Air Alderney approached to tender for routes

AIR ALDERNEY has indicated that it might tender for Alderney’s lifeline routes to Guernsey and Southampton once its Jersey and Cherbourg links are established.   

One of the Islander aircraft Air Alderney intends to use being refurbished

Alastair Ford, head of shareholder executive at States’ Trading Assets, contacted the director of the fledgling airline, Julian Storey, as part of a ‘soft market testing’ exercise. Guernsey aims to develop a public service obligation deal with the airline operating the Alderney routes, which would set out agreed service levels and cap ticket pricing. The routes, to Guernsey and Southampton, would first be put out to tender.

The States of Guernsey has approached Air Alderney to see if it would be interested in tendering for the Alderney routes and what would be acceptable and unacceptable to them if they were to take them on.

The news that Guernsey had made the approach came as a surprise to the States of Alderney as they had not been informed about the process.

Mr Ford wrote: ‘The States of Guernsey (the island’s government) is giving preliminary consideration to the possibility of seeking tenders for the operation of air services between Alderney and Guernsey and between Alderney and Southampton on a public service obligation basis.’

He said the purpose of the communication was to enable them to develop their tender specification which would satisfy their requirements and what potential bidders would be able to offer. They wanted a show of ‘market appetite’ and details about the commercial model on which the bidder might base their offer.

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This is all very interesting, but Air Alderney have been very quiet the past three or four weeks on their social media sites... deadly quiet. No word from them since the beginning of March, ( after being pretty active during February ), and I have not seen any news in the Press, ( Gazette ), regarding route license applications.

Has the project been shelved ?


Probably getting all their ducks in a row, before committing themselves.


Well they appear to have lost Julian Storey as a director, (and the main push behind the social media side by the look of things) according to last Alderney Press.


Was there ever anybody other than Julian Storey behind "Air Alderney"?

Has there been an application for an Air Operators Certificate?

There is no chance now of Air Alderney starting services this side of the summer season as originally planned, and in all likelyhood, little chance of it ever starting.

The community in Alderney should not raise there hopes that this outfit might solve there transport issues.


Yes its not looking likely that Air Alderney will start up at all, also havnt heard anymore about the air taxi operator Waves...Looks like that is not happening either.