UPDATE: Deputies have 'nothing to hide' over code of conduct complaint

THREE deputies who are facing a code of conduct complaint have denied any wrong doing.


The Bailiff's Office this morning confirmed Home Affairs president Mary Lowe, Education, Sport & Culture president Paul Le Pelley and Guernsey's second most senior politician Deputy Lyndon Trott are facing an official code of conduct complaint.
Made by the Guernsey Community Foundation and Guernsey Disability Alliance, the complaint came from concerns about comments the three politicians allegedly made about Deputy Marc Leadbeater.

Earlier today, Deputy Trott and Deputy Le Pelley denied any wrongdoing.

And Deputy Lowe has this afternoon issued a statement saying the complaints from both organisations had been 'unwarrented'.

'Neither of the complainants has had the decency to make contact with me to ascertain any facts prior to these totally unwarranted complaints being lodged.

'I look forward to the Code of Conduct Panel hearing the facts and trust their judgement, I have nothing to hide as a result of this complaint.

'Let me be absolutely clear I was asked for political advice and that is what I offered.  Some will agree with my advice while others will disagree, long may that be the case, that's freedom of choice & true democracy.'

Deputy Leadbeater remained a valued member of the committee for Home Affairs, she added.

'Deputy Leadbeater has expressly informed me he was grateful for advice given. He has made no complaint to me and has said that nothing l have said has caused him offence.'

Earlier today, Deputy Trott said he had nothing to hide.

'I was approached by the President of the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture, who sought my advice on whether the Committee should re-nominate Deputy Leadbeater following his resignation,' Deputy Trott said.

'I was clear in the guidance I offered, which was that if I was in the president’s position, I would not seek to have Deputy Leadbeater back on my committee for the simple reason that he had chosen to break away from the Committee’s agreed position when he resigned. Committees work best when there is trust and as far as I was concerned Deputy Leadbeater had burnt those political bridges when he publicly distanced himself from his fellow committee members.

‘Let me be absolutely clear about this. I was asked for political advice and that is what I offered.

'Some will no doubt agree with my stance while others will disagree, such is the nature of politics, but at no point did Deputy Leadbeater’s personal circumstances either enter into our conversation or my mind.

'In fact, I had no idea of Deputy Leadbeater’s family circumstances until I read about them in the Guernsey Press.  I take great exception to an accusation that I would behave in a discriminatory manner.'

If he is found to have behaved without integrity then he would step down from the Policy & Resources Committee with immediate effect.

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Why has Barry Brehaut forced this subject on the media so much? Is it any surprise that they are the very people he has had very public spats with on many occasions? His constant contact with the media on the subject in the last few days insisting the matter will not go away, despite P&R saying there is no mileage in it and then publicly outing Mary Lowe as one of the 'culprits' tells us much about the politician in him. Surely this is for Marc Ledbetter to pursue , no one else, if he truly feels he has been deliberately and maliciously targeted by these 3. Does our States really need these continuous antagonistic attacks by a E&I President?


You are right Paul, I have noted this too. Probably because he has nothing better to do.

Roll on the next elections!!


Why has there been no action on Deputy Brehaut's overspend at the Salerie, it is a shame that the other deputies did not push for this as his time would be better spent explaining why he did not get a fixed price.

Election Issues

'Concerns about comments the three politicians allegedly made about Deputy Marc Leadbeater'

What has this got to do with Deputy Barry Brehaut anyway? It is not his concern. He is meddling again. He must have enough time on his hands to keep stirring 'the pot'. He can't help himself can he? As the President of E&I he should be concentrating on much more important issues instead of the "he said, she said, we said" childish stuff!

Deputy Marc Leadbeater made the decision to resign from ESC. That was his decision and his decision only. Did he tell his electorate why he had made that decision? Something to do with not agreeing with the President of ESC or another reason altogether?


Exactly my point. Barry got a lot to answer for here. He absolutely hates Deputy Lowe, hence its a personal vendetta, trying to shift all negative attention from his own self. Also this got Gavin and missus written all over it.


