Senior public sector staff redeployed

TWO senior staff within the public sector will be changing roles in moves announced by the States' chief executive Paul Whitfield this evening.


However, the shake-up now means Education, Sport and Culture will temporarily be left without a chief officer.

The moves follow the resignation of States of Alderney chief executive Victor Brownlees.

Environment & Infrastructure's chief secretary Adrian Lewis, who is also a former States of Alderney treasurer, will now be seconded for the next six months to help Alderney as it recruits and transitions to a new chief executive.

Education's chief secretary, Jon Buckland, will take on the lead officer role supporting Environment & Infrastructure.

Chief operating officer Jason Moriarty, as part of his line management role for chief secretaries, will step in to support Education for a short period while a further internal move is finalised.

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Will anyone notice the lack of chief woodentops? With no strategic functional business vision, staff will just need to get the job done. How on Earth will they cope-probably better.

Island Wide Voting

So the Mafia Don has been moved sideways.Will Baz be able to keep him under control? Will we be obliged to adopt the Scottish road craft booklet?

Will the Grammar School centre of excellence be saved at the eleventh hour?

Watch out for more exiting developments in the coming weeks ... only in the GEP


Huge sigh of relief for staff ... At last cringe free fridays, free from the Jon blog!

Just need to elbow Mr Brown into retirement & Education can move forward:)



Echo your thoughts - when the blog hasn't arrived late Friday pm we are all in a panic - how will we survive the weekend without knowing what is on at the cinema, if the Hedgehog charity has a fund raiser, which youtube clip to watch (Adele) and usually a bit on mindfulness.... If this man has the time to write such a load of tosh (and has not yet realised what a joke it is among staff) then he is seriously under employed - all on a huge salary. No need to replace him 'cos no one knows why he is there in the first place.


Peabody and Elizabeth9

I assume you are teachers as your reference is to the Friday blog which, for non teachers, is info emailed by Mr Buckland to all staff to inform them of what has been happening at the department and in the schools during the past week.

I find it quite sad that you should be so scathing of what seems to me a genuine attempt at keeping us all informed of at least some of the goings on in education in Guernsey. I've been teaching locally for a number of years now and personally I love to read of the successes of our students and staff in the various schools.


Lovely indeed Sunflower, but does the drafting of a weekly blog justifies a 6 figure salary?


Sunflower - I agree with you; as the community we are constantly moaning that senior civil servants don't communicate. We get one that does and what a surprise more moaning.

I wonder how happy Peabody and Elizabeth will be with any replacement? I am sure they will make claims that this post and others at 'The Grange Club' aren't required however all Local Authorities need officers and civil servants to perform roles which ensure and support the smooth running, support, monitoring and accountability in schools. It would seem that since Mr Buckland has been in place school performance in Guernsey has improved markedly? Whilst schools must take credit surely this would not have been possible without support from people working for The Education Department centrally?



Do you really think Mr Buckland writes that weekly blog? Like most States departments, Education has a communications manager to collate that sort of thing and wave it under the boss's nose for approval before publishing.


Absolutely gutted to see Jon go from ESC. A truly inspirational leader who leaves behind him a transformed education service. He also worked hard to join up the various elements of ESC.

Sadly, he was treated like dirt by a small number of arrogant, small-minded politicians unable to focus past the end of their noses and has seemingly been shafted by those above him unable/unwilling to address the problem.

Best of luck to his successor. Anybody who thinks they can do better, feel free to give it a go...


Questor - if it is the case that Mr Buckland was 'forced' from his post because of some political interference as you suggest then there is more to this than meets the eye? Do you have information that this is true? If so this story is unlikely to go away any time soon.


I have heard from many that there has been an orchestrated campaign lead by Meerveld to remove Buckland which started in June last year. It has been months of abuse of many staff at the Grange with no support from Whitfield and finally Meerveld has got his way. This will of course be brushed under the carpet so don't hold your breath. This is yesterday's news!



We elect politicians to do our bidding. If they are obstructed by civil servants then the CS have to be moved on, it's as simple as that. The un-elected and un-sackable CS have run riot for too long and I have the utmost respect for any States department that takes back control of the CS. If Carl Meerveld does not perform, then he has to face the electorate in three years time, we have no choice for the civil servants.

Incidentally, I hear that Carl Meerveld is doing a very good job at E, S & L. Not my best mate but got to give credit where it is due.



One senior CS who has cost the island a million quid or more is on "sick leave". I hear that Mr. Buckland has been moved on because the board just could no longer work with him, but the information fed to the Press is a load of BS as usual. Perhaps the Press need to buy the right people a beer in The Mariners to get the real facts of what is happening.

Frankly, I am delighted that someone has the courage to sort out those CS who are running their own agendas or under performing and if this continues then we, the taxpayers may well find a new respect for the civil service.


He is also pals with Tim on Facebook, which probably explains a great deal over the past few months!


Rottweiler, I agree that civil servants should be accountable, but Meerveld apparently had a stated aim before even meeting him that he was going to remove Buckland immediately, it has been a witchunt from May 2016 to all intents and purposes. This appears a pernicious act? If this is true I would like to know the reasons and also whether you think this is acceptable behaviour?

