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Ross Le Brun

This is long overdue some safety measures. I have had a response that wasn't so helpful from Mark Dorey the Vice President of E&I (after I invited them all to visit the site) that he looked on Google maps instead, yes he really did say that!

He also suggested that anyone wanting to cross this road should take a walk until they find a suitable crossing... Really? This from the same committee who are using tax payers money to fund crossing guards to allow cruise pax to not do the same!?

There is a bus stop either side of this junction. In the picture I am stood on one and the other is to the right at the back of the white van in the entrance to Rue de La Perruque. So bus users are being forced to cross the road here. I don't see any disclaimer from E&I or CT Plus advising bus users do not cross here?

If you walk from this point where I am stood down to the park, the pavement abruptly ends on the junction and again you are forced to cross Route de Saumarez on a junction. Same if you are walking down from Haye de Puits.

The crazy thing is that Saumarez park is the single busiest recreational area on the ialnd. Fitness groups use it, sports events, kiddies play park, cafe, museum, walked kitchen garden, the shows like Viaer Marchi, Donkey Derby, Agricultural show, North show, motor show etc etc... Yet not a single crossing anywhere round the park for pedestrians!

We won't bother risking walking there with the baby now which is obviously against E&I's remit to encourage less car usage. We took a drive down on Sunday and I kid you not the back car park was rammed with a queue of cars waiting for a parking space. Most of these will be thinking the same as us that it's not worth the risk driving there.

Please sign the petition for more safety around Sausmarez Park.


Ugh... Seriously?!

Ross Le Brun

Yes seriously!


Personally I disagree I don't think a crossing is needed here . Just a bit of common sense when crossing a road .

Ross Le Brun

Common sense from drivers traveling from Laumone or Cobo is what is needed. If you are crossing this either on foot or as a driver you are at the mercy of those coming round either corner who seem to forget the junction exists and people have the ability to drive or walk in to either Le Villocq from Laumone or Rue de la Perruque from Cobo. Some people have no choice as they live in the lane which is one way going up at the top.

This is all I'm asking that something is done to remind people of the junction. A crossing would be ideal but slowing the traffic for this section of road would be OK. As it is, it's 35mph and a very busy road with buses in either direction every 20 mins. It's the main route to town off the west coast!


All the common sense in the world isn't going to help you see through solid walls, there's really not much you can do as a pedestrian because of the limited visibility there. We either need a crossing or traffic calming measures so people have a chance to cross the road safely.

Ross Le Brun

There is some sense on here after all!


Good luck with that mate , you would be quicker going to b&q get some spray paint and make your own crossing , you have a government and civil service of thinkers not doers , they will debate this for a few years and then forget what they were debating !

Island Wide Voting


Not sure that painting a Ped-X in the middle of two blind bends would fit the normal criteria

Still, Baz is in charge now so don't give up hope

Ross Le Brun

What about lollipop ladies like at schools where there are even zebra crossings. Or like on the sea front where they actively encourage pedestrians to ignore the perfectly good crossings just a few meters away either side?


why put a crossing fI there's no pavement on the other side?

Ross Le Brun

There's also no pavement down Rue des Cauvains or along Neuve Rue but that would be the alternative that E&I have suggested! Neuve Rue has a sewage cart emptying point opposite the Castel hospital and also a bus route and with residents parking cars in the road forcing all road users in to the flow of traffic you can see why myself and others would be reluctant to walk a baby in a pram down there as opposed to going down a quite lane that half of is only one way.


As a regular user I have never seen anyone wishing to cross this "dangerous" road.

I can think of other busy roads which have Bus Stops either side of the road and no crossing (try most of the coast). Should we be looking at all of these too!?

Just use common sense and don't cross the road from Bus Stop to Bus Stop. Try crossing from the other side to the pavement and then cross the entrance to Le Villocq. No problems. You then have a safe walk to the park.