Here we go!! Simply Get all parties concerned together, say sorry to each other and that will do... You'll save us all a fortune.

Trevor Hockey

I am not a great fan of Mary Lowe, quite the opposite in fact, but she and the two others command far more respect from me than Deputy Brehaut will ever have.

I am astonished that the electorate were daft enough to vote him back in and even more so that the Assembly should put him in charge of Environment, I can only assume that it is a poison chalice that no one else wants.!


OMG what will be next, is this another costly witch hunt from the people who should be showing us the way to doing things correctly.

Not surprised these 3 are in the frame as certain other members would love to see them kicked out.

Cher Eugene

"Storms" & "Teacups" come to mind


All sounds reminiscent of the school playground he said she said ect.

Just shut up and get on with what you are paid to do, stop acting like a bunch of school kids.

As for BB well.........................


Good that they've been pulled up but, as has been suggested, a sincere apology and move on please. If Deputy Leadbeater wants to take it further then so be it but turning it into a witch hunt really isn't required at the moment.

Runs with Scissors

This is utterly pathetic.

The Education Committee survived their VONC (quite rightly so) - and in my opinion this is just the next tactic in the armoury of those who wish to see PLP gone and replaced with a Brehaut / Yerby / Burford / St Pier Candidate of choice.

Leadbetter stepped down when he thought the vote was going to go the other way, but he backed the wrong horse and has been left without a seat. As Lyndon rightly says above, that is 100% enough reason not to give him another chance.

It may not be particularly politically correct that either then ML or PLP mentioned his time commitments (we are yet to hear exactly who said what to whom) - but perhaps they in their own small way thought that route would be an easy let down for Mark. Rather than saying, no eff off you disloyal so and so.

I don't think valuable States time should be spent on this issue, and instead I would like to see our Deputies actually start to work together to achieve something (anything even!). Personality politics has had its day, and now we are in a new dawn of point scoring against each other through VONC and Conduct complaints. It's extremely irritating and tiresome behaviour that I would expect to see in the playground - not in Government.

One wonders whether if even this tack fails, another accusation will be bandied about next. Perhaps, Paul Le Pelley and Mary Le Pelley were seen dancing at La Catioroc under the full moon?

Island Wide Voting


Such a conspiracy is quite possible I suppose but as there is as yet no sign of Tim in this story it remains up in the air

I believe Mr Leadbeater was elected to Gollop's Development & Planning team today


There they, look! The ones one the black pointy hats! I'll get the firewood and stakes ready - they must be guilty because people with no real connection or interest have made it their business to get on their hobby horse and make an issue out of something that isn't.

How ridiculous is it that a complaint is even entertained when it isn't made by the "injured" party!

How exactly has discrimination occurred? How can Mary and Lyndon have discriminated when they had no power to make any decision? It seems to me that all they have done is offer an opinion.

If Marc had stood again, would every deputy who didn't vote for him be guilty of discriminating?

I'm not sure I could find the will in my pocket to support charities that behave like this...


This has all been blown out of proportion by the Chair & Vice Chair of the Disability Alliance who wanted their 10 minutes of fame, because neither of them got in when standing for a seat as a Deputy. They did not do their homework, they did not speak to anyone accused, just acted on rumour & Chinese whispers, what a waste of time & money.

The Education committee did not take Deputy Leadbeater back because he didn't stand firm with them. What did he expect! For goodness sake let's move on!


Very well said !


The bizzare thing is Deputy Leadbeater hasn't actually complained himself.


Trevor Hockey:-

"I am astonished that the electorate were daft enough to vote him back in"

and yet we didn't vote in the most knee jerk, antagonistic, jingoistic forecourt attendant the Island has ever met?

The mind boggles.


If I don't like Trevor, I can avoid his establishment and get my fuel elsewhere, but if I don't like Deputy Baz, there is nothing I can do.

