Deputies divided on extent of ‘bad behaviour’

MEMBERS failing to follow particular procedures may be partly to blame for an apparent increase in ‘bad behaviour’ in the States, according to one senior deputy.

States members

Poor behaviour during debate was raised by States Assembly & Constitution Committee member Michelle Le Clerc during a recent Sacc meeting.

President Matt Fallaize has undertaken to raise the issue with the Bailiff as presiding officer.

Deputy Barry Brehaut thought that part of the problem was speakers failing to ‘give way’, where if another member of the Assembly rises during a speech, the speaker would give way to let that member make their point.

Deputy Brehaut said he had put the idea of this provision to both the old House committee and Sacc.

‘The problem may be that if the speaker does not give way the deputy will then rise on some spurious point of order or clarification,’ he said.

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So the biggest States antagonist is suggesting why OTHER deputies are perhaps not acting appropriately. Perhaps they don't prefer having heated debates with islanders at the Friquet or in the arms of other deputies in the corridors of custard castle or publicly in twitterdom eh Deputy Brehaut?


they are all very, very naughty and need their legs slapped.

Pot calling the kettle, Mr Brehaut

Donkey Boiler

Poor behaviour was raised by Deputy Le Clerc? That really is a case of the pot calling the kettle black from that rude, arrogant, condescending deputy.


Brehaut loves the sound of his own voice, even more when he headlines press coverage. Bring on IWV