Saying this I would agree crossing Route De Saumarez would be a danger. A crossing would be needed further down the road (not on the corner). Though major layout changes would be required and I imagine it wouldn't be used as people won't walk a small distance to cross safely when the path they want is opposite the pavement they are on.

Ross Le Brun

You may be a regular user but unless you sit there all day obviously your not going to see what happens all day!

Iv seen this kind of daft reasoning all day from those sat behind a keyboard. Well if I don't see it, that must mean it doesn't happen.

Tell you what... If a tree falls in the woods and no ones there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Back to bus users. Don't cross the road at the bus stop? So they are coming home on the bus from town and live by Sausmarez park (this includes school kids for effect) and get dropped off at the end of Rue de la Perruque. There fastest way to get on a pavement is to cross where they have been dropped off. Otherwise suggest how they safely get home?


Yes ok that's the quickest route but it's not the safest. There are other options , which might be slightly slower but what's more important you; being safe or getting home slightly quicker. Just shows that everyone is becoming lazy!

This is a non story started by some one who wants the states to ensure their life is bubble wrapped from all danger. Use common sense and there will be no issues.

Maybe the easiest option would be to move the bus stop so it's directly opposite the pavement rather than installing a crossing. besides are crossing on blinds corners sensible?

p.s notice the correct use of Their and and There!

Ross Le Brun

Ok, there there...

Now, what about the residents of the lane itself?


I think the easiest is to try walking 10 yards to the opposite side of and then cross to the pavement. Try using some common sense!

Also, how do you know most park users drive as a result of the 'dangerous roads' have you conducted a survey? Have you thought that they may live somewhere else on the island which makes it impractical to drive, say Torteval?

Sorry for not replying immeadiately, I'm not a 'keyboard warrior' and don't sit at my desk all day waiting to reply. As such I won't be replying again, I think from the comments on this story most people think the same.

Ross Le Brun

Your suggesting that on a road where vehicles including buses have to mount the pavement because it's so narrow that pedestrians walk on the other side of the road that doesn't have a pavement!! Really!!?

Try getting some common sense!

I'm glad you won't be commenting again with rubbish like that as I'm sure your employer will be.


Wow, your answer really does so a lack of any sense. Let me put it in a simple, step by step guide (if this doesn't help try watching the hedgehogs TV adverts from the 90's)!

- If you get of the bus on the other side of the road. Cross the entrance of Ruette de la Perruque (to the non yellow line side). This gives better visibility of cars coming from both directions.

- Stop, look and listen. if the road is clear cross to the pavement.

- Now you will need to cross Ruette de Villocq. (use the same approach as used for crossing the main road).

- Now you are safely across the road continue your walk to the park for a nice time with you baby.

This whole article is a result of one mans iggorance, arrogance and laziness. If you are as concerned as you say you are for your baby, don't cross on blind conrers and look for safest place to cross.

Many have said the same, there are many others areas on the islands just as bad as this.

I do agree with you on the Traffice side though, the roads are congested and road users don't give another thought for others, but trying to cross on a blind corner is not wise. Help yourself (and think of other road users) by crossing where visibility is better!

Ross Le Brun

Oh I thought you weren't commenting again!

Hopefully your boss doesn't see you angrily typing away behind your desk talking about someing you have no idea about.

Don't you talk some utter rubbish! Walk to the other side of the lane? Just 4 meters? You really think that's going to make a big difference for the stopping distance of a driver traveling at 35mph who forgot there's a junction here?

There is no real further line of sight, the junction is that bad! Try it yourself instead of just looking on google maps!

In fact use a straight edged bit of paper and show yourself how if you remain stood in the lane which you have to or get run over, you can't see anything! When you think it is clear after stopping looking and listening you start to make your way across and as your half way someone shoots round the corner!

Concentrate on your job sat behind your desk rather than talking about stuff you don't understand about that happens in the real world.


