Alderney ‘given harsh treatment’ by population law

KEEPING proposals such as the Alderney resident policy under strict wraps until it is too late to alter them is ‘hardly a shining example of openness or transparency’, Peter Roffey has said, as he criticised the options available to those living in that island.

Deputy Peter Roffey believes the Population Management Law is 'harsh' on Alderney

Home Affairs has released the details of the policy, which is part of the new population management law, following calls from Deputy Roffey.

The policy states that a person looking to relocate to Guernsey from Alderney for further education, training or employment should:

Have 14 consecutive years’ ordinary residence in the Bailiwick immediately prior to accessing a permit under the policy.

Have been resident in the Bailiwick before their 18th birthday, in the household of their parents.

Be under the age of 30 at the time of the permit application.

Also, if the person is relocating to Guernsey from Alderney for further education or training, they must be able to show that they have been offered a place on a recognised course, or if they are relocating for employment, they must be employed in a job that would need an employment permit for the first five years.

Deputy Roffey believes the rules are ‘harsh’ in a number of areas and has criticised the fact they have not been publicised in draft form.

Comments for: "Alderney ‘given harsh treatment’ by population law"

Don Tramp

Thats spiteful particularly as they will still import the cheapest labour from anywhere in the world to clean the latrines.


Is it just 'too much' to ask of Guernsey resident politicians to 'give relatively 'little' Alderney a helping hand.? The answer seems to be 'YES' ? If so, 'what miserable minds' ??


The terms are what Alderney's States asked for. Of course they are not gifted with Deputy Roffey's wisdom and knowledge of Alderney affairs.


Who, on behalf of Alderney, asked for these terms? And why has this had such little publicity in Alderney itself.? And being sarcastic about Deputy Roffey gains nothing.