First quarter bus total the best of this decade

THE number of people travelling by bus in the first three months of the year was the highest this decade.

Environment & Infrastructure president Barry Brehaut, who with his vice-president Mark Dorey has placed several amendments to the Policy & Resource Plan. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 16575886)

A total of 327,723 people travelled on scheduled services during the first three months of 2017, representing an increase of 35,169 over 2016.

The number of passengers went up by 11,738 in January, 7,281 in February and 16,150 in March.

The number of fare-paying passengers increased by 8,568 journeys.

Environment and Infrastructure president Barry Brehaut said further improvement on last year’s record-setting passenger figures were encouraging to see.

‘The figures demonstrate that a punctual, reliable, well-funded service is a real benefit to the community,’ he said.

The most significant rise during the first quarter was in student travel outside of school times, which rose by 20,145 journeys.

Those in full-time education can apply for a free pass to travel on all services before 10pm.

‘It is particularly encouraging to see so many students using the service on a regular basis too, a welcome respite perhaps for the taxi of mum and dad,’ said Deputy Brehaut.

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I'll take this with a pinch of salt... I think they said they were changing the way statistics are collected because of the new ticket machines. I'm sure it was something along the lines that previously if you had to transfer busses to get to your destination it was counted as one passenger/journey for the entire trip, whereas now every time you change buses it counts you as a new passenger so the figures are inflated.


Very encouraging as now States employee`s are now being charged for parking at their work place and now using a reliable bus service to work to avoid paid parking at their work place. Now is the time for us to see the benefits of not wasting fuel being able to park and pay bills and visit family in hospital at these empty parking spaces.

Will the new buses be able to do a service via Victoria Road Deputy Brehaut?

Ross Le Brun

Is that you Barry?

Common sense

Instead of this meaningless figure how about some real stats

1) what percentage of seat capacity is being used?

2) how much is each passenger subsidised?

3) how many of hose using the bus are riding for free e.g. Under 16s?


Exactly, real world figures are what's needed but then this is Barry ( it will cost what it will cost) Brehaut we are talking about. Now he is trying to make out he finds the cruise ship £1 round island trip wrong while he instigated it in the first place. Similar to his recent poor us response to the request for help with the bathing pools when only a few weeks before he was overspending on his simple Salarie project ( nice landscaping by the way I'm sure she who creates road safety videos for 4 year olds is enjoying the weeds). Stop the self PR on any news stories BB it's having the opposite effect to what you were hoping for.

Oh, by the way any chance you might consider people's safety by attending to the dangerous lines by Town church that YOU instigated last term.? You


The flat fare for a round island trip was instigated before Barry was even in the states, let alone a member of the Environment department ......

Devil's Advocate

3) The number of paid fares are up by 8,000 or so, the question was asked on Radio Guernsey.

It doesn't matter that much whether passengers pay or not, the simple fact is that it's getting cars off the roads or people spending money locally.


Exactly right DA, we all benefit from bus usage, whether we're the ones using the service or not. Some people seem to think that it should be run as a money making enterprise, without thinking about the non-monetary benefits it provides that island.

Common sense

So the number of extra users who didn't pay was 24,000 most of the passenger increase. If they charged the even a pound over a year it would contribute over £90,000 and ease the burden on the taxpayer.

You state it gets people out of cars, who says that before the free travel for under 16s that they didn't walk or cycle.

DA there is no justification for the amount spent on subsidising the busses as it can be clearly seen by the public other than peak times the busses are empty and use a very large engine to transport those that would fill a single car, far more damaging to the environment.

There is no cost benifit to the public for the service and BB refuses to cut unused services and try and restrain the ever expanding cost of running the service.

Asdfgn why shouldn't it be run as a private business and stop part of my taxes going to something that is of little or no use to me just to support BBs environmental vision.


Common sense

The reason the bus service shouldn't be run as a private business is because it is beneficial for society as a whole, and will become more popular with time, but requires some initial investment to get going. This is something that wouldn't be done by a private company, as the pay off is too far down the line. You might as well ask why we don't privatise every public service. The benefit to society is relatively large compared to the subsidy provided, and when usage grows the subsidy (per passenger) will reduce. Everyone on this island complains about traffic, but doesn't seem willing to do anything about it.

While you point out that the increase in users could be partially attributed to the free passes; as you mentioned before, the buses are usually not full, so the additional cost of this is effectively zero. And the benefit is that there are fewer cars on the road, as mum and dad won't need to ferry their children around. Seems like a good deal to me. Especially considering how much people like to moan about school traffic etc.

While we're talking about the taxpayer subsidising other people's transport, how about we privatise public parking? I imagine the states could claw back a decent amount of money from that. Seems unfair for me and other bus users to be paying for other people's parking spaces. Wouldn't you agree?

Common sense


We already pay for parking through the fuel levy that has already made the price per litre mor tham the UK.

We will have to disagree about privatisation as the provide it and they will come has clearly not worked and also about the benifit to society being financially worth it, the empty busses argue against that fact.