Here's a tip. Don't cross the road from where you are standing in the picture. That's the widest part of that corner and you cant see what's coming from L'Aumone. Instead walk about 20 yards behind you towards L'Aumone just about where that white van behind you is, possibly a little further and from there you can see cars coming at you from both directions and its a shorter more direct line to cross and go up your lane.

Problem solved.

Ross Le Brun

Blame the photographer, it's only for "illustrative purposes". In fact the closer you get to the junction the less sight you have down toward Laumone...


At the speed most vehicles do around that corner you need more than just a few metres of visibility to cross safely, I'm not a slow walker by any means but even I get a bit concerned about crossing where you suggested, it's simply not safe as things are at the moment.

We either need a crossing, or more realistically we need to get people to slow down a bit, which will not only help pedestrians but also drivers coming out of/turning into the side roads there.


Agreed FUB this story just shows the laziness of people. There are many safe ways to cross that road.

Ross Le Brun

Describe your many safe ways to get from the top of the Rue de la Perruque to the Villocq where you can walk a pram on a pavement?


Illustrative purposes? The pavement you are standing on has been pulled away from the main road as its a bus layby and unless you close off the Villocq Lane you are going to also have to cross that junction off the pavement. So I'll stand by my earlier point, if you cross the road on the corner behind you in the picture heading towards L'Aumone on the pavement the other side of the Villocq Lane you can see more of the traffic from both directions.

Ross Le Brun

Have you ever tried that yourself! Clearly not because the wall keeps curving outwards there and the further you walk around it the less sight you get of the Cobo side!!

Some comments here...


Do you want a crossing at every bus stop?

I know you want to raise your profile for the next election, but surely you can think of better campaigns than this?

Ross Le Brun

What a gutless snipey little comment from someone not posting under their real name. This has nothing to do with any elections!

Unlike most keyboard warriors if there's something I want I have got the backbone to get off my ass and ask for it! In this instance it's to have the ability to just walk safely with my son to the park. Hardly a groundbreaking story. Still, made you take time out of your day probably while being paid to work to waste time out of your life to comment.

None local,local

So he has lived around there for 10 years? but it's only now he wants a crossing, anything else you would like while your at it?

Ross Le Brun

Yes, only since the cold hard reality of trying to get our first baby across very nearly hit me!

Any other silly remarks while your at it?

None local,local

Cross at a safer place, simple?

Ross Le Brun

Well isn't it a shame that E&I didn't use that philosophy when paying for lollipop ladies to guide those who can't be bothered to use the two sets of traffic light crossings provided either side.

Out of interest. Where would you walk with a pram that is a short safe route from the top of Rue de la Perruque to get to Sausmarez Park?

I did ask "sense" above who claims there are "many safe ways to cross" to describe one but nothing yet.

None local,local

Walking with a pram without pavements!! Done that and got the tee shirt, use to live in The Rohais on the side without pavement, how many mums and dads do you see on a daily basis walking around roads without pavements??

Next time you are at the Red Lion roundabout have a look there, bus stop either side of road, no crossing point, although island in middle of road, is there a busier road, I think not

Deal with it and move on like rest of us parents had to

None local,local

Oops!! Forgot

Safe route, first right, second left, keep to right hand side, walk to the bottom, cross over zebra crossing and then head left all the way to to park. Simple

Ross Le Brun

No pavement down Rue de Cauvains and vehicles have to wait to pass each other here as its so narrow. Regularly trade or post vehicles parked or residents and stops your view of what's coming. No pavement down Neuve Rue sewage cart emptying point in Neuve Rue, bus stop at the Castel hospital so a surprisingly busy road. People regularly park along Neuve Rue forcing pedestrians in to the road. Not a long winded route I want to take and obviously no safer.

None local,local

Like I said in an early post, anything else you would like??

A pavement from your front door to the zebra crossing maybe.

Do you really think that this is any more dangerous than 100s if not many 100s of crossing around the Island?

If you really think it's that bad and don't want to walk the alternative route as there is no pavement for you?

