Founding head of Locate Guernsey is returning to the private sector

THE man who has led Locate Guernsey during the first year of its existence is stepping down.


Richard Le Tocq has tendered his resignation from the inward investment and promotional body, which was set up at the end of 2015.

Mr Le Tocq, whose background is in insurance, is to take up the role of chief executive officer at Guernsey-based insurance specialists Robus Group.

‘I wasn’t looking to move,’ he said, ‘but it’s a great opportunity.’

Although he officially took up the Locate Guernsey role in January last year, he said he ‘started the journey six months before’.

Mr Le Tocq felt he was leaving things in a good place. ‘I think a lot of the hard work is done,’ he said. ‘It’s in a really strong position to take to the next level.

‘As a team I think we have built a really successful brand so far and I think that’s going to continue.’

The group was currently dealing with more than 100 enquiries.

‘Perhaps these will convert this year, while some will fade away and some will take longer than a year.

‘I will be incredibly sad to leave the project behind but I have enjoyed it.’

Mr Le Tocq will step down at the end of May. ‘Meanwhile, it’s business as usual,’ he said.

Comments for: "Founding head of Locate Guernsey is returning to the private sector"


Perhaps now it will be lead by a marketing oriented person who will encourage wealthy people to buy open market properties and not give extended licences to people who do not need to be treated at the expense of local people.


His loss will be such a crushing blow to Locate Guernsey and the States as a whole that I doubt they will even notice it.

Donkey Boiler

Let's not bother to replace Mr Le Tocq, and save ourselves a bundle in salary and pension. We all know that it won't make a scrap of difference.

Rupert Walthumstow

The Captain abandoning his ship?


From what I've heard Mr Le Tocq is a good front man for the endeavour - It's not a bad idea in concept, a copy of the successful Jersey scheme. It has been hobbled from the start though and ignored what made Locate Jersey successful - more direct access to the housing and regulators for quick turn around of approvals, staff licenses etc.

So in Jersey they have the tools and access to get your company in quickly and painlessly, here all they can do is talk about how lovely the island is, answer basic questions then point potential firms to the Grand Bureaucracy and "good luck".