Problems for Condor Liberation

CONDOR Liberation has had serious problems today which have impacted on tomorrow's sailings.


During her run to Poole this evening a problem was found with the starboard engine cooling system. This followed one with a fuel pipe earlier in the day.

Liberation completed the crossing at 12 knots or less.

Engineers are working to fix the problems, but to keep within crew hours regulations Saturday's sailings have been amended, the tidal nature of Jersey's harbour adding to the difficulties.

Passengers who had booked a day trip have taken to social media to complain as with the revised schedule Liberation is not due to arrive in Jersey until 6pm.

If you have been affected, email with a contact number.

Comments for: "Problems for Condor Liberation"


How many more nails does the Liberation need in it`s coffin before Condor bury it at sea.


Same old problems - same excuses I expect - pity its the same MD

Cher Eugene

How sad; the weather cannot be blamed!!

I travelled on the Clipper, Tuesday night and Thursday daytime. It was hard to tell that one was on a ship the ride was so steady.

The route to the UK will not work properly until there are two passenger ferries running in the daytime; clearance to sail in seven metre waves and berth in fifty knot winds. I am tempted to add "and Jersey dredge an approach channel and mooring that can allow it to be used by vessels up to eight metres draft" but I will see airborne porkers before that happens.


Totally agree about the Clipper - I've said on pretty rough seas and yet it's still steady enough for people to be buying curry and chips from the canteen and not hurling it up 10 minutes later.

To be fair, the last time I sailed on the Liberation in late December it was an equally excellent trip - although the sea was like a millpond on that occasion and the boat only about a quarter full.


Re,scheduled that's ok then she won't be late on time again that's how you get good end of year stats to sound good a very reliable boat really...not.

Donkey Boiler

Same old red herring excuses, whether valid or not: crew hours and tides in Jersey. How about the wrong sort of sea water? You can have that one for nothing Mr Luxon.

Rocquaine Pirate

Yes Condor has problems but Jersey harbour is not fit for purpose, if the boot was on the other foot I am sure they would be pushing us for changes.

Come on Jersey get your act together you are compounding problems with sea travel.

Donkey Boiler


Yes, I agree Jersey's 12+ metre tidal range causes problems, I am talking about when Condor use that excuse outside the low tide period. The 'crew hours' excuse is also used deceptively, yes there are restrictions, but Condor sometimes use the excuse simply to delay the vessel to bring it back on schedule. 'Adverse tides' is also rolled out, but they never tell us when tides are 'favourable'. Condor are masters of spin.


More dreadful service. They're happily dropping us all in Poole at 00:10 in the morning each evening now. That's great for the families with children isn't it. Welcome to your hotel at 2am or later!

When are our useless politicians going to do something??


We would be better off building a bridge to France, you donkeys and the Condor not fit

for purpose vessel , would not be missed in Jersey


I can't ever recall the old Courier not sailing,rough and ready ship,but always made it!As I have said before,can't fault the Crew of Condors,but the "ships"!


Come on Mr Ferbrache lets see you fight for the Guernseyman and get another carrier which you say would be willing to run to the Island, I believe you said there were 3 interested well let's get one of them we are not committed to Condor like Jersey and they certainly do not care a dam about us.

Weymouth Guernsey / St. Malo and if the vessel is right it could call into Alderney twice a week.

So let's see a States Member earning our hard earned cash which pay their excessive wages for doing nothing.

I will not hold my breath because it is a bit of the old boys act Luxon and Co all in each other's pockets.


We were in exactly the same position last year, remember Kev telling us not to panic as he'd sorted out alternative transport should the Libby let us down, incredibly, the tub managed to get thru Easter without any problems. it later transpired no such deal was on the table.


Liberation simply not fit for purpose. Condor run like a banana republic. Luxon is out of his depth. Ferbrache and co impotent. States of Guernsey unable to influence matters. Beyond useless.

Donkey Boiler

For three days Liberation operates SIX HOURS BEHIND ADVERTISED SCHEDULE, that is the schedule that passengers expected would be followed when they spent their hard earned cash on tickets. BUT, because the tub has been RESCHEDULED then the sailings that dump passengers in Poole at 00:10 instead of 18:10 are not recorded in Condor's statistics as 'late'.


Donkey Boiler absolutely spot on but our useless States refuse to acknowledge this . Condor all smoke and mirrors and will bring GUernsey's declining tourism industry to its knees

Cher Eugene

I have just received an email from Condor offering half-price day return tickets to Jersey. I checked one of the offered dates, 15th June, and the timetables informed me I would arrive in Jersey at 13.00 and depart at 14.00!!!!

What on earth are they smoking or drinking to cause them imagine that anyone in their right mind would go to Jersey simply to spend an hour in the ferry terminal????????

When will the states call them to account for their lunatic decisions???????????????

Small wonder that Education was a mess for the last States term.


And don't forget to check in for your return 'voyage' by 13.20 at the latest. Let's just hope it doesn't turn up late or there won't be time for you to get off and get straight back on again.

Totally pathetic. No proper ferry company would behave like this and no professional government would let them get away with it if they did.


To be fair that's more than ample time to sample the highlights of St Helier!


Whilst on holiday in Guernsey in last summer, we tried to book a day trip to Jersey, I had already worked out from the timetable this was going to be impossible but thought I would check with the Condor office just in case I was wrong. The look on the staff faces when I asked was a picture, before most of them exited through the back door, leaving a young lady colleague stuttering for an answer in front of me, I think they were expecting an argument. At the same time, there was no boats to Alderney, the Trident had just hit rocks near Herm and and my wife had an argument with one of the Sark boat crew as we were pushed out of the queue whilst waiting over on Sark. All in all, a bit of a Shambles really, will we return to Guernsey for a holiday ? - jury is still out on that one.


Traveling between Guernsey and Jersey has become unbearable. You've got Blue Islands charging extortionate prices for a 10 minute hop on a plane which came from some middle-eastern airline you've never heard of. Then you have Condor with this disastrous ferry selling badly timed trips between the islands. I don't understand what prevents Condor from using the Rapide or even the Liberation when it works to operate a morning Jersey-Guernsey or Guernsey-Jersey, then allowing people to return the same day on the Clipper. Time for


Start of season and it's already knackered, time for someone 'to stick the boot in' and get it sorted.

Note to editor of GP, you may want to consider only writing when the Liberation sails on time and there are no delays, you'll save a fortune on ink!


To make the weekend worse for them, the Advertising Standards Agency have told Condor to change their adverts advertising ridiculous and unobtainable ticket prices.

Hope they're spending the £1m on advertising this year on making their adverts legal!

Nice One

The ASA should also make them drop the 'Good Times' strapline.....its not good arriving into Poole at 00:10 with very tired and grumpy kids.

Great start to a holiday...............


Its about time the ASA took an interest in Condor's claims and how they contrast with reality. Aurigny are nearly as bad, they were quite happy to sell flights with 'free refreshments onboard' knowing full well that they would be axing them from May 1st. How many thousands of people has the States owned business ripped off with this one minor piece of chicanery?