Sport and business reps hopeful Waves takes off

REPRESENTATIVES of Guernsey’s business and sports communities yesterday welcomed news that a new airline is looking to start operating in the islands.


Waves has announced that it plans to operate a hybrid scheduled service, mixed with Uber-style travel on demand.

Guernsey Sports Commission CEO David Harry said he was looking forward to meeting the airline to see how it could help local sports clubs.

‘Last year we polled our members to see the problems they were having and quite a number of sports were having difficulty getting across to Jersey,’ he said.

On some occasions matches had to be cancelled as a result of these problems.

‘Any additional service is going to be a bonus,’ said Mr Harry.

Comments for: "Sport and business reps hopeful Waves takes off"

Miss B

Slow news day?

Yesterday this was news, I can see the potential benefits to island travel. I don't buy the press but I'm guessing it got a rather prominent page since it was also posted online. Today there is NO story and this is (assuming this is not paid editorial content) free advertising.

Miss B

Sorry I hit submit early.

How many other local businesses could get publicity like this - I can hardly see the headline 'Local tradesman praised by potential customer' anytime soon. Now the announcement is over its time to leave them to it and market themselves like the rest of the world have to to make it work.

I do wish you well in your new venture gentlemen, and (unlike a certain airline that dropped all of its USPs one by one before teaming up with the competition) I share your confidence that your own USP will bring you success.