Time to move house were it might be a bit more pram friendly, just a thought!


What sort of crossing is being talked about here? If it's a Zebra then that I don't believe it is going to solve the problem and given the Guernsey pedestrian's track record of stepping into the road without looking would probably be more dangerous. If it is a Puffin then you might need more sets of signals for car drivers than just the usual four.

Ross Le Brun

Whatever but let's have an open local consultation, not using or paying for off island firms to give us something that's over engineered.

I have just replied to a Nikki Loyd on the island fm post about this. She said "Has there ever actually been an accident around saumarez park with a pedestrian and a car?"

I replied "Yes, a child was killed years ago at the traffic lights near Beaucamps which is why the traffic lights are there now.

Why should we only be reactive and hope nothing happens?

Most park users don't bother to walk because of how risky it is. Not a single crossing anywhere around it. Is that acceptable?

That's like saying how many kids died because they weren't wearing seat belts in Guernsey before the law changed? Do you not prefer to have them sat safely now? Or how many people died in Guernsey as a result of using the phone while driving?

Some things are just good sense."


Putting a zebra crossing on a corner is not a great idea. Have a look at the one on Rue Du Galaad/Hougue Du Pommier. You really do have to take care as a pedestrian when crossing from Hougue Du Pommier direction that a car coming the other way has seen you. The only good thing now is that the person that owns the property on the corner has cut down their trees so you have a better view of what's coming. As a car driver approaching the other way its a nightmare to see who could want to cross. As its mainly there for children going to La Mare, you do wonder if they could design the road layout better.

Ross Le Brun

IT needs something, it's not just a corner, it's a 4 way junction that people have to cross.


I used to live on Rue de Villocq and often crossed the road onto Ruette de la Perruque from the corner the other side of the entrance to Rue de Villocq to where Mr Le Brun is standing, visibility is acceptable in both directions from that point. Crossing the other way isn’t too terrible but you don’t get much visibility down to Saumarez park until you’re a couple of steps into the road. The fact a lot of drivers on the island don’t feel that it’s necessary to slow down for corners with limited visibility certainly doesn’t help matters.

As someone who does walk around the island a bit there are plenty of roads at least, if not more, dangerous than that area, it’s an unfortunate fact of living on an island where the road network developed from the days of horse and carriage. Should we install crossings at every junction that pedestrians may want to cross? It is a difficult question as there is a financial cost, potential impact on traffic flow (if you get annoyed by traffic jams more pedestrian crossings won’t help matters!) and of course potential for an accident if the worst should happen.

Ross Le Brun

I think you would struggle to find many if any worse than this. It's just as bad in a car having to cross.


I've driven out of there many times from both Rue de Villocq and Ruette de la Perruque and yes, it can be a bit hair raising but that's the joys of our narrow roads with high walls. Arguably it's easier getting across in a car because you're that much more noticeable.

From a purely practical perspective I can't see how you can install any form of crossing there without having to claim some land from the adjacent properties and making pretty significant changes to the sight lines by enforcing some hedge cutting and removal of granite walls. Not going to happen in either of our lifetimes.



Best stick to what you are good at - campaigning for the Fred in the shed type of person.

You have shot yourself in the foot here, as this smacks of selfishness (me and my pram demand a crossing) and to be honest a possible deficit of common sense in deciding where to cross a road safely - see FUB's suggestion above.

Ross Le Brun

So anyone using their democratic right to ask for something they have realised is affecting their and lots of other people's safety is selfish?

Or is it the others who may get inconvenienced being selfish? By just maybe having to use common sense and remembering there is a junction up ahead where other road users like pedestrians, oh and DRIVERS may be crossing their path?

As for FUBs comment, read my reply.

Pyer, continue with what your good at. Posting anonymously on things you don't seem to know a lot about.


Personally I'd suggest you stick to digging holes, maybe you could dig an underground crossing as one on the surface is neither necessary nor workable.

