RDF waste treatment gives island all options for export

SHIPPING Guernsey’s waste to Europe means it has to be treated to a higher level than if it was being sent to Jersey, but those behind the plan insist the extra costs are ‘not significant’.

Waste Management Facility
Computer generated images of the proposed waste transfer station at Longue Hougue

The States meets tomorrow with members being asked to give the final sign-off to the waste strategy bill, which has risen significantly since the issue was last debated in 2014.

Under the proposals, before it is exported, rubbish will be converted into refuse-derived fuel before being sent to the UK and then on to Sweden.

Jersey has been ruled out for now, with the lack of contingency should something go wrong with its incinerator a key factor.

Total costs over 20 years of the waste strategy are expected to be around £298.5m., of which capital costs are £32.2m.

The transfer station will cost an estimated £13.1m., up by £5.3m. on what was expected.

RDF production and export are the dominant component of the operating costs, coming in at £89.3m. over 20 years, an increase of £32.5m. on the 2014 prediction.

States’ Trading Supervisory Board president Charles Parkinson said that whatever the final destination, Guernsey needed a transfer station to receive and process waste prior to export.

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