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Good Luck Guys, hope it all goes well.


Please, please, please let them be successful...

We desperately need a new approach to inter-island travel and, as long as the pricing is right, I can see people flocking to this.

The only real issue is whether the impact on our State-owned encumberence is considered sufficient threat for some 'background interference' to be generated by the States. A bit of treacle can go a long way towards killing new a business that might be a thorn in the side of P&R, regardless of the potential benefit to the economies of all islands.


I heard a suggestion from the Wave CEO on the radio that fares to Jersey would be between £60 and £90. Sounds reasonable until you realise they are talking ONE WAY. A return of £120 is bad enough but £180 ? I assume they have the necessary permit to run the route ? It seems wonderful but I suggest it is not going to help local sports to fulfil sporting engagements in the other islands.


Need to reduce the security when flying inter-island, no need for the ridiculous baggage screening that is now common place since 9/11.


If it costs around £150 return for 15 minute flights, they can keep it. I honestly can't imagine many people paying that much, this will not last long.


I heard £60 each way, which is cheaper than Flymaybe with whom we've paid from £126 to £165 return this year.... Ouch! :o


Why - no Need at all - bang - famous last words!