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Devil's Advocate

"The largest quarterly contribution of 0.4% was from leisure services, which was largely attributable to seasonal increase in hotel costs"

If inflation figures compare prices to those of a year ago there should be no seasonal variation of anything.

Roger Irrelevant



Wait till "Brexit" starts to bite,and the Unions start there games!

Cher Eugene

"Their" games not "there" games makes sense


0.5% inflation is created by the hike in SS tax


The States could cut inflation at the stroke of a pen if they prevented retailers from profiteering. Why are they allowed to steal the VAT by charging full UK prices, and more? Oh yes, retailers have to pay all those terrible 'shipping charges' -£5 extra on a £20 top for instance. Like hell! All the time we are a captive market and retailers charge as much as they like, prices will rise.

Cher Eugene

The problem with the action you suggest is that we would very soon have no retailers in the Island and nothing on which visiting ship passengers can spend their spare cash.

From personal experience many UK retailers do not treat sales to Guernsey as Zero rated for VAT purposes and as for post & packing, don't get me started.


In my old mate Trev's opinion, freight should account for around 5%, so a £20 item would be £1.00 if done as a bulk order.

It is in the hands of the public to boycott the UK chains who overcharge.


Let's not just demonise the UK chains. Local chisellers are often the problem. We went shopping yesterday and amongst other things we needed milk - £1.25 in Alliance, £1.18 in Waitrose. Don't let Creasey's-owned M&S off the hook - they charge extra on the UK price for delivery on food which people may think is fair enough. But what about ripping us off by a whole extra £5 for bringing a £25 bra or tie here? And heaven help us when we need anything which has only one retailer on the island such as a particular car or central heating boiler. It's daylight robbery and the States just sits back and lets them.