Sark vines ripped out as grower shuts down

SARK’S vineyards have become brown, barren fields as work to clear the sites following the company’s closure progresses.

Picture supplied. 09-02-17 Sark vineyards is now closed down.Sark vineyard

All vines on the Sark Estate Management land are due to be removed by 31 March.

Fourteen people are working out a period of redundancy, with their contracts due to end on the same date.

Sark Vineyards last month stated it would be closing, claiming the authorities in the island had prevented wine production from becoming profitable.

Since the company’s inception in 2010, it said it had invested millions of pounds in the project, but it failed to see any future in Sark or its economy.

A spokesman said clearance work had begun in the middle of January.

‘Work is progressing very well, but there is still quite a lot to do.

‘The employees are working flat out.’

The work involves removing nets and wires by hand before a machine removes the vines.

Comments for: "Sark vines ripped out as grower shuts down"


Such a waste of time, money and effort!


So with SEM/the Barclays still holding the land, my assumption is that the former vineyard sites are going to remain an eyesore for years to come given there is zero incentive to come up with usage alternative.

Some of the Sarkees thought the vineyards looked ugly before. Now look what you'll be left with.



So much censoring on here of any Barclay criticism. Shame on you, GEP.


Fast forward 50 years, will there be anyone living on Sark? Other than it's natural beauty, will there be anything to attract visitors? - most of the high street shops & hotels are closed now anyway. It's already like a ghost town - oh for it to return to how it was when I was a kid. In 50 years the old stalwarts will be long gone and their children/grandchildren may well have moved away having got fed up of all the unrest. The heirs of the Barclay brothers will rub their hands in glee when they end up buying Sark for a snip and their ultimate end game has come to fruition. They are in it for the long term no doubt about that - I bet Sark is rueing the day they sold them Breqhou.

Margaret Le Page

No doubt the barren fields will become green pastures as nature takes it's course. Do hope Bibbit isn't correct that the Barclays are in for the long run.I'm sure the Seigneur rued many times the sale of Breqhou. Sark always has been a Magical place and hopefully will continue to be so. certainly didn't need the Barclays to 'improve' the place, with their grab this grab that attitude.


Sark will remain magical.

Just because the land has been ravaged while two sets of wizards are smiting the landscape while doing battle against each other does not mean that the magic has gone - it just means it is a slightly scarier place.

Devil's Advocate

Just another chapter in the Barclay's masterplan - buy up Sark assets, build them up and employ people then close them down and make people redundant, blaming Sark for the failure. Eventually they'll have ruined Sark so much the Sarkees will cave into their demands. I bet the next thing will be them starting up the silver mines again.


Don't give them ideas!


It takes two to tango - for the Barclays to have bought the land, someone had to sell it. For the Barclays to manage the vineyards, people had to be employed.

Don't get me wrong - pulling the vines up is a complete waste. If the Barclays wanted to prove a point they could just let them grow wild and see what was left if and when they decided to take up the wine trade again.

Still - frogs and scorpions.

Margaret Le Page

Surely the BBs are getting very close to their use by date???



I have spoken to the vineyard managers. They tell me that if the vines are simply left uncared for they could over a period of time develop diseases that could present a threat to some flora and fauna in Sark. The vines are being removed before the growing season gets under way in mid April so as to negate any possibility of this happening. It may not suit everyone's political agenda to accept or admit it, but credit where credit is due, they are simply acting responsibly in removing the vines now rather than leaving them to grow wild.