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Is this a joke? It was 10 degrees outside today.

Island Wide Voting

Apparently there is a big depression coming in from the left (as you look at the map) and it is quite possible that it will become even colder than the atmosphere in the Assembly by Friday


Its more of the Snow in the UK...


because the press do not state whether the snow is in Guernsey one has to assume the disruption will be in England and its right that passengers should be given the chance to arrive before the snow hits. if the snow was coming here, the radio will be full of warnings. the English channel is like a heat curtain and snow mostly hits us from the easterly direction. fingers crossed it misses us.


Very good of Aurigny - well done indeed ! Have any other airlines made such an offer - have not heard of any.

Snow has already started falling heavily in the north of England and could spread south. Bear in mind that even if airports remain open, passengers may have problems with road transport getting to or from the airport.


Well done Aurigny, that's great service in being pragmatic, flexible and thoughtful towards your customers.

Flybe/Blue Islands, on the other hand, will no doubt see this as another revenue generating opportunity to charge the earth for their customers wanting to play it safe and amend their travel arrangements.