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I commend Jon Ravenscroft's generous contribution to help remember the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry's gallant contribution and bravery in 1917 but I must take issue with him regarding his comments: ‘But sadly, several generations on, I suspect very few other people are interested.' The Channel Islands Great War Study Group has been very active in this regard for many years and is still collating and adding information from many sources. We have Rolls of Honour and Rolls of Service covering all islands and all services and these are still being added to. For example, we record 1496 man and women who lost their lives for the Bailiwick of Guernsey and 6717 who served and survived. We have also been instrumental in obtaining official commemoration of several islanders who were unfortunately overlooked at the time. Able Seaman John Helman in St Andrew's cemetery was one such and his headstone was erected by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission only last year. Serveral more are in the pipeline.

Please look at our website to see the breadth of knowledge and research supported by a dedicated group of people from their own resources and please try to remember the large number of people who gave their lives or their health in many services from 1914 onwards. We are happy to provide the results of our labours free of charge to the public at large.


Roger Frisby