Currently I can't even vote him out in 3 years time, unless he changes districts!

Trevor Hockey


You forget one thing, I might be a forecourt attendant but I own the forecourt.

As it happens, I speak daily with some highly educated people, the former Bailiff, retired Advocates, Doctors, civil servants any people from a wide cross section of society.


I know you do-you keep reminding us!

What point you are attempting to make in your second paragraph is beyond my rather limited intellect.

100% Donkey


No we didn't vote in Trev - but I didn't vote in Barry Brehaut either !!!!!


Fair comment Donkey and neither did I.

My problem with Trevor (Man Of The People) Hockey is demonstrably illustrated in his post of earlier today.

He doesn't speak for me.

Sofa Surfer

Baldrick Brehaut looking to score more points and be promoted to Witchfinder General. I expect we will see a hastily erected ducking stool at the Crown pier, drown and you're innocent, live and you're guilty. Who / what next? Surprising that this story was more news-worthy than the waste strategy debate on ITV, high quality reporting again, or just more sensationalism!

100% Donkey

Complaints from the Guernsey Community Foundation and Guernsey Disability Alliance ??

Sounds like a load of politically correct cr** to me. Like it has been said above, Deputy Leadbeater hasn't complained !!


Perish the thought of taking politicians to task over policy ...

St Sampson's ressie

With all said above, I might be mistaken but I do not see anything in the posts that says that you should not discriminate on the grounds of health, disability, sex etc. which was the original story run by the GP some time ago. http://guernseypress.com/news/2017/01/13/shunned-deputy-keen-to-stay-on-with-youth-sport-work/

If the alleged events happened then Deputy Leadbeater who, along with his son are the injured parties and should make a complaint if they want too. I understand that he hasn't (yet) but that the two charities appear to have made some form of third party complaint. I presume that following a full investigation, the report will be made public as this is a serious matter and for good corporate governance and transparency, it must. As two are from my Parish, and if they are found to have done something wrong, or made any alleged comments, I for one will ask them to resign.


Good morning

At the time if writing 7.57am 16th Feb 9 of the above posts mentioned or referenced Dep Brehaut.

What is his connection to this issue ? Could somebody (factually) explain ?

I have googled both the Gsy Dis Alliance and the Gsy Comm Foundation and cannot see his connection to either.

Many thanks

Fig Tree

IWV ; Tim IS in this ! Take a look at his comment on BBC Guernsey Facebook page. The true target I would imagine is PLP and the hounding and malevolence won't stop until they have his scalp.

Shame on you GDA for getting involved. And for those who say this really matters, perhaps it does, perhaps it doesn't but it IS NOT TRUE . GDA you are losing credibility by naively being used by some Machiavellian troublemakers.

There is so much for the States during this term. Coming together and working as a team would be a marvellous thing to actually GET THINGS DONE.

Election Issues

Tim is in.

Deputy Leadbeater resigns as he can't agree with a president of ESC.

ESC and President survive VONC.

So then Deputy Leadbeater decides that he wants to be back on ESC.

Deputy Leadbeater is 'allegedly' discouraged from standing because of his disabled son.

President St Pier is not happy on Twitter.

President St Pier and P&R take no action.

Deputy Barry Brehaut not happy on Twitter. "It will not go away"

Tim Langlois not happy on BBC Radio Guernsey Facebook. "It will not go away"

Unfortunately, Deputy Leadbeater resigned from ESC. He made the decision to go for his own personal reasons whatever they were.

Surely Deputies can't resign from a committee when the going gets a bit tough, and then ( after the very nasty and spiteful VONC led by Deputy Yerby and including Tim Langlois brother, Shane Langlois ) just decide that as the VONC failed that he'd like to be put back on that same committee.

It is really, really pathetic. Politics doesn't work like that, especially in Guernsey. For crying out loud, just get on and govern this island properly. This Assembly are really letting us down, big time.


