Funds urgently needed to finish community centre

THE second phase of Alderney’s community pool and gym is now complete.


The gym has eight machines and free weights, all donated. Electrical work was finished last week.

A risk assessment and machine checking for the Heath and Safety Executive and sign-off on the wiring need to be carried out before it is opened to the public. The reception is all ready, as is the gleaming new disabled changing room with shower. Trustee chairman Kerry Wedd estimates the whole facility could be completed in four months – if the required pot of cash is found to finish it. The team is currently reviewing the figure required to try to identify savings. The figure they have stated previously is £250,000.

Trustees are meeting with States members to discuss the issue.

Meanwhile companies, such as the Lloyds Foundation, continue to be generous – they recently received a pledge for £40,000, on the condition that the rest was raised. But it’s now that they urgently need money for jobs like rendering.

Comments for: "Funds urgently needed to finish community centre"


I haven't been living on Alderney for the whole history of the development but it seems unbelievable that as an island in the Bailiwick that Guernsey and Alderney States have let the children go so long without a pool.


Alderney States getting blamed as usual for this. But for once they are not to blame imo.

The States (ie the taxpaying people of Alderney) have donated a *huge* amount of money to this project already, on the agreed proviso that they could not afford to pay any more. It was a one off.

The developers knew this but instead of developing contingency and raising more funds they have continued to plough on in full knowledge that they were running out of money. Now when push comes to shove they go cap in hand back to the States (taxpayers) again to ask for more, and when they are told what they already knew (there is no more money available!) they kick up a stink.

Of course, public pressure will be on the 'mean old States' to stump up the extra cash and rescue the poor kids from their terrible pool-less lives, but in reality it's entirely the fault of those leading the project. They over-committed, ignored the warning signs and they are responsible for the project laying unfinished and the kids waiting for a pool.

I, and I suspect most other working class people in Alderney, do not want any more of my tax going to waste on this. As a community we don't have £250k lying around to bail out mis-managed projects.