I am not sure who you are hearing from but my friends in school staff rooms loathe Meerveld and the rest of the committee. What have they actually achieved in this political term? They appear more interested in themselves and not the interests of children.



My sources are many and varied but I hear that Jon Buckland gave his superiors many reasons why he could not do the job he is being moved to. So, if he is unable to cope with an alternative committee, is he the right person to be in the civil service, because working across various committees is surely good experience.? He is lucky, in a commercial world you do what the boss wants you to do or you leave, simple as that.

Many former teachers tell tales about various shenanigans going on at Grange House and if the political leaders can sort that out then all power to their elbows. It seems that the tail has been wagging the dog for too long now.


Candy, a pernicious act??? after a VONC and a COC...seems to be the name of the game.


Rottweiler - absolutely agree that all civil servants should be held to account and have performance monitored. Also agree that they should enact the political wishes of the elected committee which is 'the will of the people'. The problem I have with this is the manner by which Mr Buckland appears to have left his post. If the reasons are associated with the 'behaviours' of the political body then surely as an electorate we need to know if this has happened and judge for ourselves? One can only assume that Mr Buckland has not acted inappropriately otherwise he would not have been put into another senior post?


If that is the case, why treat the general public like gullible morons. Smoke and mirrors may save a few red faces but they do nothing for transparency. The States has resorted to promulgating 'fake news' in order to hide the truth.


Island Wide .

What planet are you from? Do you not get it that two recent States assemblies have voteD to scrap selection.

It's like the proverbial Dead Parrot - Selection is no more! It has ceased to be! 'E's expired and gone to meet 'is maker! 'E's a stiff! Bereft of life, 'e rests in peace! If yoses are now 'istory! 'E's off the twig! 'E's kicked the bucket, 'e's shuffled off 'is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX GRAMMAR ISLAND !!


Hello Tim L., how the devil????

Fig Tree

Ha ! LocalGuern ! Can't you see when IWV is having a laugh ? Mind you, would love to be in on the meetings at Envo !


This seems to be more than a temporary reshuffle to fill the gap in Alderney. Why didn't moriarty just go there. Now we have a situation where Buckland and Moriarty are leading departments in areas they have no real expertise. At least Whitless is consistent.

Island Wide Voting

It's a risk but I reckon the triumvirate of Baz,Lindsay de Sausmarez and consultant YB will retain full control,at least until Buckland gets his feet under the table and his fists thumping the top of the table

Election Issues

Jon Buckland will settle in just fine.

He represented the Guernsey Renewable Energy Commission at the British - Irish Energy Sector a Group Ministerial meeting in London 2010 when he was with Commerce and Employment.

Mr Whitfield did say that these moves were designed wi h the ethos of 'right person, right place, right time' in mind.

Just watch out ....what's coming up next....renewable energy, electric cars etc etc.....


...Mr Whitfield did say that these moves were designed wi h the ethos of 'right person, right place, right time' in mind.

What a truly wonderful piece of PR puffery from the Chief Executive. Or, put another way; 'we've had the wrong people doing the wrong jobs until now.'

Fig Tree

Candy, if all goes wrong, the Education deputies resign. The civil servants don't. Why on earth should the deputies not be in charge ?

Island Wide Voting


Not all deputies (or even previous deputies) resign or retire gracefully

Some have to be forced to walk the plank like Darren Duquemin, Sandra James, Hunter Adam,Leon Gallienne,Rhoderick Matthews,Ivan Rihoy,Mike Garret,Bernard Flouquet,Mike O'Hara,Mike Hadley, Arrun Wilkie,Yvonne Burford,Sam Maindonald,Kevin Stewart,Tony Webber and Garry Collins

I wonder how many will chance their arm again when proper island wide voting is introduced?


IWV - Bring on Island Wide Voting asap - with this I hope that we will get politicians who are able to bring the skills that are required to run the island effectively. At the moment there are too many who are elected without the requisite attributes and too many quite honestly make decisions based on what Mrs Le Page next door thinks and says rather than what is best for the island. Many refuse to make these 'difficult' strategic decisions and would rather keep Mrs Le Page happy.


Who are these people who have never stood for public office but are going to come out of the woodwork when we have island wide voting?

Island Wide Voting

Build it and they will come


I will vote against islandwide voting. It's the quality of the candidates that matters not how they are elected. After 12 months of the current lot, who have done nothing but rake over the coals of old debates and not moved anything substantial forward, that is the big issue that needs to be addressed.


Fig Tree I would agree with you that the Deputies are accountable, which the Civil Servants are not. I have to say that all the teachers I have spoken too are happy with this Board & want to let them get on with the job without constant digs.

If by the summer they haven't achieved what they pledged, then all well & good, take them to task then. If Jon couldn't work with them, then it was right to move him on. As has been said before he will do very well at Environment. Let's hope he can sort out the seaweed problem at his weekly Friday evening summer party haunt, L'eree beach, certainly in the right job & the St Peter's parishioners' will be grateful:)