Animal grazing could return to the common

CATTLE and sheep grazing could soon return to L’Ancresse Common, the council said at its annual meeting on Friday.


Nearly 40 people attended the meeting at Vale Douzaine Room.

The meeting was led by new Vale Commons Council president Peter Blake, who took over from George Domaille, who has retired after more than 40 years in the role.

Currently no animals graze the common and the most recent residents – a flock of sheep – had to be removed after vandals turned off the electric fence.

Mr Blake said grazing was an important part of the land management.

‘We are looking to maybe get cows and sheep back on the common to graze it,’ he said. ‘It is better for the common and it would be nice to see cows back out there.’

The first residents could be the La Societe Guernesiaise conservation herd.

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Well done Peter, now all we need is for the parish church parking to be sorted out once and for all.

Island Wide Voting

Yes that would be a worthwhile challenge ... and so would employing a competent firm of builders so that we would not be facing a five or six thousand pound bill every year to fix something or other on the Rectory

Mind you that seems to apply to all the Parishes.Very odd


Island Wide Voting

My old mate Trev is planning to attend the parish meeting and object to the various burdens placed on the ratepayers for church items when it appears that only 2% of the island are C of E.

Your support would be welcome as history says that the C of E crowd are bused in en masse and clear off as soon as they get their grubby little hands on our cash. If the church is indeed parish property then why should the C of E have exclusive rights to its use.? It should be available to all christian religions and an appropriate rent should be paid for its use.

We should not be funding the rectory, we do not house any other religion's ministers or priests, the church should have to pay a realistic rent on a full repairing lease.



Unless I've got totally the wrong end of the stick, ratepayers have the opportunity to vote against the funding of parish churches and rectories at parish meetings. It constantly amazes me how many people gripe and moan about having to fund someone else's religion and yet don't avail themselves of this opportunity - particularly when parish meetings are so poorly attended it wouldn't take much to organise enough people to stick a spanner in the works. Perhaps they aren't aware of the power they have?

As a Christian and current member of a Church of England parish church I can't say I'd be too disappointed if that did happen as I have long supporting the disestablishment of the CoE. It may seem almost masochistic to support power / funding cuts to my denomination (particularly as I love old church buildings) but I honestly believe the CoE has become so bloated and corrupted by its privileged position it could do with a wake up call or two. If nothing else to remind it what the difference is between a Christian church and a quasi-religious quango.


How much rubbish can the Vale Church hold?

That's all it's good for. And all the other churches. Must be good for 25-30 years. The same amount of time that it will take our deputies to decide on a waste solution.


Heather Trockey

I used to be in charge of grazing on the common. Was all handled so much better back in those days. Not like now when it's only the families of Civil Servants that are allowed grazing rights. Small wonder no animals are there, the Civil Servants are too busy moving cycle paths and trying to get walkers to use less petrol. IT'S MADNESS!

Reminds me of my time being a shepherd, there's nothing the sheep liked more than to nibble on my gorse bush. But only having a small garden it was soon bare. Good times, everything was so innocent back then. Not like now.

This story is a massive smokescreen of course. I had a late night visit from an ex-Jurat friend of mine the other night and he told me that the whole common was earmarked for the new waste transfer station. Simply UNBELIEVABLE!


What an absolute load off Bull. The common can never be built on, given the amount of burial chambers and artifacts strewn all across it. Don't believe everything you hear, bless your little cotton socks.



First of all can I confirm that Heather Trockey is nothing whatsoever to do with my old mate Trevor Hockey. Secondly, do you not recognise satire when you see it.?


Obviously Not!


Spoilt for choice golfers will be seeing the end cycle of Chouet tip allowing less waiting time to drive their little white ball across the road. Animals grazing along the golf course verges saving a lot of time looking for their wayward golf shot.

Added manure for their compost heap saving £s from importing chemicalised fertilizers at huge cost. Sheep and goats to keep gorse from being a fire hazard.

What more could a golfer wish for?

None local,local

As long as they are not tethered


None local,local

My old mate Trev says "another blooming Englishman telling us Guernsey people what to do when we have had animals tethered on the common for donkey's years".

He has friends who have kept steers on the common and they were checked at least three times a day to make sure they were o.k. and had sufficient water and always looked very well looked after.

None local,local

Yes Trev!!

And us English folk have been letting fireworks off for donkies years also, some things you like and some you don't, I personally don't like seeing them tied up in all weather.

There are many things that have been "part of life" that are not part anymore. Advertisement boards spings to mind :-)


None local,local

Yes, you English folk let off fireworks to celebrate an attempted terrorist attack on Parliament, what a peculiar thing to do.!

Let me remind you that cows have something called a waterproof hide, they have evolved to be out in the open. Anyway, the steers on the common were always placed in a hollow when the weather was bad to protect them from the wind.


Cows have been tethered in Guernsey for hundreds of years! such a narrow minded point of view, this type of opinion makes me cringe! Speak to some farmers before you profess to know best.



"Speak to some farmers before you profess to know best."

Did I not say "He has friends who have kept steers on the common and they were checked at least three times a day to make sure they were o.k. and had sufficient water and always looked very well looked after."


My comment was intended for the original comment from None local,local

(March 20, 2017 8:00 pm) Not your comment - I agree with yours!

None local,local

I have reread my post and can't see anywhere were I mention I know best, it's a personal point, but there again, it doesn't look like you are allowed them

Devil's Advocate

What's worse, being tethered on a 30ft tether, or being packed in a shed for half the year?

None local,local



They don't slip over in their own muck, injure themselves and get bullied by the others at tether.

None local,local

They are social animals, can't do much socializing on a chain