Archway is removed during demolition work in Bordage

A HISTORIC arch and part of a protected building owned by Ideal Furnishings were demolished during recent work, despite the business only having permission to reduce the height of the building.


The business in the Bordage had permission from planners to clear the listed derelict building at the eastern end of the site down to the first floor level because it was dangerous.

But now only an external wall on Contree Croix lane is left in place.

St Peter Port senior constable Dennis Le Moignan was involved with helping the dangerous building to be reduced in height, using emergency powers.

Contree Croix had been closed for months after part of the building collapsed into the lane.

However, he was not aware of how the clearance work had extended beyond its permission.

‘I was in a state of shock when I walked up there last week when I saw the archway you used to drive under was missing and that other bits which should have been left weren’t there,’ he told last week’s parish meeting.

‘Planning got hold of me and asked what was going on.

‘I said I had no idea.’

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GHA could build a million flats there , or should i say posh sheds !!


I think the term they like to use is "units". Sounds so homely and inviting, doesn't it?


Well then Mr Le Moignan maybe you should have paid a little more attention to what was going on. I had no idea is an excuse not a reason.


Well if you are so disgruntled, stop moaning and do something about it ??

Get off your lazy behind and write to the St Peter Port deputies - there are eleven of them and together they earn over half a million quid a year !

The Constable, however, is not a full time paid position.


Let's see if this has any consequence. This might be something that the Guernsey Press would like to do regular follow up articles on...

Rupert Walthumstow

I assume then that Ideal will be made to reinstate the arch at their own expense using the original materials.

Any other punishment would be wholly inadequate.


I quite agree. These rules are there for a reason.

John West

Did they really think it would be in keeping with the surroundings having half a building facade remaining?

Ahh well. It's done now.

black jake

commercial vandalism!!!

donkey doos

He wants to walk around that way a bit more often, the mess of broken bin bags from Fountain st to Charroterie over the Easter week end was disgrace full. It is about time they started fining people who put out bin bags when there are no collections,its not rocket science are these people that stupid.


Why don't you do something about it ?

The Constable is not a salaried full time employee... he is not your slave !

You have 11 States deputies for St Peter Port, earning in excess of half a million quid a year combined - why don't you write to them ?

Get off your lazy behind and do something except moaning !


"are these people that stupid"



Get Kevin Cook on the case. He understands the planning requirements and what happens if you ignore them.

An AI Forever

Bring back the birch


Destroying Guernsey's architectural heritage is disgraceful and should be punished. Who do these people think they are - the States?


I may not be Mr le Moignan's biggest fan - far from it - but give the guy a break, will you !!

Instead of moaning, do something about it ! You have 11 StPP deputies to choose from and a huge, well paid and, obviously, over-staffed Environment department to contact and lobby !


Alvin - he may not be paid but he took the job on, and used his powers to bypass the States to get the building knocked down, so he is responsible, and no doubt he is annoyed they took the arch down too.

Roger Irrelevant

That leaves the pissoir on the other side of the road as the only item of historic interest in the Bordage!


The owners should hang their heads in shame. Not only are their culturally ignorant they are socially irresponsible and liars - and more - they are arrogant to think they are above their community regulations.

What they have done is not only cynical- it's immature to think what they've done had to be done - if they'd been mature they'd have followed the rules. Sadly, like toddlers, they just wanted to get their way whatever.


If the site owners left the arch up in a poor condition and it fell on to a passing pedestrian and killed them, all those against the arch removal would be saying "Why was it not taken down.?"

The site owners just cannot win. I am sure they had advice from a structural surveyor and on health and safety grounds would have had little choice.


Then why did they do it on the sly and not tell anyone?

100% Donkey

I am not fully familiar with all the facts - that said most on this thread aren't either.

What I will say is that whilst I'm all for protecting our history, common sense and practicality has to prevail. If the arch had to come down for safety reasons, then it had to come down.

Prior permission should have been sought and if they deliberately flouted the law, a fine is in order and they should be made to reinstate it as part of any new development.


Ah well! now the arch has gone, they've managed to secure off road parking for that big van, every cloud 'n' all that.



Less traffic delays in the Bordage now.?


If you want that archway and the rest of what was supposed to be left, after the brown envelopes were passed around to agree to the demolishing, then the law should be made clear to Ideal Furnishings that the rebuilding of the demolished parts be re-instated within the next 6 months without any road obstructions.

Failure to act immediately will only leave The Bordage with a pile of debris on view for a few months and then all of a sudden it will disappear and everyone will forget it ever existed, job done and another part of Guernsey`s heritage will be gone.

Not only should they be made to re-instate but they should also be fined heavily for flaughting the law and thinking they could get away with it. Set an example to others, £10,000 should do it.

Each person responsible for breaking the law should also be fined to teach them not to conspire to get their way.

What`s next, Loafer`s Wall, The Picquet House, CASTLE CORNET????????????