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Common sense

More bad news, what makes a good government, good opposition, at this time we have neither. May will win without breaking a sweat and it will leave the door open for her to inflict her personal vision on Brexit on everyone.

I respect the brexit vote, I have a problem with how the government are dealing with it, two of the four high street bank are already moving a large percentage of thier business out of London. Brexit didn't mean leave the single market that is the governments choice.

The voters in the UK are stuffed they have the choice of voting for a govenment that is out of touch with the people; in her Easter speach 'people are coming to gether after brexit' just look at the the threads on this site', it's just more lies from the brexiteers (e.g. Scotland asking for a second independence referendum) perhaps she should have the slogan 'the country is coming together' on a side of a bus. Or a vote for Corbin the worst labour leader in modern history with no economic acumen (today promising more pay rises).


Anyone who voted leave thinking that Brexit didn't almost certainly mean leaving the single market was deluding themselves. When viewed within the context of the broader objectives of the EU - namely the creation of a federal Europe - it would be political suicide for the EU to roll over and allow the UK to retain membership of the single market whilst at the same time restricting things like freedom of movement.

After all, what kind of message would that send to other EU nations? If the UK got that kind of a "have your cake and eat it" deal, I'd be asking what's the point of being a member of the EU if you could have the perks without the responsibilities? Sounds a bit like paying someone a salary without actually expecting them to do any work.

Whilst there is a possibility that the UK might negotiate a deal to get some form of access; given the inevitable conditions attached to membership of the single market, I think Theresa May got it spot on making leaving it the starting point for the negotiating process.

Common sense


The referendum did not give a mandate to leave the single market even Cameron when campaigning did not expect to exit the single market but agree a deal similar to Norway.

I was for the remain side but get feed up,with people labaling those who voted for brexit as stupid or racist, many of those who voted for brexit did so for reasons that had nothing to do with immigration and you can understand why people wanted to leave (I would rather had stayed in and help change things that are wrong with the EU from inside). Immigration has just been used to try an justify a hard brexit, now even the brexit minister has admitted immigration will continue and numbers will have to rise at times.

My biggest fear is that the government who have been pressed by the cross party commitee to produce a report of a no deal scenario are scared of what the findings will be so want to power to push on anyway hence calling the election.


Common sense

Whilst the referendum didn't give an explicit mandate to leave the single market; it seemed pretty obvious that would very likely be one of the consequences.

As I said, anyone who voted leave seriously thinking the UK could leave the EU and yet retain all the perks of membership was either ignorant or naive about what the EU is, how it functions and what its objectives are.

Common sense


There is no reason that we cannot remain in the single market, yes we would have to pay and keep with the four freedoms but law making and sovereignty would still return to the UK, as you say any deal made by the government is not going retain the perks of the free trade benifits we enjoy now or be anywhere close to it and that cannot be good for either party the UK or EU, everyone is going to lose economically, there are going to be no winners.

100% Donkey

Common sense

I respect your opinion and it's good to hear a Remainer who's fed up with Brexiteers getting labelled.

The UK will never have access to either the Single Market or the Customs Union without having EU conditions attached to it. Like PLP has quite rightly said, it would be the end of the EU if they roll over. Given the intransigence of Brussels, you can also forget reform.

I also think TM has got it right and we now have France and the UK going to the polls - will be interesting in the weeks ahead. Either way I don't think Brexit is good for these Islands but time will tell.....

Island Wide Voting

With any luck Uncle Gavin will make a similar announcement giving us a chance to put right the calamitous mistakes made on 27/4/16

Common sense

We can live in hope


If only that were possibly.....


We can dream...


Gosh, more voting in the er United Kingdom, ? not long ago, the Referendum voting, now on Thursday more voting on Thursday the 8th of June, a General Election vote. ! Theresa May obviously has big problems in making the United Kingdom, less Disunited Kingdom. ? Will the 8th of June, solve her problem,? probably not.!! If 'foreigners coming in the Country, is her problem, and she would like them to 'get out' then all the best soccer players in the Premier League, including their managers must 'get out' because they are foreigners as well. ? Gosh, we would then have to 'put up' with English players only.! what a drop in standards of ability.!! The last and only time England won the Soccer World Cup was 1966.? a very close game, even with home advantage at Wembley Stadium.!


There are also mayoral and local government elections in May.

The country has gone vote crazy!