Ross Le Brun

Another useful comment...

This site breeds ignorance with the ability to gutlessly hide behind an alias. The press won't change it though as these gutless posters would never post under their own names, they have the ability to now.


Ah ok, so you have a baby and now you would like a crossing! There are many junctions on island which are considerably worse than this, as someone states above small island issues!

Cross elsewhere or be careful, why should the tax payer cough up again because you can't cross a road properly?

Ross Le Brun

I can cross a road fine but drivers don't seem to be able to anticipate that another road user be they pedestrians or drivers may be crossing their path to use the junction ahead.


Firstly, do not cross when a vehicle is present, therefore the risk of being run down is significantly reduced! Also no anticipation needed. If cars are speeding (doesn't help I know if they hit you) then report them to the police as they are obviously breaking a law and potentially putting you and your child in danger.

I still stand by what I say though, Guernsey has many roads and corners where visibility is zero or very poor at best so a gentle approach and a bit of common sense is required. where would it stop? It would set a precedent for the island and it would get seriously out of hand. one other thing to point out, it is a direct contravention of health and safety legislation to have a pedestrian crossing terminate directly onto a highway with no footpath.

This should be an end to the argument really, you gave an opinion, it can't be achieved for the above!

Ross Le Brun

We do cross when there is no traffic and the cars aren't speeding by law as I doubt they are going over 35mph but when you can only see about 20 to 30 meters ahead either as the pedestrian or driver crossing or the oncoming driver then this is obviously too fast to react to suddenly seeing someone who has already started crossing which is why the serious need for anticipation of seeing someone crossing in front of them.

If it's a contravention having a crossing with no footpath. Maybe E&I could paint one of those nice white lines down the sides of Perruque and Villocq like they did down the Friquet then you'd be happier with a crossing?


I lived down Le Villocq for the best part of 25 years so I'm very familiar with this junction; I'm also a parent and I think Mr Le Brun has a point.

I was trying to think of a safer crossing and the closest is probably the zebra crossing by the L'Aumone garage which is a fair hike from Rue de la Perruque if you're heading to the park.

I don't think crossing without traffic lights would do much good though as it doesn't deal with the fundamental issue which is the blind bend on the road. There's no doubt installing a crossing with traffic lights would improve safety at this junction but the argument that this kind of thing is part and parcel of living on an island with a traffic network designed for horses and carts is also a valid one. People have managed this junction for donkeys without serious incident....although in fairness traffic levels (and speeds) are higher now then ever and that is a relatively busy road.

I don't know - there's pros and cons to the idea. On one hand I see Mr Le Brun's point but on the other hand you simply can't eliminate all risk from life and I wouldn't want to see Guernsey turn into one big traffic calming measure.


Plus, how is it possible to install a crossing when there is only a pavement on one side?

I drive through this area on a daily basis, and honestly can't remember seeing anyone trying to cross the road, so not really sure a crossing is needed there. There countless other areas of the island where the road is too narrow to have pavements on both sides of the road, but it's not possible to put in crossings everywhere.

The fact that it's taken Mr Le Brun 10 years of living in this area to decide a crossing should be installed indicates a lot.

Ross Le Brun

Yes it indicates Iv only just had a baby and realised how bad it is and for others doing the same.

Ross Le Brun

I keep seeing ignorant comments like "don't cross at a dangerous junction"

What an oxymoron! Don't cross at a junction?

Put it this way are you only directing this at pedestrians and forgetting vehicles have to turn in to these lanes so does the same brilliant advice apply to drivers as well? For instance, the Villocq has lots of houses and a few housing estates with only two access points, this junction being one!

Some of you need to stop with the sudden pseudo expertise in anything in the media. Iv seen advice like walk along the non pavement side of the road untill it's safe to cross. Brilliant! That's much safer on a blind junction that is so narrow buses have to mount the pavement as it is, isn't it.....

