Ice Maiden Rin hopes to make Antarctic five

GUERNSEY woman Rin Cobb has completed her third and final training expedition in Norway for Exercise Ice Maiden.

Rin Cobb on her final Ice Maiden's training expidition in Norway.

The Army medic and dietician and has been training for the exercise, which will see a team of five Army women travel through Antarctica over 75 days, for more than a year now.

In that time she has completed a huge amount of fitness and strength training and worked through the three expeditions.

Currently a team of seven, she will continue her training until the final selection of the team of five is announced.

Private Cobb, 35, is a combat medical technician in the Royal Army Medical Corps and is based at 7 Rifles Reserves. She said she felt privileged to have made it this far in the process.

‘I spent many a day [on the expedition] thinking back to this time last year when 24 from an initial 250 applicants, headed out to Norway for the first time and how far we’ve come as a team since then,’ she said.

‘From learning how to use the stove – I burnt a hole in our tent the first time – to being able to confidently get it going while still in my sleeping bag.’

On the expedition Private Cobb has just completed, she and her six teammates skied more than 463kms in 21 days and ascended more than 6000m all while pulling 50kg pulks [a type of sled].

She said to call it tough would be an understatement.