Condor’s 2016 spend on fleet around £7.5m

APPROXIMATELY £7.5m. was invested into the maintenance of Condor’s fleet in 2016, the operator’s CEO has said, as Liberation’s performance and reliability ‘continues to improve’.


The Liberation was impounded last March by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency after ‘substantial’ deficiencies were found with the ship.

However, Condor Ferries CEO Paul Luxon said its dependability had been significantly better in the last 12 month as part of ‘sustained improvements’ across the fleet.

‘The comparative data for 2016 and 2015 identified that 97.9% of all sailings operated last year, of which 85.6% were within 30 minutes of the scheduled time of arrival.

This compares with 96.1% and 82.3% respectively in 2015,’ he said.

‘The reliability of Condor Liberation continues to improve and stands at 89% since coming into service.

'In summer 2016 this rose strongly with May (98%) June (95%) and July (98%) seeing particularly strong performance.

‘Our asset health programme, introduced in 2015 has been successful in predicting and identifying the root cause of potential technical problems across the fleet.'

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Devil's Advocate

It would be interesting to know how many sailings there are this year compared to last - if there's fewer sailing then there's a lower likelihood of delays and cancellations.

How many 'reschedules' have there been? If a sailing is re-scheduled for 4 hours later than it's original time within a week of it's sailing date then I'd consider that to be a 4 hour delay.

Likewise the weather - if there's less bad weather then there will be fewer delays.


AND????? still leaves a lot to be done.


Sounds like someone is bigging the maintenance spend up..... ready to sell maybe??


I wouldn't say that maintenance was an investment - more of an obligation!


You wouldn't buy a used car without a service history


Dear Admiral Luxon

Please can you either advise when we will get the increase in wave height that was promised with this ship, or confirm that it is just not going to happen.


I think someone heard about the sail of the wrong ferry company.

Macquarie (current owners of Condor and ex-owners of Wightlink) are acting for Prudential to sell Red Funnel.


What a load of tosh! More smoke and mirrors from Mr Luxon who loves manipulating the figures to suit and to make it appear that Condor are more reliable than they really are! Lies, damned lies and statistics.........

Instead of coming up with this spin, why not seriously look at the appalling timetables for 2017 (particularly for Guernsey residents) and try offering a proper, reliable, reasonably priced Service?


We are STILL awaiting the results of the sea trials, which were promised just after the Liberation commenced service.

Are these going to materialise or is it another Condor unfulfilled promise


GP. Once upon a time you took pride. Now you can't even publish a photograph that's level. Have you ever seen a ship going uphill?


Macquarie palmed Condor off with this knackered old dog of a boat, and our pathetic States allowed Luxon to commit Guernsey to paying for it. For the next 10 years. How can anybody try to spin this farce into a 'good news' story? The boat is still an unsuitable old tub and they will probably keep spending £7.5 Million on it every year until it eventually gets towed to the scrap yard. Luxon has a brass neck, if I was him I would be too embarrassed to open my mouth!


Well said Beanjar...


Running a third less sailings and what a large maintenance bill!.

Only time it's full when we have fog.


... and the thieving pirates treble the fares!


Paul Luxon once again trying not so much to polish one, but framing it, and asking Sotheby's to put a value on it.

The guy is incredible and as a CEO, is on a par with his abilities as a deputy.

Meanwhile Peter Ferbrache and co, sit on their hands and do nothing about the island's transport fiascos. Incompetent, ineffective and inept.

Election Issues

Since Mr Luxon became Condor CEO, everything has improved. Reliability. Dependability. Performance.

The reliability of the Liberation continues to improve and in the summer of 2016 saw particularly strong performance.

According to him that since he arrived, there have been 'sustained' improvements across the fleet. He is so good at this CEO malarkey!

Reschedules? Cancellations? Wind limit restrictions? Wave height restrictions? No more double rotations? No more sick bags? Lack of day trips?

Mr Luxon has denied Condor Ferries is for sale but the Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 2 must have a life span? Perhaps Mr Luxon doesn't want to let us all know when that could possibly be?


Incredible - and whats Happening on the St Malo link for European passengers?


Horrendous sailing times and ticket prices! The £7.5m would be better spent as a down payment on a proper vessel.