Or there's the little gem of "well I don't see many people trying to cross". Really? And how many hours in total are you spending just watching the junction every day? Oh you mean you just drive past for no longer tha n 5 seconds occasionally?

Some of the feedback Iv seen is nonsensical rubbish, just seem bitter that someone has the audacity to use his democratic right to ask for something. Apparently I'm arrogant acording to someone above just because I have a backbone and will put my head above the parapet and just simply ask for something. Not hidden behind an alias and a keyboard angry at the world for trying to progress.

Iv also seen the reasoning that how many people have died at this crossing!? Those same people, can they tell me how many people died in Guernsey as a result of not wearing seat belts? How many people died in Guernsey as a result of a driver using their mobile phone? Do they realise the sole reason there is a crossing up the hill towards Beaucamps is because a young child was actually run over and killed there!?

All it takes is drivers to be slowed down and reminded that there is a junction ahead and people do have the ability to cross their path to enter each lane whether it's as a pedestrian or a driver. Why's that so insulting to some? Are they selfish and think the road is just for them and no one else? Would they rather wait till there is a serious accident untill something is done?

If anyone thinks I'm wrong, meet me there when traffic is on its way home from work and show me how easy it is to cross both as a driver and a pedestrian. Alternatively when you see sense, take the time to sign this petition.

An AI Forever

How many times did you cross the road in the last 10 years before the baby came along ?

Ross Le Brun

With a pram? 0

An AI Forever

That wasnt the question

Lets try again

How many times did you cross the road in the last 10 years before the baby came along ?

Ross Le Brun

Lots and because I'm relatively fit walking dogs, running races duathlon said etc and worked in the roads for 9 years traffic never fazed me. I knew to expect idiot moronic drivers and could jump or run of I had to but the reality is with a pram I/we become more vulnerable like other less fit or agile road users so now I know what others are experiencing. Shame most on here have never actually had to walk or drive across it, maybe "through" but not across. Try it during busy times...


Maybe a simple Mirror on the corner will do the trick, such as at Beau Sejour.

Ross Le Brun

Lots of simple measures like this that could be done but Mark Dorey would rather suggest using a zebra crossing that you have to walk down 3 differing roads to get to and no pavement in 2 of them.

I'd like to know how Mark thinks that's going to help drivers cross the junction to get in to the lanes!?

Or if Mark will ask the states to stop spending money on lollipop ladies in town to encourage cruise pax NOT to use the actual crossings either side.

You can't make this sh#t up.....



What you can't make up is a failed wannabe deputy demanding a crossing just so he can cross a road with his newborn. You do realise you are meant to win the election before behaving like a primadonna?

Ross Le Brun

Grow up and post that under your real name or keep your childish pointless crap to yourself


Ross perhaps you should have a deputy on your side, it seemed to work for the pavement extension at the church on the rock in New road

poor little alfie

ross - i have come across a lot of your opinion in the traditional and social media over the last few years, whether as casual-labour provider, political candidate, spokesperson (for this or that) or ordinary family bloke in the parish. some of your ideas i agree with, some i do not. on this issue i think your problem highlights the enormous elephant squatting in the room of island traffic. after 37 years of driving on guernsey i have no doubt that about 75% of all drivers, at any one time, are driving TOO FAST for the localised conditions at almost every corner and straight (and are therefore increasingly at risk of rtas with other road users, including very soft and squidgy pedestrians). the vast majority of roads are still essentially narrow lanes, albeit now with a half-decent surface. yet increasing numbers of drivers, many in increasingly large vehicles, expect (as a matter of some strange, irrational privilege that they assume comes with being in the four-wheeled extension of their own home, or with having loadsa money, or with having a life, or a child, so much more important than anyone else's, or simply having so many facebook likes) that any other poor sod, on or off the road but in their path, will dive over the hedge or drive through it, because the road belongs to that self-centered driver, and only to them. the snaky bend that you live by ross has always been dangerous if not driven through at SLOWING SPEEDSand with care. i am not sure how crossing it safely can be improved, but it is sad to see how many posters put the responsibility on the squidgy pedestrians rather than the foot-down, sod-you, 2 ton of 'i'm untouchable' metal merchants.

