Roadside charging stations for electric vehicles considered

THERE are now 75 fully electric vehicles registered in the island, more than double the 35 of 12 months ago.

Picture By Shutterstock. 16-05-17 Generic electric cars
Picture by Shutterstock

Traffic and Highway Services said it was looking into the possibility of pay-as-you-charge stations around St Peter Port.

As part of the transport strategy, it was keen to put better resources in place for electric vehicle owners.

‘[The rise to 75] does seem to indicate a growing interest in electric vehicle ownership, which is to be welcomed as electric vehicles are emissions-free and produce significantly less noise pollution than their petrol or diesel variants.

‘Officers in Traffic and Highway Services are currently investigating the possibility of introducing a small number of pay-as-you-charge stations in St Peter Port as one of the transport strategy work streams.’

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