Poor old Reg, showing himself up as the class dunce once more. Not only do you completely fail to understand how any form of managed immigration might work, football is beyond you too. Even if every single Premier League player was foreign, how on earth could that possibly help England to win the World Cup? Foreign players would obviously be playing for their own national teams, as usual, against England.


One must ask Deputy Matt Fallaize what is the procedure in calling a snap deputy`s election to force island wide voting as an importance to bring in strong leadership with full local working knowledge of this islands interest.

We have wrongly elected on personality rather than get down and go and lets show Guernsey we are here for prosperity with reserves going on health education and welfare for this islands needs and not wasted as the previous and present government have shown. The cobwebs have now appeared. Time to brush them away.


I don't think Gav will be calling an election until he absolutely has to. Unlike May, who is confident an election will strengthen her position, this shower will hang around like a bad smell until the very last moment. Turkeys do not vote for Christmas.


War is not possible within the EU - so get out quick and commit suicide!


A bit like the Pax Romana eh Donald?


Poor old Beanjar, obviously been eating too many Beanjars. ? still so full of gas.! His post 19th April.!! misunderstanding yet again. Obviously 'foreign players' play for their own Country at International level. Hence, English players play, for who do you think Beanjar ? answer England.! That explains results.! Turning to your 'form of managed immigration might work', are you able to enlighten and explain' your thoughts.? There might be a position for you in the 'new' Theresa May Cabinet, sitting next to Boris Johnson, two 'Old Etonians' together. ??


The rubbish you write might make sense to you, but it is raving nonsense to those of us who are sane.

Le Goubert

Good to see Nigel Farage jumping the sinking Brexit ship by not having the bottle to stand in the General Election. No doubt Nigey baby doesn't want to lose his fat pay cheque from the corrupt EU.

And not forgetting Theresa May who is too frightened to take part in a TV debate with Bonkers Jeremy and the homophobic Liberal leader Farron.

Just what are these two so frightened of, when according to The Scum and The Daily Fail they've got the election all wrapped up?


Brexit negotiations when they start, 27 Countries (the remaining E.U.) with a combined population in excess of four hundred and fifty millions (excluding the U.K) against just one Country (the U.K. likely to exclude Scotland ) of slightly less than sixty millions. ? Who really has the 'numbers and the powers' in the negotiations, ? who will be able to 'put on the squeezers' the most. ? Beanjar will predictably say "The U.K will 'kill em'. ? Others will say, 'the U.K will stop buying all those new cars from Germany.? yes, but the U.K no longer manufactures British cars, as in the old days, so where are those 'new' cars coming from then.? Italy, (E.U. member ?) Sweden, (E.U. member.?) oh sorry, I forgot a Lada, (Russia!!)



The U.K. market is a very significant one for European manufacturers. They will not want to fight trade tariffs. BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen all sell a huge number of cars in Britain. France - Peugeot, Citroen, Renault - likewise.

You don't appear to have heard of the Asian car industry - Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Mitsibushi, Daihatsu, Hyundai, Kia - large numbers sold in Guernsey you know. That's where Britain would buy cars from if trade tariffs came in with the EU.

Oh, and the Americans make cars as well. Could be very attractive for them to make right hand drive cars for the U.K. market.


You really are a pathetic old scare-monger, aren't you? Oooh the EU are big scary bullies! Should we give them all our dinner money in case they beat us up, then? Why don't you grow up and grow a pair? The UK imports twice as much as it exports. The UK does have a bargaining position because member countries need to sell their stuff and the UK can choose who it buys from. You may have never negotiated anything more than the price of a pint, fortunately better qualified people have. In the absence of a better deal, WTO tariffs worked perfectly well before UK joined the EU and they still do. On most items they are just a few percent. And will be reciprocal, so we will be charging twice as much as we pay. I'm not scared of them, there is nothing to be done except wait and see anyway.

Your childish and one sided tattle gets very tedious. So we won't be able to buy any cars except ladas, eh? What a pathetic lie, many of us already own cars from outside the EU such as my Mazda, next door's Sabaru and the family down the road's Lexus etc. etc. You're fooling nobody, can't you ever give it a rest with your puerile lefty propaganda?


Obviously, nobody takes much notice of your nonsense, Reg. But I did just spot yet another of your huge lies - "...the U.K no longer manufactures British cars".

According to recent AA figures, your porkies just keep getting bigger:- "More than 70 different models are built in the UK by more than 30 manufacturers .... UK car manufacturing output in November 2016 was higher than at any time since 1999".