but ... what i really meant to say, believe it or not, was that i think it might help ross if you stop instantly fist-fighting with all and anyone who disagrees and winds you up. it is very, very easy to wind you up and your responses often end up with you insulting and abusing individuals as much as they do you. in an instant your argument is weakened or lost and will not win you much support that way (unless you are donald trump ... and you don't want to be like him, do you?). i admire you for being almost b****** naked in the media but you make yourself vulnerable. maybe make it not so much about yourself and count to ten when you think it’s personal. think – “we’re not at home to mr angry are we ross?!”

Ross Le Brun

Point taken BUT if I don't defend my opinion then the popular opinion looks like I'm worrying about nothing and then no one else speaks out because no one else wants to and no chance of anything changing.

I was very dissapointed with BBC Radio Gsy's broadcast this morning with a recorded interview done the previous day. The content of the interview I was ok with BUT they then went on to ONLY use the anti or negative comments under their Facebook post on this. They didn't bother to read or paraphrase my replies/rebukes to these and then read Mark Dorey's daft response and made light of the amount people who have signed the petition. It's like the BBC or at least the presenter was being biased and they did not agree with me. They didn't give a very fair broadcast as did not read out any of the comments that were pro safety measures or that had actual experience of using the junction. The comments read out were from people who don't use the junction to access the lanes, they just ocasionaly drive through along the main road so have no experience of the problems here.

Im just asking for something that will make my life and my fellow Guerns easier. If I'm not the man for the job to get these things done, at the very least Iv done the groundwork and raised a huge amount of awareness to them (compared to what was there) for someone better equipped to deal with PR to come along and take over. If there is anyone (and this is the issue)?


I have some sympathy with Ross here as being a fellow having walked the dog through the lanes and roads round Saumarez Park quite frequently, he is right that it can be quite challenging to cross to Rue Perruque from the telephone box. You can either try and cross on the corner, or walk further down, cross and then risk walking along the road with no pavement (something that is hazardous when you see the speed and attitude with which some peole drive along there).

However it's probably no worse than other junctions on the island where pedestrian access is less than ideal. Ross' views should not be discounted, though he can obviously see it from the perspective of a pedestrian and many of the comments above are completely ignorant of this. There are similarities to Salerie Corner here as a lot of moaners on here lack perspective when it comes to road safety, although Salerie was far more hazardous than this junction, mainly due to volume of traffic going thorugh and was rightly deemed a priority and fixed accordingly.

Hopefully there is a cost-effective solution, perhaps extending the pavement slightly or introducing traffic calming measures.



What do you think should be done exactly?


Just keep to the speed limit and to your side of the road.... White lines are a clue. Should be plenty of time to manage hazards.


Why Ross do you think a Pedestrian Crossing will solve your problem? Crossings are everywhere in the island and they are NOT a traffic calming measure. The only thing a marked crossing will do is it will assist in apportioning blame in the result of an accident.

A simple site check clearly demonstrates that there is at least 60meters visibility in either direction if you stand on the right hand side of the road at the bottom of Rue Perruque (pace it out it's quite simple). Ample distance for a vehicle to stop from even 35mph but I would suggest the majority are doing less. If they're doing more then that is the mindless moron that doesn't care and won't be told.

Crossing there is no more dangerous than walking along the pavement from the bus stop to the Travel Agent (or should we make that one-way for you as well?)

I have read through all of the posts and replies above and I thank you for so many reminders as to why I didn't vote for you in the last election. No I'm not a 'keyboard warrior' as I don't comment on here very often and all of this was done in my own time on my lunch break.