Spot on..... Barry Brehaut's twitter involvement with Channelnews rep clearly shows he wanted this continued despite P&R saying let it go then who was the only deputy to go on TV last night with Channel news on the subject?The 3 named are those he has had issues with for many years. To my mind he is central to all the antagonistic issues in the States and every political project he ,ever, gets involved with ends in open warfare is that what Guernsey needs?

Island Wide Voting

Obviously it's what 839 voters in St PP South believe Guernsey needs


Election Issues - you nailed it!

Le Goubert

Shameful behaviour by the Disability Alliance who are supposed to be representing the interests of some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

How dare the Alliance allow a small group of Deputies to politicise disabled people to score points in their pathetic little game.

Hang your heads in shame.

Le Goubert

Can the GDA please state how many complaints they have made to companies/employers on behalf of an employee that specifically relate to 'discriminatory comments made by a senior manager'?

I strongly suspect this is the only such complaint the GDA has ever made.

Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.

Runs with Scissors

The Guernsey Disability Alliance - who are they and what do they do?

To me they seem to be entirely a political pressure group, and I'm not aware of any other charitable work they do other than campaign? Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to the length and breadth of their charitable rather than political activities?

Whilst of course virtually every sensible man, woman and child living in the modern world today knows that we do not discriminate against people due to their gender, race, religion, ability, or any other means of differentiation. However, that does not prevent some people from being unable or unsuitable for doing some jobs. I doubt you will find many Jewish employees in a bacon factory - just a silly example, but there we go!

I don't believe whoever did or didn't say anything about Mr Leadbeater's personal circumstances said them in public, or in writing, or in front of Mr Leadbeater - so how on earth can it lead to any complaint whatsoever?


Mary Lowe's statement (unlike Lyndon Trott's) interestingly does not deny making the comments, only that Marc Leadbeater was not offended. It does not matter whether Marc Leadbeater makes a complaint himself or not, if the comments are true then they are discriminatory and why shouldn't a disability charity seek to challenge discrimination wherever it occurs! Don't think I've seen Paul Le Pelly's response yet?



Runs with Scissors


I asked for evidence of their charitable work. So I believe I am 100% right in saying that they are not a charity at all, and spend all of their time and resources campaigning politically.

I'm glad you have set the record straight.

Island Wide Voting

A little insight into what Party Politics would look like in Guernsey


Campaigning on behalf of the people they support forms part of the role of many charities. For example the remit of a branch of the National Autistic Society ( of which I am a member) is awareness raising, campaigning and family support. As most charities on Guernsey are very small many of them came together to form the Guernsey Disability Alliance specifically to campaign on issues where there was overlapping interests. The alliance has a number of individual members as well as member charities. Without the Disability Alliance it is unlikely that the Disability and Inclusion strategy would exist nor would we have even begun to draft Disability Discrimination Law. Much of the work the GDA has done has been carried out by volunteers and it still operates on a very small budget. Why do you think that lobbying government for rights, support and services for a disadvantaged group within society is not the role of a charity and makes the GDA ' not a charity at all'?


Does anyone know if there is a way that a complaint can be made about certain Deputies?

Sam O

There just doesn't seem to be any evidence to support this complaint against the three deputies. The Code of Conduct panel will not entertain the complaint unless the complaint also supplies good supporting evidence. The COCP does not do it's own investigations, it purely receives the complaint and supporting evidence and if that is strong enough it will gets statements from the person/s complained about and then the panel will decide on the complaint. I'm not sure that the complainants have a strong enough case for the panel to take it to the next stage. We will see.

Island Wide Voting

Yes. A good precis of the complaints procedure

27. Unsubstantiated allegations will not be considered by the Chairman of the Panel. Complainants are required to supply the Chairman of the Panel with supporting evidence and a complaint founded only upon a media report will not normally be treated as a substantiated allegation. Anonymous complaints will not be considered.

See the whole shebang at ...