If you were interested in anything other than spreading malicious, treacherous propaganda you would check the facts you publish. If this was wartime, you would be locked up. Fortunately, we're not and most of us expect nothing better from the likes of you.


If we were all "beanjars" what a wonderful place the world would be.He knows everything,is allowed to put insulting items on here,wonder why?And anyone with his own views on the world,particularlytheE U,is a waster.But one day the truth will out!But HE will still be right!


Compared with your drivel - yes, I am right. So is virtually everybody else. In contrast to you doom-laden, lefty propagandists I am interested in the truth.


Beanjar of ALL the posts, your contribution is ALWAYS so polite, and well expressed.?

They really make clear that you are a VERY well eductated Guernsey Gentleman. I understand that you have never become a Guernsey politician, which is such a shame, because mistakes could then never happen whilst you are contributing to the debates. !

You really are a wonderful supporter of 'free speech' and obviously are not 'entirely one-eyed like Admiral Nelson. As for 'free speech' so many have died to protect that freedom. You are a supporter of free speech, I assume. ? Bully Boys and Dictators, of course, most certainly deplore it.??


No problem with free speech, so long as that privilege is not abused by lying propagandists. That includes YOU, Reg: "... the U.K no longer manufactures British cars" Which is comprehensively refuted by the AA, and I trust them a lot more than I believe a single thing you say. Rather than just climb down and admit that you made that 'fact' up, you compound your lies with your usual vague, groundless, slurs and abuse. Then you embarrass yourself further by waving the old "I'm a patriot, really" flag. Pathetic. I'm having trouble working out which of you 'usual suspects' is actually the lowest of the low, its a tough choice.


Beanjar, please, just for once, at least attempt to 'stop splitting hairs'.! The U.K quite simply does not 'manufacture motor cars' 'to the same extent as the old days of The British Motor Corporation . The U.K 'used to be' a major manufacturer, before the decline. ! Before you 'start on" lying propagandists," just name ONE U.K Manufacturer, to compare with Mercedes, B.M.W. Audi, Porsche. ?? You sound too young to remember Austin, Morris, Vauxhall, Hillman, Rover, Triumph. Just a thought, but I very much hope that you admire the current semi-finalists in the European Soccer Cup, 'Real Madrid, Athletico Madrid, (Spain) Juventus, (Italy) Monaco, (France). All E.U. Countries.! Such consistent ability, very high achievers. Just, for once, try to admire it.?


But you ARE a lying propagandist who never misses an opportunity to do Britain down! This is from the AA, 11 January 2017:-

"Supporting UK manufacturing

Car models to consider if you want to buy British

Our automotive industry turned over more than £71 billion in 2015 and employs more than 800,000 people including 169,000 directly in manufacturing.

There's very strong foreign demand for British-built cars:

More than 1.6 million cars were produced here in the first 11 months of 2016

Almost four fifths (78%) was exported

UK car manufacturing output in November 2016 was higher than at any time since 1999

More than half of exports were to the European Union

More than 2 million engines were produced in the UK

More than 70 different models are built in the UK by more than 30 manufacturers.

British owned:

Morgan Motor Company Ltd (Aero 8, Plus 8, Roadster, Plus 4, 4/4, 3 wheeler)

Caterham Cars Ltd (Seven)

Mclaren Automotive (570S, 540C, 570GT, 650S, 675LT and P1)

Made in Britain:

MINI – MINI, MINI Clubman and MINI Countryman, in Cowley, Oxford

Honda – Civic and CR-V in Swindon

Toyota – Auris, Auris hybrid and Avensis in Burnaston, Derbyshire

Nissan – Juke, Qashqai, Note and Leaf and Infiniti Q30 in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

Lotus – Elise, Evora and Exige in Norfolk

Aston Martin – DB9, Vantage, Rapide, Vanquish, and DB11 in Gaydon, Warwickshire

Bentley Motors – Continental, Flying Spur and Mulsanne in Crewe, Cheshire

Rolls Royce – Ghost and Wraith in Goodwood, West Sussex

Jaguar – F-Pace and XE in Solihull, and F-type, XJ, XF and XE in Castle Bromwich, Birmingham

Land Rover – Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque in Halewood, Merseyside, and Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Land Rover Defender in Solihull, West Midlands

Vauxhall – Astra at Ellesmere Port and Vivaro van in Luton"

Just stop spreading your depressing lies and I won't need to keep correcting you.