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Will be a bit of a shame when visitors ask people for directions to some of the landmarks from the film though.


Well, the book, and thus the film, is pure fiction and bears no resemblance to real-life Guernsey present or past.

But if the film is a hot, it will generate considerable interest for the island and could be well exploited.

Common sense

I love the optimism of the hotelier but in the age of the information highway when prospective visitors go online all the negative headlines about Condor, flights stopped because of fog etc will stand out; combine this with the limited attractions on offer they will think again once they see the price of travel.


Correct. Isn't it usually the same people who say 'high flying' business people 'can't afford our fares' who are now saying casual movie-goers will flock here to see non-existent landmarks? If ever we see an interesting location on film or TV we always google it. Usually to find out that the 'East End of London' was actually shot in Liverpool or, in this case, 'Guernsey' is actually Devon or wherever. I can imagine people spending more in the West Country, but zilch in Guernsey. The film is 10 years too late anyway, when the book was 'big' lots of people I met asked about it. No interest in it for years.


Would it have killed the States to offer the production company some incentive to film at least one or two key scenes here? I'm sure for practical reasons most of it will be shot either on a set or on location in Cornwall or wherever, but to have a couple of shots that tourism could screen shot and use for advertising would have been invaluable.

Now we have a film based on a book that bears little resemblance to the island, shot in the UK, and anyone interested in seeing the original inspiration for it will likely be put off by Condor reviews and hotel prices.

This film has been in the works for years. What a missed opportunity.