that the privately educated few have the vast majority of the important positions. A non college Bailiff anybody? We can expect a plethora of dodgy statistics based on odd subjects and carefully chosen data. We should be looking at success in the professions to ensure are capable youngsters are succeeding.