Stallholders ‘feel ostracised’ after Taste Guernsey snub

TASTE Guernsey has defended its application process for its Seafront Sunday event after some stallholders expressed disappointment at not being allowed to participate.


Some stallholders, many of whom sell craft items and have attended Seafront Sundays for years, have also criticised the communication of the new Taste Guernsey committee.

However, the committee said ‘each application is treated on a case-by-case basis and no application is treated with any prejudice’.

A few of those not permitted to participate set up their stalls at Market Square during Sunday’s event regardless.

They said that repeated emails and messages were sent to Taste Guernsey with no reply, and they did not feel they had a specific answer as to why they were unable to take part, other than being told stalls selling artisan craft items were what organisers were after.

The stallholders who spoke to the Guernsey Press said they are taking part in the other themed Seafront Sundays.

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An AI Forever

They look like "enough is enough supporters" theres always a price to pay


To be honest some of the products sold have no reflection on Guernsey. A lot of it is brick & brack junk.

I liked the local food produce etc which is excellent.

Roger Irrelevant

It's given me an idea for a stall selling lifelike figurines of disgruntled looking stallholders, planning objectors, bus complainers, etc


The guy on the far right of the picture looks like he's going to burst into tears any minute.

donkey doos

Most of it is a load of old tat and nothing to do with Guernsey, look at the kids toys on the stand by the guy that's going to cry its just standard stuff you can buy anywhere. I agree with the organisers they should not be selling to visitors, it does not look good for us its to commercialised and poor taste.


These 'Seafront Sundays' are a complete pain. In our household they are known as 'inconvenience Sundays'.

I and many others are fed up with the local highways being blocked/hijacked for all and sundry holding 'special events', there isn't a weekend that goes by from early Spring until late Autumn where there isn't some event going on. Navigating the roads is hard enough with road works and diversions without all these 'special' events.

We have loads of empty public parks, use them instead of inconveniencing the general public trying to get from A to B trying to earn a hard crust.

Bloke A

"there isn't a weekend that goes by from early Spring until late Autumn where there isn't some event going on".


Fig Tree

Taste Guernsey is run by three volunteers who all have extremely busy jobs as well. They are trying to promote our fantastic food. Clue is in the title. The craft stalls are 'extras' and have to have a local element. There are several other Seafront Sundays they can join without that criteria.

If these stall holders feel they were wrongly dealt with, appeal to the organisers not do the usual ' look miserable' GP photo.

I'm fed up with the constant attacks on those who are trying to promote various aspects of our island. This was their first Sunday of the year. They will get more efficient with emails, they get very little sleep before the events and get generally exhausted. And ,no, I'm not one of them.

Why don't we appreciate them rather than criticise and actually thank them ?

It was actually a great day with lots of smiling faces. A great taster of what Guernsey can offer to the visitors ; a small island with beautiful scenery, fascinating history and great food.

Island Wide Voting

Good post Fig Tree

Whilst I don't attend the Sea Front Sunday events if I had turned up to an event entitled 'Taste Guernsey' I would not expect to be confronted by stalls selling the usual offerings found at a car boot sale

Y Burford

Completely agree FigTree


Bang on the money Fig Tree.


Funny how the Constables poo pooed the Liberation Day market square event due to alcohol and children yet loads of booze stalls on the pier and children everywhere on Sunday. #doublestandards

John West

Actually, if you looked at it, main reason this was rejected was that the Town Constables did not know about these plans until applications were submitted to the courts (bad form not including them). Also there was no financing left to cover the cost of policing and the biggest reason in my mind was the Literary Festival inflatable dome for the kids took up at least half of Market Square, with about a 1/4 taken up with restaurant seating. Just the insufficient room would have been enough reason for me to have rejected it.


Perhaps for these moaners sake it should be called " CAR BOOT WITH FOOD ".

concerned guern

You mean car boot with booze and food! a big inconvenience for anybody who is not involved


Of course these people with car boot stalls, attend events, sell goods making a nice tax free profit, hence you can see why they look so unhappy.