Vinery change of use ‘could set benchmark’

APPROVING plans to house light industry at Extension Vineries in Route Militaire would set a benchmark for other private site owners to follow, it has been argued.


Site owner Martyn Loveridge has amended his original application, which planners have recommended should be approved, to include a widened access point, landscaping buffers and acoustic fencing along the roadside boundary to better contain noise.

It is one of two sites identified by Property Services earlier this year with a view to accommodating tenants currently located at Fontaine Vinery.

Five letters of representation have been made against changing the land use from agriculture to storage and distribution.

Neighbours said they worried about how these changes would impact their quality of life and the surrounding environment, insisting the land should remain horticultural.

Traffic and Highway Services has also raised concerns, citing already-high traffic volume in the area, which is set to increase due to nearby housing allocation sites.

Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation also said there was ‘a number of outstanding concerns’ and recommended limiting site use to 7am to 7pm weekdays and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays.

However, Business, Innovation and Skills, a sub-section of Economic Development, said the plans would ‘put back into economic use land which currently is not economically productive’.

The meeting is at Les Cotils on Wednesday 22 March, 9.15am for 9.30 start.

Comments for: "Vinery change of use ‘could set benchmark’"

John West

Why is Fontaine Vinery site moving tenants on?

Presumably States have a plan but have they shared this?


Believed to be for social housing John. Beats me why the States don't put in an offer for the redundant data park which will never get built, even has it's entry road and traffic lights ready and waiting.

Island Wide Voting

Fontaine Vinery is earmarked for yet more new houses

Well worth betting a fiver that the site will be sold off to the GHA for a quid

Still,a quid is better than nothing if it goes towards filling the black hole


Come on JW don't presume anything like that! The States having a plan???? Naaaah! That would be too much to expect.


Why not the saltpans that's been abandoned for years , leales yard will never be developed , quayside , Chouet , there are much much more suitable areas


The word on the street is that the Co-op Leale's Yard development has fallen through, something to do with it being below sea level.?

Anyone know any more.?

Island Wide Voting

Yes,I can confirm that on a high spring tide Leale's Yard is several feet below sea level and so is the 'proposed' Data Park and the GEP building

Major Denis Bloodnok

That's never going to become a Data Park in a million years. The moron that dreamed that up bankrupted the company who owned it.

Devil's Advocate

It is dangerous, because it opens the floodgates for all vinery owners to get change of use.


yes, and we don't want them making money on selling or developing these properties!!!

Devil's Advocate

I'd rather the island wasn't one big suburb actually.


What about using the derelict vinery site at Victoria Avenue? It's owned by the States and has been an eyesore for years.

Devil's Advocate

Do you mean Belle Greve vinery? That's what the Fontaine tenants want, and is probably the most sensible place. It's earmarked for housing, but it's very expensive to develop as it's prone to flooding.


Perhaps it is about time that people not just on this site but Island wide realised that

The people who run this Island were not elected our Deputies have no control over the Civil Servants

Our deputies have for the past two terms made promises (if elected) about sorting out the problems facing small businesses and Fred in a shed and Heavy Industrials land so that businesses can either continue to operate or actually grow

And before someone comes up with it is not up to the states of Guernsey to provide cheap land this is not what businesses are looking for

Businesses are looking for land that has not already been developed in to warehousing or given over to housing

Land previously used for both light and Heavy industry has already been developed in to a more lucrative market (Document storage and redundant high value storage units)

Each and every land use study confirmed this

On top of the lack of land you have the States of Guernsey awarding contracts to off Island contractors who quote higher prices as a matter of course it is almost a systematic attempt to ruin any business outside of finance

When will people realise we no longer live in a democracy due to the fact that the people we vote in to represent us have no control

Devil's Advocate

Sensible is not a word that springs to mind when we look how Guernsey is run

Transparency and accountability will never come to our island until our Deputies take control

We the people of Guernsey own the land that we trust our States to manage on our behalf

We the people of Guernsey pay out of our hard earn income the money that our States squander over and over again

We Are up -hit creak and the states of Guernsey are burning the paddle's



Spot on again Mash.

Laurie Queripel


I have sent a great deal of comment to the Press regarding this matter and touching on some of the wider issues you refer to here, hopefully they will be able to use most if not all of it.


If Leale's Yard has fallen through, why not just turn it back in to industrial use again, would get a few businesses in there and guess what.? The roll bars, newsagent and candy shop would all do well out of it.

I bet the Co-op regret the day they bought that big white elephant, it must be weighing their balance sheet down.


Rottweiler good idea, bring small business back to the area & footfall for the retailers.Could it ever become reality ?

Island Wide Voting

Meanwhile at other approved business sites ...

Quayside ...zilch

Esso yard at Bulwer Avenue ... nada

Admiral Park ... nowt

Idlerocks Hotel ... diddly-squat

Data Park ... zippo


Island Wide Voting

The old Esso yard at Bulwer Avenue is earmarked for Bougourd Ford as far as I know.


Is YB about to make a killing?


What wrong with Military Road site? Yes traffic flow is heavy as most major roads are during peak times but take away soon the traffic going to and from the Chouet tip and diverting to Longue Hougue traffic will decrease.

Small local business`s on this propose site will be only like other business`s whereby collecting and delivering trade goods[industry not retail]

Neighbours in the area just accept traffic on all roads like the rest of the community who live on main roads and they have excepted it as the norm.

Maybe in the future a new road will be built across Belle Grave Bay for all industrial transport to St Sampson`s and a jetty outside St Sampson's in the Russel for oil tanker discharging similar to Fawley in Southampton.