I guess it will rest on the information they, as none of them would have been present, were given and by whom. If I was writing a novel on the subject perhaps somebody called..... let's say a disability champion would be in the frame although they maybe fairly hapless and easily led and would have to rely on a convenient.... let's say a President of something.....still just a piece of fiction !


Good afternoon IWV

Apologies - I thought you might actually understand how parlimentary politics worked.

Silly me.

Sorry to have troubled you.

Island Wide Voting

That's how Party Politics 'work' in our sister island

Four signed up Members ... all they ever do is protest .. without much success to boot


Good afternoon IWV

I wouldn't take the Jersey model as being anyway perfect. Don't put forward something flawed and then judge every other Party by it. That's a squewed argument.

It would be like saying that all posters on this forum are like Trev - when nearly all posters are worlds away on so many different levels.

You can only judge the Jersey party by other parties operating in Jersy - and there aren't any, yet - and look how wonderful Jersey is doing politically. The Ozouf affair would have brought the government down and forced an election had there been party politics - Instead ? Another old boys cover-up. "lessons will be learnt" yada yada.

Reform Jersey does only have 4 members - but, it might have more after the next election - and they can only play what's in front of them

If you want IWV - and so do I - as much as you - but can you not see that, with selection commitees we would (eventually) get a better calibre of canidate. And calibre of Party.

If we get the IWV system that is either exactly or very, very close to what you desire - without any filters I cannot see how you would avoid sub-standard canidates getting through. Again.

Then - when the committes are handed out the usual vested interests would carve up the ministries between them

So - bingo - same as it ever was.

With parties you would have knowledge of who was leader - whose was finance canidate, who was education, who was health etc

Thier manifesto's would hold them accountable - and in addition we would have a meaningfull opposition.

Please explain how simple IWV would avoid the ongoing excesses and mistakes of the current system.

If you could do that then I would be swayed - honestly. I do not favour PP's simply to be at variance with you.

There is much angst here on this forum because Dep Brehaut is seen as a "tree-hugger" - what if all the "tree-huggers" Island Wide were to vote him in. What then prey ?

Island Wide Voting

I believe that island wide voting would return many current members purely on the work they have put in during the previous term or two.That may be a little unfair on newbie candidates but perhaps they can be given special training as a precedent has now been well and truly set

At the same time IWV would almost certainly weed out a lot of the chaff so many islanders would like the opportunity of helping to vote out.Frustration at NOT having that opportunity must surely go some considerable way towards the low voting turnouts in some mini-districts

Party Politics would almost certainly bring forward a Green Party. I would never vote for such a Party and yet I was very impressed with Deputy Roffey's attempts today to slow down the runaway train that is the waste strategy (unsuccessfully as all Envo's propositions have just been passed as I write)

With only 38 Deputies how many Parties of a different hue do you envisage would be formed?


Good afternoon Trev

Your post of 2.58 today just about illustrates the level of your intellect and also your inability to express yourself in a mature and insisive manner.

That post was straight out of the gutter.

You really are something unique Trev - we to the Vale are so lucky that you tried hard not to have got in.

I wonder how many of the trusting souls who voted for you would have been as disgusted in you and your limited, playground views and expression.

And Deputy Guille visits your pump - well, you know what they say - you can tell a man by the company he keeps.

You would shame even Alf Garnett.


Can we stop all this hating on Trevor please.

I know we've had our differences but a person's health and safety is more important than our petty online squabbles

I'm sure if you looked deep into your hearts you'd see you all feel the same really ......

Fig Tree

Toby, I salute you for your kindness. Whatever he said I am sure he knows was inappropriate. We all go over the top at times. Well said Toby.


This post of mine has been heavily redacted so as to totally alter the tone and meaning.

I actually said, in between paragraphs 2 and 3, that I would be happy to perform a firefighting act to help Trevor that he himself appeared unwilling to perform on someone he does not hold in high regard.

Removing posts is one thing, but editing them to alter their meaning is disgraceful. I would like to say I expect better of the Guernsey Press .... but I don't ....



