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An AI Forever

No Starbucks ? What a disgrace, worse states ever, time for a enough is enough protest, whats bb doing ? Its the yerby jerby factor ? I though JG liked coffee with free biscuits.I blame the female vote its clearly now in full swing.

Time for a egm down the doggy forecourt ,I blame condor to its clearly a conspiracy.

Just heard from another customer that its monday tomorrow.

Wuff Wuff

Island Wide Voting

I suppose a cake shop is out of the question?


Convert it to flats, I say!

John West

Was always going to be an utterly stupid place to have this type of thing, plus the coffee is shocking. Woodies for the win!

An AI Forever

John West

Starbucks seem to do quite nicely worldwide but its shocking to you

More negativity from within the ranks

An AI Forever

Could make a good enough is enough headquarters