New airline Waves is nearing take off time

NEW local airline Waves will update on progress made towards take-off at a series of invited events early next month.

Founder of new airline Waves, Nick Magliocchetti, third from left, with new recruits, left to right, Matt Bisson, Barrie Baxter, Alan Bryon, Emy De La Mare and Jim Rouse. (Picture by Chris George)

The business, established by locally-based entrepreneur Nick Magliocchetti, has made significant progress since announcing in January its plans to fly an ‘Uber-style’ air service between the islands and northern France.

Next month it will unveil the planes it is planning to use and launch its next phase of fundraising.

‘It’s been an incredibly busy three months but we have deliberately been quiet as we want to ensure that our business model is robust. We want to provide a real alternative to islanders, and so the whole experience of booking, checking-in and flying needs to be flawless,’ Mr Magliocchetti said.

Waves plans to have three aircraft in operation by the end of the year and have a team of 20 people working locally.

‘We are committed to making this happen and to deliver islanders a service that is based on honest pricing and reliability and above all delivers on its promise,’ said new deputy CEO Barrie Baxter, a software entrepreneur who previously worked with firms such as Compaq, Dell and Fujitsu.

‘Over the last 18 months, passenger numbers to Guernsey have fallen by 33,000 and there are now 100,000 fewer people a year travelling between Guernsey and Jersey than there were a decade ago.

‘We want to take the numbers back up by filling a gap and believe that there is an opportunity which is currently not being satisfied.’

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Good Luck Guys, hope it all goes well.


Please, please, please let them be successful...

We desperately need a new approach to inter-island travel and, as long as the pricing is right, I can see people flocking to this.

The only real issue is whether the impact on our State-owned encumberence is considered sufficient threat for some 'background interference' to be generated by the States. A bit of treacle can go a long way towards killing new a business that might be a thorn in the side of P&R, regardless of the potential benefit to the economies of all islands.


I heard a suggestion from the Wave CEO on the radio that fares to Jersey would be between £60 and £90. Sounds reasonable until you realise they are talking ONE WAY. A return of £120 is bad enough but £180 ? I assume they have the necessary permit to run the route ? It seems wonderful but I suggest it is not going to help local sports to fulfil sporting engagements in the other islands.


Need to reduce the security when flying inter-island, no need for the ridiculous baggage screening that is now common place since 9/11.


If it costs around £150 return for 15 minute flights, they can keep it. I honestly can't imagine many people paying that much, this will not last long.


I heard £60 each way, which is cheaper than Flymaybe with whom we've paid from £126 to £165 return this year.... Ouch! :o


Why - no Need at all - bang - famous last words!