I saw and chuckled at your original.

What they have done to that post is outrageous!!

An AI Forever


Couldnt agree more, disgraceful comments against all the rules of this site and worthy of a ban if your name was Bill it would be a instant ban. If your names Trevor Hockey no action will be taken.

Banned again!

An Al Forever

While I agree with your comment I'm afraid this time you are wrong.

An AI Forever


Sometimes its nice to be wrong,i hope you raise a malt or two tonight.I have a nice bottle of Glenlivet awaiting.Have a super evening.

Banned again!

Many thanks "PB Falla".

Glenlivet's 18 yr is on my list.

Island Wide Voting


Have to agree with Prospero and even An Al

You will very likely come to regret that particular post

Banned again!

He has Ray.

Master B

It would seem the post has been removed!


That doesn't make sense as he clearly stated in that post that many people agreed with him???

He doesn't speak for me.


Some scallywag seems to have screenshot it and posted it to Facebook and Twitter ....

Banned again!

Not me!!


Any link, please?




Thanks Toby.

Rupert Walthumstow

Superb work whoever that was.

None local,local

Didn't see the post!!

But let's hope he has been removed, as An Al has mentioned he gets away with things others wouldn't, I have reported him at times and nothing is ever done?


Good morning IWV

Before I respond to your post of 5.49 I sincerely wish to thank you for this measured debate.

Your first paragraph - possibly but they would have to either form their own party or be selected for another. If they then got returned then that's democracy.

Likewise new candidates would either get selected or not by their chosen party.

They then of course could stand as Independents.

2nd paragraph - No - could be same chaff standing or different chaff - probably a handful of chuffs. Tree-Huggers may get even more votes under IWV.

But, under simple IWV "good" newbies could always be side lined when the ministry positions are divided up at a cosy meal prior to the first States meeting of the new term.

How did St P get to be the power that he is whilst scrapping thru the poll ? Want to see that happen again ?

Low turnout - I believe that a new system with identifiable Parties ( and the attendant PR) would increase turnout.

3rd Paragraph - Well...if a Green Party were formed then it would have to get elected - can't see that if it were so bad.

You seem to be against the formation of a Party that does not agree with your views - not all about you I'm afraid - very anti-democratic.

You simply would not vote for it - others might but....that's parliamentary democracy.

Final Paragraph - who says there should be 38 Deputies - and as to their hue - well, I suspect they would form formally into the groups / Party and be recognisable for that - it is about transparency. And again - they could stand as Independents and let the electorate decide.

I would suggest the main Parties would form up like this:

Democratic Socialist - Left of centre

Sarnia First - Right of centre

Some Independents - a selection of "hues"

Nothing to stop the winning party picking Independents in a cabinet or indeed stopping the Opposition forming a coalition with Independents on all or some issues.

A further word on the Reform Party in Jersey - 4 members - but how many votes ?

4 Members maybe 10% of the Jersey Parliament - I don't know - but - they may have had 20% of the vote ?

As for always complaining - well...maybe challenging might be a better phrase - and......that's what an Opposition does.

The worse the Government the more challenging required.

Under IWV as you would have it we may well get a number of Trump The Pumps in on one issue, dog- whistle ranting.

I don't think you want that.

Many thanks again for you debate.

Island Wide Voting

Good morning Prospero

I may have been a little too kind to the Jersey Reform Party in that they seem to have only 3 members amongst the 49 of various Parish and island wide ranks in the Jersey Assembly ... Mezec, who launched his political career by winning a St Helier by-election in March 2014 with 277 votes, Geoff Southern from the same voting mini-district and Montford Tadier from St Brelade being the successful three out of eight Reform candidates in the subsequent October 2014 General election.All three in this mini protest cabal, as are all deputies in Jersey, are on exactly the same pay scale as their Chief Minister which is a rather strange state of affairs

Anyway that's Jersey and we are not obliged to follow them in that regard

If we ever do venture down that party path I would expect any group calling themselves The Guernsey Common Sense Party would sweep the Board from the Dehus Dolmen to the Fairy Ring at Pleinmont Point

Unfortunately there are very few outstanding characters amongst the present lot who have so far shown themselves to be worthy members of such a group and I doubt that I will see it while I am this side of the daisies

Fig Tree

A polite question to Mr.Wilkie, Mr.Bulpitt and Mr.Le Prevost ; did you actually ask the permission of the child and carers at the centre of this furore to make their lives so public ? If not, you have cynically sacrificed their privacy for what you discern as the greater good and, by doing so, have not served them well.