Ross Le Brun

You are wrong if you think just walking across the little lane gives you more more site down towards Cobo! You can't see the straight as you are still looking at the road curving. It's when you start crossing then get left in no man's land partly obscured to traffic coming from both sides that's the problem.

I don't mind that you didn't vote for me. I'll survive & hopefully Guernseys economy does too with so many inadequate deputies voted back in again who cost tax payers lots of money last term on "projects", "gambles" etc.

But you do fill out the criteria for being a "Keyboard Warrior" which is "typically one who conceals their true identity".

Enjoy your lunch break.


Ross - just interested to know what your solution is?

Ross Le Brun

First off some signage that reminds people there is a junction that they can't see that is coming up abruptly. Drivers need reminding that all road users, not just pedestrians need to cross their path to enter the lanes. There are no signs indicating that a junction is coming up at the moment. Mirrors maybe an idea for pedestrians to see down either side? Although they would need to be situated so far away to get site down the road that they would become pointless. Maybe a speed reduction. It is a very busy bus route and they are supposedly restricted to 25mph so also maybe between Courtil Simon Lane (just past Laumone surgery car park) and up to the triangle at Haye du Puits could be a 25mph zone. The road is narrow in this section and buses are regularly having to mount the pavement, oh and "pavement surfing" ( when two are travelling in opposite directions there is no pavement left) so a speed reduction for this short section of road would be a good idea. Mark Dorey's response was very dissapointing (but at least he and Barry responded, nothing from Lindsay de Saumarez, Sarah Hamsman Rouxel or Shane Langlois) coming from a Castel deputy. In fact I'm not sure he even knows this junction at all as in his response to me where I had invited all the E&I committee to spend a few minutes there he told me he didn't need to as he had looked on Google Earth!! Guernsey is just 24 square miles so nowhere is too far to get to and I'm presuming Mark lives in the Castel so not even out of his way and that Mark is an actual Castel deputy that is supposed to be working for his constituents yet his response was to decline and just look at a map online from the comfort of a chair somewhere. You don't or can't realise, appreciate, comprehend how bad this junction is, not just for pedestrians but for motorists who have to drive across the blind flow of traffic unless you actually go there during busy traffic periods and experience trying to cross it for yourself. This is why my first idea was to actually get the committee responsible for the safety of Guernsey road users to visit the site.

The other junction where pedestrians have to cross to get in to the Park grounds needs a zebra and maybe an extension of the pavement to get further down the road to cross so not next to a junction. They could use the same brilliant technique they used down the Friquet of a painted white line and some painted pedestrian figures..... To cross from Haye du Puits across Route de Cobo to the Park? That could be a straight courtesy crossing because pedestrians can be seen stood waiting either side if driving up from Route de Cobo but also would need signage and maybe a speed reduction leading to it, maybe a barrier to stop pedestrians walking straight out from the park on the corner straight in front of a vehicle travelling up from Cobo like there is outside Cambridge park to cross to Fosse Andre. The same measures for the wooden gate that you walk out of the park on to Route de Cobo to get to Rouette de la Genarotte too.

Probably all these road names and junctions are leaving people wondering where they are and this is the issue with people commenting on something they are not familiar with or the associated issues. How many times do I have to read "I drive past there and don't see any problems". Try actually using the junctions not just glancing at them as you drive past.....


Ross I lived near that area for some 8 years and I NEVER had a problem in crossing the road. You have ample visibility to see what traffic is coming either way and to suggest that something needs to be done to help you cross the road with a pram is just a waste of taxpayers money. As others have said why is it now that you are having a winge after living there for some 10 years. Alternative is sellup and move somewhere else where you don't have these issues. The roads are tiny here so whatever you suggest isn't going to fix your problem, so Ross just get over it.


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Whilst I don't see anything wrong with Ross raising this as a potential issue, his abusive responses to some posters are highly unlikely to endear him to the electorate. We already have at least one deputy who treats the public with distain #barrybrehaut

John R Andiwale

Ask Jeremy Clarkson.