Independent report says no to Alderney runway extension plan

THE prospect of an extension to Alderney Airport’s runway has been shelved indefinitely after publication of a report weighing up various options with different costs.


The York Aviation report recommends that of the five options identified, the second cheapest is the most appropriate.

That recommends basic resurfacing of all the paved surfaces, including widening the runway to 23m, along with improving lighting and augmenting drainage. It puts the cost at between £7.2m and £9.5m.

Extending the runway to 1100m was all but ruled out as the cost – put at £19m. and £26m. – was impossible to justify against the modest economic benefits that the reviewers believed the runway alone was likely to bestow.

The reviewers estimated that carrying out the work would be to 2-2.75 times as much as on the mainland.

The reviewers did, however, say that works should be carried out as soon as possible.

‘We are aware that discussions regarding the refurbishment of the runway have been going on for some time, during which the runway condition will have deteriorated further,’ they wrote in their conclusion.

‘Hence, given the concerns about service reliability and resilience, it appears to us important that the refurbishment works are undertaken as soon as possible lest further delay, whilst the provision of an extended runway is deliberated further, leads to the more occasions when the runway is not operationally fit for aircraft to land.’


Comments for: "Independent report says no to Alderney runway extension plan"


Good. That's the crazy idea of a longer runway put to bed. Now it's time to stop prevaricating and get the existing runway fit for purpose. Then all we'll need is a half-decent airline, flying appropriate aircraft, with Alderney as it's main priority.


I agree with Woodman, about the runway. Which really does not take much thinking about, yet has meandered on for ages..

How to achieve the bit about the airline is something else. Until Alderney has daily flights to Guernsey, Jersey, Southampton, and La Rochelle, it will continue to decline. And using aircraft that are fit for purpose, including Medevac. The Dorniers have been a big mistake, and we would be much better off with Trislanders, or similar. But, big BUT, who is responsible? .

This has been a problem for years, and a major contribution to the decline of Alderney. Yet the silly thing is that the more people who fly to Alderney benefit the airline, and Alderney. So why do not SofA and Aurigny form a working partnership, and sort it! Not throw bits of paper at each other - define the flight requirements, destinations, frequencies, passenger volumes, fares, advertising, etc. In a form of partnership with benefits to both partners.

Or, if Aurigny is not open to that, look again at the proposal made by the Alderney Pressure Group, which had strong public support when they made their proposals. But SofA did not follow up. And we have lost a few years.. How many more years, and how much more decline?