Morning IWV

Many thanks for that, especially an update on Jersey.

And indeed we need not follow their exact example.

Ha ! take your point re party names but its how they performed that is important of course.

I mean, Germany had a National Socialist Party - they may have been National but they were the exact opposite to Socialist.

Last paragraph - I agree and agree again.

Thanks for the prompt reply

ps - would like to think that you would be standing in 2020.


IWV standing..... he can hardly stand by the end of the evening!!!

Rupert Walthumstow

Whilst on the topic of Deputy Brehaut, it's worth reading this https://gov.gg/article/158429/Salerie-Junction-Post-Implementation-Review

"it would have been preferable for all checks and balances to have been fully completed before the start date"

This should be a requirement not "oh yeah well it would be nice but we'll go ahead anyway". Even compared to their "proper" estimate they got it wrong by 34%. Embarrassing. Why is this man still in a job?


Election Issues

Oh Dear, Deputy Barry Brehaut .....the President of E&I

On the subject of Salarie Junction Project...

The principle change that affected the project during the delivery phase was the decision to give priority to cyclists and pedestrians. This was on the 18th August 2016, before this date, the scheme was being developed based on vehicle priority.

The client brief was set out 7 July 2016. The main discussion point was the priority at the crossing. The brief was based on vehicle priority which the paper considered safer. This brief was SHARED with 'interested groups' and included feedback from Guernsey Bicycle Group, Guernsey Police and StPP Constables.

Generally....the feedback from Guernsey Bicycle Group was they would prefer priority for cyclists.

At a meeting 28 July 2016 the Committee received ADVICE that, on balance, vehicle priority should be retained.

At this time the budget estimate was £50,000.

The Committee made the decision to proceed with priority for cyclists and pedestrians on 18 August 2016.

What was the final cost for this remarkably small project?

No wonder the Waste Strategy is going to be ultra expensive for this tiny island.

It will cost what it costs! Unbelievable!

Don Tramp

Transparency under Public scrutiny is all one can ask of any Govt.

Island Wide Voting

Better yet .... a PROPER Freedom of Information package


Morning Rupert

More pertinent is why are the failing CS's at Envo not under any pressure ? Surely it was they who fouled up ?

A Deputy that is arguably doing well (D Soulsby for example) could also be undermined by mediocre performance from her CS's

D Mervelt (sorry about spelling) has already found that should one probe a CS's lack of ability or lack of application it has no real effect. The exact opposite I would expect.

IWV - quite right.

Rupert Walthumstow

Well yes, agreed, the civil servants should be under pressure. However as head of department who proposed this farce, Deputy Brehaut has surely given his tacit approval of the behaviour of staff beneath him?

As an example, if he noticed that the police hadn't been asked and though they should be - something I would have thought was fairly obviously - surely he could have said to the CS they need to do that before he proposes it? If he didn't that seems negligent. Or was that a deliberate ploy by him as he knew costs would increase with their extra requests? He looks quite incompetent whichever view you choose to take.


I think it's about time I leaked my own email. On receipt of Lyndon's statement over the States Email System I responded as follows:


The most famous people to be tried by hearsay in Guernsey were Catherine Cauches, Gullemine Gilbert and Perotine Massey. I thought we'd move on from villagers with pitchforks accusing people of hexing cows with the evil eye?