Common sense

Fuel duty doesn't in any way go towards paying for parking, it barely covers the cost of maintaining the roads, not to mention the other hidden costs of car use. If you look at other countries people pay £10 a day to park, I highly doubt many islanders are paying ~£2500 in fuel tax.

As I said before the buses are not, and never were, going to be full instantaneously. That was expected, which is why it isn't possible for it to be run privately. It takes time for people to adjust their lifestyles; but looking at other countries that have made the leap it is clear that the effort is worth it in the long run. Reduced air pollution, shorter journey times, more efficient use of existing infrastructure, reduced road wear, the list goes on. And if people do want to use their own vehicles they'll benefit from the reduced traffic as well, as long as they're prepared to pay the full cost of that decision, and don't expect the taxpayer to foot the bill for an activity that solely benefits them (such as free parking).

Common sense


Of course the fuel levy pays for the upkeep of the car parks (over£100,000,000 per year) so drivers are already paying more than is fair. The money is more than enough and that is why GSP keeps on increasing it for other projects.

The busses will never be full as they cannot cater for needs of the majority of the public, the numbers are increasing from cruise ship passengers and under 16s (until the get their motor scooter or cars).

There is no evidence to support your supposition that car usage has been reduced by the bus service, there are more cars on the road than ever before.

You mention air pollution - the empty busses are doing exactly that.


With an increase of 20000 free trips by kids out of school times, it could mean that kids are using their free passes for a short trip instead of walking.

I do not see this reducing car usage.

Overall, I hope that the bus service does increase in popularity but these statistics mean pretty little.

Common sense

Instead of this meaningless figure how about some real stats

1) what percentage of seat capacity is being used?

2) how much is each passenger subsidised?

3) how many us the bus are riding for free e.g. Under 16s?

Common sense

Don't know what happen here

Also should say those not hose

Donkey Boiler

Should the good people of St Peter Port finally come to their senses and kick Bazman out in 2020, he may be in line for CEO of Condor. They're always looking for spin masters and purveyors of bovine excrement, and Luxon is looking burnt out.

Island Wide Voting

It's a big ask when so many small minds will be concentrating on self preservation,but fingers crossed that a sufficient number of our glorious leaders will reject Uncle Matt's cunning plan of offering such a smorgasbord of choices on island wide voting that the status quo wins the day by default

If at least 21 of our ISLAND leaders confine such skullduggery to the bin then in 2020 the good sensible people of the former mini-districts of Castel, South East, St Peter Port North, St Sampsons,Vale and West will have their shackles removed and finally let free to join those in St Peter Port South in showing their appreciation of Uncle Baz' efforts


I don't believe a single word that comes out of BB's mouth, it's all self-aggrandising propaganda. If he didn't mention how much we are now subsidising the joke bus service by, we can safely assume it is increasing - yet again.

Common sense

The problem is that when BB stood for his current position he said at paid parking would be off the agenda for THIS term, this is the ground work for after the next election and these figures will be used to justify his argument people will use free busses, the fact the majority using the free service are under 16 is irrelevant to him just as the fact the majority of commuters still require a car rough necessity - wilful blindness to the realities of the situation.

Donkey Boiler

He also is too dim to see that less fuel duty means less money for the buses. GSP seems to think it's ok to just increase fuel duty as consumption falls, but surely even he can see that there is a limit to that particular strategy.

Roffey and Brehaut, and like minded liberals in the States, are a bunch of hypocrites. They want everyone to use small cars, UNLESS they can pay for the privelege. Suddenly the large cars belonging to the wealthy are perfectly acceptable, but it is an abomination for the plebs to drive one. They should just stand on the pavement tugging their forelocks at their betters as they pass by in Range Rover luxury.

The police are complicit, they choose to ignore the 25 mph limit on heavy vehicles, which includes a good many large cars. There is no justification in their ignoring that particular road traffic law.


They may say they want us to use small cars but when we do and do all the other energy efficiency excercises we choose to do because it's the right thing to do we are penalised with higher fuel tariffs because we are not using enough fuel!!!! How about a bit of joined up, see it through to its ultimate conclusion policy making unlike what the policy by Google brigade do now. We need a real, sensible , intelligent President of E&I not this antagonistic " what trouble can I cause now" ...........I'll let you all fill in the spaces. How's the weeds at Salarie BB?


It's may be Baz' way with figures as in it costs what it costs and its not taxpayers money.

The passenger numbers are from Baz' own calculator, when 2+2 =10, 10×2 =200 and anyone getting into a bus takes the 2 steps walks to a seat and sits down = 5.

He should go up the Airport and use my calculator and he will find only a maximum of 3 passengers per bus.

What a waste of 3.6 m when we have no money for sea walls and let them fall down.

If we get all the cars off the roads who pays the subsidiaries for the buses?

Island Wide Voting

Baz and Peter Roffey are the phone-in guests on Sunday 23rd

Totally voluntarily and certainly not reluctantly, and even if there was a small fee "It's not taxpayer's money"



Must make sure the radio is firmly switched off, might even take out the batteries just in case.!