L’Ancresse wall’s return to nature to cost £1m.

A SECTION of the anti-tank wall at L’Ancresse will be removed and a natural coastline allowed to develop in its place as part of a £1m. project unveiled by the States yesterday evening.


Around 200m of the Second World War anti-tank wall at the eastern end of L’Ancresse is badly damaged and concerns have been raised over whether Environment & Infrastructure should consider removing part of it.

The committee has now approved proposals to progress the development of a realignment of the beach instead of building a replacement wall, in light of its deteriorating condition and having considered past and current coastal engineering advice, it said.

‘The aim of the proposal is to allow a return to a more natural beach environment within the eastern section of the bay,’ committee member Deputy Sarah Hansmann-Rouxel said.

‘L’Ancresse East is already a very popular location and its return to a natural beach – which will be warmer without the shadow of the wall and with longer drying time between tides – is likely to increase its popularity even further.

‘It would also return the coastline in this area to a natural sand dune or shingle ridge, similar to that east of the slipway.’

Subject to planning consent and funding being secured, two protective rock groynes would be constructed – one close to the kiosk and one 200m to the west, near the rock outcrop.

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