Airline Waves on track for take-off in August

NEW airline Waves made its first test flights around the island yesterday in its single-engine Cessna Grand Caravan to widespread acclaim as the team behind it said it was on track to start flying commercially in August.


The Waves team, led by tech entrepreneur and island resident Nick Magliocchetti, has also launched a second wave of fundraising, looking to find £2.5m. to fund the acquisition of three 10-seater aircraft to operate ‘on demand’ inter-island services and to fly to northern France.

Mr Magliocchetti said he was confident he could secure the backing from institutions overseas, but also wanted to allow locals to support what he described as ‘probably the most exciting company to come out of the Channel Islands in a very long time’.

He also revealed more detail about how the airline would work when it should enter service in August, including proposed flat fares for individual travel at £45 each way for Alderney, £60-65 for Jersey-Guernsey and £80-85 for the French and English coasts.

Discussions are continuing with the Border Agency about the levels of security required, with the intention of operating in a similar way to current private charter flights and not having to go through formal security procedures.

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I really hope these guys can make a success out of this. The island desperately needs a boost in terms of accessibility, and the current options are killing us slowly but surely.

Let's hope the States don't scupper them with overbearing security procedures and excessive landing fees. If I can get on Condor without any form of security then I should be able to do likewise on a small aircraft.

Interested Observer

Good for them, I wish the project all the luck in the world!

Just purchased a day return to Jersey £120 :(


I have been harking on for ages about the decline in inter-island air and sea links and I have been moaning so much about Aurigny needing to bring down the Alderney fares, especially the day returns, and how the Jersey fares would benefit from competition by Aurigny on that route but...

I would not pay 45 quid for a one way trip to Alderney or 60 quid to Jersey - but would, if I had to, go for less with Aurigny to Alderney and Flybe to Jersey.

Sorry guys... you have got to come down in price. Bear in mind that Air Alderney are coming soon as well !


Would love to join you but I can only see one flight per day to Jersey with Flybe that's less than £62 each way, and that's booking three months ahead! I'm guessing they keep that one flight cheap so they can advertise that as their " from £xx price".

As for Alderney, same dates yield the cheapest seats with Aurigny at £46 each way. That's more expensive than these guys are offering.

If you have a special discount code for Aurigny or Flybe then I'd love to know it!


I think we both agree Eric - inter island flights are too expensive. Way too expensive.

Admittedly, I thought Aurigny's lowest Alderney one-way fare was 42 quid - but it is 46 quid. 45 or 46 : its simply too much. And at those prices I would not be interested. To be fair to Aurigny though, the full flexible maximum fare with Aurigny is only 15 quid more. Surely that more could be 70 quid and a one way without luggage could be a max of 35 quid ??

Flybe do have on most days in August fares at 40 quid : sometimes one flight a day, sometimes more. And that is a big difference from Waves.

But still also too expensive !!

The daft thing also is that there are no morning sailings from Guernsey to Jersey in August so no chance of a day trip with them either. Though Manche Ile Express do have some trips available at 36 quid return, and, I think, 32 or 35 quid return to Alderney.


Business people will probably book it all up, and maybe that's what they hope for.

best of luck.


No Way, dream on


So they flew a local flight "to widespread acclaim?" They're hardly the Wright brothers!


Well better than bashing a boat or pontoon in the harbour.

Would love to see a "traditional" ferry to/from Weymouth, I would definitely use that.

Master B


The single engine thing? Doesn't bother me personally but I can see others being put off.

One of their bods mentioned that regs had changed recently, think this is the one:


Be careful what you wish for. Aurigny says it makes losses on these routes, and could well pull out if it has competition. Then Alderney will be worse off.

What Alderney needs to do is to specify the flights, frequencies, and destinations it wants and put it out to tender. .Then decide. More flights do not necessarily mean more passengers. And, if competition lowers prices, which sounds good for passengers, it could result in losses, and withdrawal of services. .It is a fine balancing act for such small firms - Including Aurigny.


I will put money on it being constantly booked up between Guernsey and Jersey and rarely making the trip to Alderney.


This could work out well for families or small groups travelling together to France or Jersey. A lot of people are having trouble with Condor timetable which makes a weekend away in Normandy or Brittany very difficult particularly with some extremely long waiting times in Jersey which travellers often have to endure.