Douzaines voice concerns over island-wide voting referendum

PARISHES have spoken out against a five-option island-wide voting referendum.


The draft ballot sent out by the States Assembly & Constitution Committee puts forward choices for how island-wide voting could be accomplished, with people asked to rank them in order of preference.

The douzaines were asked to give their comments and many have voiced concerns.

Forest constable Christine Cowling said the douzaine was not in favour of island-wide voting generally and was happy to keep the status quo.

‘We feel parishioners are perfectly able and capable of selecting the right candidates for their area,’ she said.

‘When we had that questionnaire [the draft ballot form] come through there was definitely a view that they didn’t know how to proceed and they wanted us to come up with ideas,’ she said.

‘I think that putting island-wide voting into practice is practically impossible.’

Proposals for the referendum are expected to be debated by the States in June.

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