Health cover for UK trips may be in place next summer

WORK to implement a medical insurance scheme to cover Guernsey and Alderney residents visiting the UK has moved one step closer and could be in place by next summer.


Employment & Social Security was directed in 2015 to investigate the options for replacing the former reciprocal health agreement, which ended in 2009, with an insurance scheme covering hospital treatment.

President Michelle Le Clerc said her committee had conducted a soft market test recently that had helped to refine the specification for the formal tender exercise, which has now gone live.

‘The tender will identify an insurer that the States can contract with to provide the insurance scheme,’ she said, as she addressed States members last week.

‘We think the earliest that the scheme could be up and running is the middle of next year.

‘This is because of the time it will take to seek approval from the States, once the successful bidder has been selected, and draft the necessary legislation to implement the scheme.’

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