Health cover for UK trips may be in place next summer

WORK to implement a medical insurance scheme to cover Guernsey and Alderney residents visiting the UK has moved one step closer and could be in place by next summer.


Employment & Social Security was directed in 2015 to investigate the options for replacing the former reciprocal health agreement, which ended in 2009, with an insurance scheme covering hospital treatment.

President Michelle Le Clerc said her committee had conducted a soft market test recently that had helped to refine the specification for the formal tender exercise, which has now gone live.

‘The tender will identify an insurer that the States can contract with to provide the insurance scheme,’ she said, as she addressed States members last week.

‘We think the earliest that the scheme could be up and running is the middle of next year.

‘This is because of the time it will take to seek approval from the States, once the successful bidder has been selected, and draft the necessary legislation to implement the scheme.’

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From what I heard this scheme is nothing like the reciprocal deal we had in the past.

The old scheme you could see a UK doctor and get Hospital treatment with no charge whatsoever.

One of our best Deputies ever who is no longer with us estimated that a proper reciprocal health agreement would cost approx £500,000.

From what I hear this scheme is a poor substitute.


You can tell Trev's been banned - he would've been all over this.


Has only himself to blame.


Why for being honest?

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Three years from States direction to implementing this scheme. This speaks volumes about the way this island is run.

What a shame the island doesn't have a group of people who understand how to implement an insurance scheme such as this.


Stand for election then...


My old mate Trev asks how much is this going to cost.? Bearing in mind that a full RHA which would allow UK residents to come here without worry and locals vice versa would be around £500.000 (which incidentally is the same amount that tourism is spending on a media campaign), he really doesn't see that this will come in much under that figure.

We will never see tourism thrive when we are at a disadvantage to Jersey and the Isle of Man, all for a paltry £1.67 per visitor, which as he so often says, is the profit on a cup of coffee and a cake at a cafe. It's a no brainer, but regrettably that seems to be what our politicians have, no brain.!


Do we really need this expense especially right now?

Roger Irrelevant

Will it cover winter sports?

Rupert Walthumstow

In the UK? Skiing in Scotland are you?


If the States are going to pay my travel insurance, could they please also pay my house and car insurance?

Surely the onus is on the individual - if you want to own a house you have to insure it, if you want to drive a car you have to insure it, so if you want to go on holiday you have to insure it.

The bleat that some people can't afford it is a paradox under the same logic - if you can't afford house insurance or car insurance, does the States step in and pay it for you?


I have every confidence that this will turn out to be another huge States lash up. How much do we actually charge non-locals for treatment each year? Does it even get billed? If it does get billed, it is always paid? I'm guessing nobody ever gets turned away for lack of money, just like the UK. If that is the case, what is this nonsense all about? Will they actually save any money compared to a proper reciprocal scheme?

If this is like any other insurance policy I have, it will have more holes in it than a Swiss cheese. Risky activities, pre-existing conditions, age, infirmity - I bet loads of people will not be adequately covered, yet think that they are. Unless there are NO exceptions or limitations, some people will be ruined. Sensible people will keep buying an annual travel policy anyway, it only costs around £100.


The old reciprocal scheme was worthwhile as many people could see a Doctor and get medical treatment from a Hospital without any expenditure or fuss and gave people more choice

Jersey has a reciprocal health agreement the Isle of Man has the best agreement with no money charged either way.


These days I tend to go for Jolly's to France more then the UK, can we have Insurance for France too please??


One minute you're questioning if there's enough money, the next you're asking to extend cover to France. Make up your mind mate!!


PLP - Sorry mate I was trying to be ironic. why have cover just for the UK when we travel further afield these day.

if you go abroad you get yourself holiday and medical cover, people should get there own cover to go to the UK.


So was I ;-) It's a fair point though.

Perhaps a third way could be for the States to negotiate a bulk deal for islanders with a major travel insurance provider that people can opt into? A bit like Groupon.


Some people seem to be missing the point what we had was a first class reciprocal health agreement with the UK and it was not a holiday insurance that is being suggested.

Many people could see a Doctor and specialist without a long wait and as you are aware many people have to go to the UK for many various operations.

Once again look at the Isle of Man where money is not passed either way.


I'm confused! Does "next summer" mean this summer, i.e the summer that next arrives this year, or is "next summer", the summer that come next year?


Hillbilly - Well being that it's more or less Spring time, I would say this years coming summer is "Next summer" other wise it would be next, next summer as next summer... simples



We did indeed have "a first class reciprocal health agreement with the UK" - because we were paying the UK a lot less than they were paying us. The UK eventually wised up to this and pulled the plug.

There was a chance to resurrect the RHA a few years ago, but the terms under which the UK were prepared to do so were a reverse of the previous arrangement - i.e. the UK wanted us to pay them a lot more than they'd pay us.

I was brought up with "If you can't afford it, you can't have it" and unfortunate and unfair as that may seem to today's pampered society, I this it is an ethos that should still prevail.



The cost quoted a few years ago was £500,000 which if this facility was like the old system would have saved the States money as stated above.

The Isle of Man does not pay anything why can we not have the same arrangement?

If we had the old system people with many problems could cut waiting time.

I agree you have to cut your cloth but money is wasted every day and it takes forever to make a decision while costs escalate.


Alexandra, the way you are talking it is no wonder that the UK would want to enter into a reciprocal agreement similar to the last one. The traffic would all be one way. What benefit would there be for U.K. residents who also face long waiting times. I can't see a problem with travel insurance paid for by the individual (it would cover MarkB in the U.K. or France). Unusually, I agree with Oskar in this respect.


Blimey, Atlast agrees with me - my dicky ticker, call me an ambulance quick (I think my Oddfellows covers that!).

Seriously tough, I have some knowledge of this matter (being an ex-HSSD employee), as I think Atlast has too - and we are aware that the loss of the RHA and failure to re-instate it have more to do with the attitude of the UK government than the Guernsey States.

Nevertheless, I maintain the view that people who want to travel should arrange their own insurance - if you can't afford it, you can't have it. Simples.


The last agreement we had many people in Guernsey used it opposed to settling for a third rate service in Guernsey.

Many times I used the scheme

The beauty of the old scheme was you could use any Doctor and if you know where to go you sometimes can get an appointment on the same day.

Many more people used the scheme in the UK from Guernsey.

Tourism is finished on this Island so you do not need to fear the UK visitors.

As stated before Jersey and the Isle of Man have this scheme in place with the Isle of Man having no charge

The worst States ever are so slow that they could not do a deal with anybody.

Perhaps you would rather see BB and the like waste our money?


Are you saying you purposely went to the UK to see a doctor? If so that is probably why the UK said enough. The idea was that if someone got sick while they were on holiday we would treat them for nothing and they would do the same is someone was on holiday.

What happened is we started sending all our special cases to the UK, which was understandable as they had the experts we didn't have, but then we got it for free under the agreement and the UK government wised up to the fact that it cost them a lot more than it cost us.


Sorry to repeat myself but Jersey have a reciprocal agreement as the Isle of Man where no money is passed either way.

The cost to Guernsey was £500,000 if adopted two years ago.

I think the people in Guernsey are entitled to a decent scheme we do not have the best of Health facility a second rate transport system etc etc.

Nick Le P

Why should UK taxpayers subsidise the health needs of Guernsey residents?

Don Tramp

We need out not in and get our own Insurances. How long before we see a religious war over there 50 years perhaps ?