A grand day out - the halycon days of St Sampson's regattas

SAD to say, the heydays of St Sampson’s harbour are long gone.

Any substantial revival to its former glories lies in the hands of commercial opportunities nobody has yet to identify.

The odds are very much against the island’s second port, for so long its main industrial maritime haven, ever becoming much more than a marina for local boat owners.

But, long, long ago, in the days of sailing ships and a local stone industry that was every bit as vital to the Guernsey economy as finance is today, it is said – perhaps an exaggeration – that a man could hop from South Side to North Side via the decks of merchant ships tied up across the harbour.

A place which had its own little jail next to the harbourmaster’s office on Le Crocq to counter a distinctly lively night life where the pubs were guaranteed to be packed with visiting mariners.

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