The whole Code of Conduct process is a shambles. Right now, today, I can make up any vexatious complaint about any of you; leak it to the media and give any of you a really bad week or so. The Panel finds there is no Prima Facie evidence and dismisses within that week. Doesn't matter though does it? Damage done. I've achieved my goal, I've damaged you as a politician, you are left with the stain and there is no comeback on me.

Let's go really medieval on Lyndon, Paul and Mary's derrieres. I propose a trial by ordeal. I'll set up a ducking stool in the Vale Pond. We dunk them for a few minutes; if they survive they are guilty if they drown they are innocent.

Proper retro 15th Century justice


As you can see I was a bit irritated.


An AI Forever

Gutter politics and people were thinking they had a lucky escape with TH

The late Dave Jones would never lower himself to such a email, conducted himself well and thats why he had huge respect with the general public.

Fig Tree

Well, I , for one really liked that email. Spot on, Deputy Inder.

It is completely wrong that people can be accused of things, lives upset etc with absolute impunity on the part of the accusers.

I'd like to know exactly to whom the three who have brought the complaint have spoken.

If other politicians are involved we'd like to know .

Island Wide Voting

It's comforting to know via TIG and while listening to States debates (for as long as I can stand the repetition) that Deputy Inder has not yet gone native

Here's an idea to stand alongside the Prison Governor's plan to introduce electronic tags. Magistrate's should have available to them the punishment of ordering miscreants to sit,or in deference to the modern day PC world of humanity,to lie down in a locked room and have a live Assembly debate relayed over an out of reach speaker thingy

The ultimate punishment would be a recording of the great bonfire debate of the 1st,2nd and did it stretch into the 3rd of February 2017


Good afternoon IWV

I agree - Dep Inder does bring some much needed blunt common sense to the proceedings. I wonder how long before he walks away.

After one has spent sometime banging ones head against a brick wall it only gets better when one stops.

Has he been on Radio Numpty's Laugh-In on a Sunday morning yet ? I would listen to that.

Bye the bye - When you allude to miscreants and electronic tags are you referring to Deputies ?


Deputies Trott, Le Pelley and Lowe are all conservatives with a small or big "c" and had good votes in their district.

It appears the ones gunning for them which includes Brehaut, Yerby, St Pier, Roffey, Fallaize,Le Clercq etc and are all left wingers social engineers in some degree.

They seem to form an alliance of their own and vote together as a minority view against the majority opinion outside of the states.

Island Wide Voting

Unofficial Party politics in action


Morning IWV

Imaginary Party politics I think you will find.

Is Davegorvel above the political scientist or is he the taxi driver and tour-guide ?


Davegorval, is "etc" another term for the Chuckle brothers from St Peter's, The BOGOF (buy one get one free)brothers, Deputy for the West, not representing the parishoners of the West views, but generally on behalf of his brother?!


Good morning Davegorvel

I can see why you think that - you probably remember that days of the Guernsey Association when Dave Fletcher, Pete Roffey, Jean Pritchard, Ron Le Moignan and others formed a alliance for want of a better word.

This is/was quite natural especially as the Guernsey political system is as it is. But, all the serious parties in the UK, plus Labour, have their factions.

But out lot can only operate in the environment that exists for them.

At least in Jersey - love em, or hate them the Reform Party are visible to the voters and are elected or not on that basis - along with their policies.

You make mention of social engineering - this again is quite natural.

Taxation is a form of social engineering, as is say, putting the clocks back or forward.

Politics is all about social engineering - otherwise we would have, for example, a feudal system, which was based on class structure which is only society after extreme engineering.

Social engineering is not a bad thing - it is just the extremes that are unpalatable and divisive.

My worry in Guernsey is not that we have extreme Right or extreme Left - my worry is that we have extreme Mediocrity. In the Assembly and in the CS.

I doubt though that the boxes that you are putting the people you mentioned in are correct.


Morning again Davegorvel

I failed to remember to "reply" to your post by using the reply button - my post is below.

Apologies for that.