Baubigny schools’ snag issues fixed

ONGOING work to solve key snags and defects at the Baubigny schools is now complete, almost a decade after the schools were first opened.

St Sampson's High

Jenny Tasker, who sits on the Baubigny schools’ committee, reported at the latest St Peter Port Douzaine meeting that ‘most of the [Baubigny] buildings’ snagging work’ had been completed by RG Falla, while another contractor’s insurance had ‘met a claim of approximately £60,000 for flood damage caused by them’ last year.

St Sampson’s High and Le Murier opened in 2008, with building work starting two years earlier.

A spokesperson for Education Services said the main contractor had ‘remained committed’ to finishing the remedial work, which primarily related to water ingress.

‘The construction of Baubigny Schools was a large and complex project completed in the summer of 2008,’ they said.

‘As with all major construction contracts, there is a process in place to address any snags and defects that arise either just after completion or once the building has been in operation for some time.

‘Education Services is pleased that the main contractor, RG Falla, has remained committed to addressing snags and defects as they arise.'

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