Seigneur says Sark’s future lies in being dark and green

SARK needs to trade more on its Dark Sky status and should also develop a reputation for being green, according to the new seigneur.


Christopher Beaumont, who succeeded to the role of seigneur when his father, Michael, died last July, told the Chamber of Commerce lunch that he believed that Dark Sky status was one of the island’s biggest selling points.

He has also contacted Quiet Mark, the international approval award programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation, to promote the island’s position as an oasis of quiet.

Quiet Mark encourages companies worldwide to prioritise noise reduction within the design of everyday machines and appliances, and find solutions to noise problems.

And Mr Beaumont said that he had a long-term vision to see the island associated with dark, quiet and green ‘tags’.

Despite a backdrop of declining population and closed hotels, he said he was optimistic about the prospects for his first summer season in the island. However, he said he was concerned about the seasonality of Sark’s economy and the under-utilisation of the island’s infrastructure during the winter and issued a clear message that the island was open for business.

He highlighted the ‘can do’ attitude of the Sark community.

Comments for: "Seigneur says Sark’s future lies in being dark and green"


Indeed. Dark and green and free of themalign influence of the neighbours.



Not malign but benevolent if only certain Sarkese could see it.


Sure. That's why they keep their hotels and half the Avenue perpetually closed; they're just so benevolent. They care about the island they never visit so very, very much.